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24 Jul 2017

Nuclear Power Plant

Fukushima: Robot captures first images of melted nuclear fuel

The first images of what is believed to be the melted nuclear fuel deposits inside Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant have been captured by an underwater robot.

13 Jul 2017


This device will tell you if you're stinking!

The Japanese tech company Konica Minolta has come up with an app that will help you self-test if your sweat is bothering others too.

Japan's Island, where women are banned, declared world heritage site

Japan's Okinoshima Island, which houses the Okistsu shrine, built in the 17th century to pray for the safety of sailors has recently been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

07 Jul 2017

Health & Wellness

Studies: Unprotected oral sex can cause untreatable gonorrhea!

Antibiotic resistance is gradually spreading to STDs. According to experts, unprotected anal, vaginal and oral sex makes you even more vulnerable than before.

06 Jul 2017


Japanese youth 'not having sex'

Japanese society is renowned for its sexual culture, which is open to catering any fetish or fantasy.

05 Jul 2017


Eye on China, India-US-Japan navies to hold huge exercise

India, US and Japan will be deploying their largest and most advanced warships for the trilateral Malabar naval exercise which will be held in the Bay of Bengal from July 10.

29 Jun 2017


Disabled man forced to crawl on-board by Japanese airline

In a horrific incident, a wheel-chair bound Japanese man Hideto Kijima, was forced to crawl upto 17 stairs to get on-board a Vanilla Air flight.

17 Jun 2017


Japanese start-up makes papers from stones, and not trees

Tablets made of stone were one of the earliest tools used for writing before invention of paper.

17 Jun 2017


US Navy warship collides off Japan's coast, 7 sailors missing

At least seven US Navy personnel are missing after their ship, the destroyer USS Fitzgerald collided with merchant vessel ACX Crystal off the coast of Japan.

Japan passes controversial law against terror conspiracy

Despite vocal opposition and protests, lawmakers in Japan have passed a controversial bill allowing authorities to clamp down on suspected terror conspiracies.

10 Jun 2017


Airbnb can continue operations in Japan adhering to new rules

The Japanese government has now okayed Airbnb to operate in the country without getting embroiled in regulatory hurdles, it has also set new laws for home sharing.

10 Jun 2017


Japan to finalize plans on drone-based delivery and self-driving trucks

Japan is poised to finalize its strategy on self-driving trucks and drones as it looks to add a futuristic touch to its commercial sector.

09 Jun 2017

Shinzo Abe

Japan passes historic one-off bill to allow Emperor Akihito's abdication

Japan has passed a historic law that will allow Emperor Akihito to become the first monarch to abdicate in 200 years.

28 May 2017

Global Warming

G7 summit concludes: Trump refuses to agree to climate-change deal

The conclusion of the annual G7 summit in Sicily on Saturday saw differences crop up between US President Donald Trump and representatives from European nations and Japan.

26 May 2017


World's largest bitcoin exchange crashes due to traffic

The world's most used cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has seen a sustained rise since April'17, but over the last few days, it went wild.

19 May 2017

Yusaku Maezawa

Basquiat painting fetches record $110.5mn

A painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat has broken several records by selling for a whopping $110.5mn.

19 May 2017

Shinzo Abe

Japanese Cabinet clears way for Emperor's abdication

Japan's cabinet, headed by Shinzo Abe has cleared the way for a new legislation that would allow Emperor Akihito to abdicate the Chrysanthemum Throne and allow his eldest son to assume the role of emperor.

18 May 2017

Shinzo Abe

All for love- Japan's Princess Mako to lose royal status

25-year-old Princess Mako, a member of the Japanese royal family, will be surrendering her royal status by marrying a commoner.

16 May 2017

South Korea

Japanese firms eye automation due to lack of labor

In most countries, automation comes at the cost of letting go of human labor, an exercise that draws major flak whenever it is executed but in Japan automation is more of a necessity due to the shortage of labor itself.

06 May 2017


The dark forces behind a growing addiction to porn

The Maharashtra IT department recently revealed that daily, 30,000 users log in to Mumbai's free public Wi-Fi to access porn.

19 Apr 2017

North Korea

Pence reassures Japan of US' commitment on North Korea

Vice-President Mike Pence reassured Japanese PM Shinzo Abe that Washington stands "100 percent" behind its chief ally in Asia in working towards the de-nuclearization of North Korea.

