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13 Aug 2018

Delhi Police

Blue or orange? Vehicles in Delhi-NCR to soon be color-labeled

The SC has accepted a proposal by the road transport and highways ministry to color-label vehicles depending on the fuel they use.

07 Jul 2018


Aishwarya, daughter Aaradhya pose on a Paris carousel. See pics

If Aishwarya Rai's Instagram feed is to be believed, she is having a gala time with her daughter, Aaradhya in Paris.

06 Jul 2018


OPPO Find X could launch in India on July 12

OPPO Find X, with its unprecedented screen-to-body ratio of 93.8% and motorized cameras, took the world by surprise soon after its unveiling in Paris last month.

02 Jul 2018


Paris thief flies out of prison in dramatic 10-minute escape

Paris will be talking about July 1, 2018 for long, when it saw one of its most dramatic jailbreaks of all time: gunmen landed inside a prison in Réau in a helicopter and flew away with one of the country's most notorious thieves, an inmate there, in 10 minutes.

18 Jun 2018


OPPO Find X teaser hints at a notch-less, all-display front

OPPO will launch its much-anticipated flagship smartphone, the OPPO Find X, at an event in Paris tomorrow.

18 Jun 2018


Woman shouting "Allahu Akbar" stabs