13 Apr 2017

South Korea

NKorea reportedly prepping for sixth nuclear test

NKorea is reportedly preparing for a nuclear test at the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site, which is "primed and ready".

11 Apr 2017

South Korea

North Korea lashes out against America's air craft carrier deployment

North Korea has responded to the US' decision to deploy a naval aircraft carrier strike group to the Korean peninsula by saying it would defend itself "by powerful force of arms."

05 Apr 2017

South Korea

North Korea launches ballistic missile into Sea of Japan

Nuclear-armed North Korea has test-fired a ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan.

27 Mar 2017


Work-life balance: Petition on Change.org seeks better, stronger policies

A petition on change.org is attempting to tackle the issue of a growing work-life imbalance. Titled 'Reduce working hours for all employees in INDIA and punish those who violate labour laws', it has over 43,000 signatures till now.

Taiwan's Foxconn and Japan's SoftBank tie-up for US expansion

Japan's SoftBank Group and Taiwan's Foxconn would start operating a joint venture together, deepening ties between two of Asia's biggest technology firms for expansion into the United States.

24 Feb 2017


The Aiopoly app that helps the blind see

Built out of the Singularity University in California, the Aiopoly app is designed to make the blind see.

06 Feb 2017


New wireless technology makes 5G look slow

A research team has developed a terahertz (THz) transmitter capable of wirelessly transmitting digital data at over 10 times the speed of the 5G mobile networks which are currently under trial and expected to hit markets in 2020.

24 Jan 2017

Shinzo Abe

Japanese Emperor Akihito may be abdicated

According to Japanese law, no Emperor is allowed to abdicate his throne, but Emperor Akihito is 83 years old and has had heart surgery and prostate cancer treatment.

01 Jan 2017

Narendra Modi

UN Sec-General to get dossier from Pak about India's interference

Pakistan's permanent representative to the UN, Maleeha Lodhi will present a dossier on alleged "Indian interference" in its affairs to incoming UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on 2nd January.

30 Dec 2016

Narendra Modi

PM Modi's 2016 foreign policy mission accomplished

Prime Minister Modi's third year in office had effectively been a time of foreign policy consolidation.

23 Nov 2016


Japan earthquake was aftershock of 2011 Fukushima's quake

Analysts have stated that proximity of the recent earthquake in Japan to the epicentre of the devastating 2011 Fukushima earthquake makes it an aftershock of the 2011 quake.

22 Nov 2016


Earthquake in Fukushima, Japan

Japan was hit by a powerful earthquake on early Tuesday morning and according to Japan's Meteorological Service the epicentre was off the coast of Fukushima.

12 Nov 2016


Do you know what happened in Mumbai on 12th November?

Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray launched a scathing attack on PM Modi for demonetization; he said it harassed the general public and didn't target cause of black money.

31 Oct 2016

Rupinder Pal Singh

India defeat Pakistan to lift Asian Champions Trophy

India outclassed Pakistan 3-2 in the finals of the 2016 Asian Champions Trophy hockey tournament to win the title for the second time.

22 Oct 2016

South Korea

India meets South Korea in the Asian Champions Trophy today

After crushing Japan 10-2 in the first match, India will meet South-Korea in their second match of the 2016 Asian Hockey Champions Trophy today.

22 Oct 2016

SoftBank Group

SoftBank looking to fund tech-focused ventures

Japan's SoftBank Group, in partnership with Saudi Arabia's public investment fund, recently announced a global technology fund of $100 billion.

16 Oct 2016

Saudi Arabia

SoftBank putting together a mammoth tech investment fund

Japan's SoftBank Group announced setting-up of a fund to invest as much as $100 billion in technology focused ventures, over the next five years.

13 Oct 2016


Australia registers first win in Kabaddi World Cup

Australia defeated Argentina to register their first win in the Group A clash of 2016 Kabaddi World Cup.

03 Oct 2016

Nobel Prize

Nobel prize in medicine awarded to Yoshinori Ohsumi

Yoshinori Ohsumi, a Japanese cell biologist was honored with the Nobel prize in medicine for his discoveries in the field of autophagy.

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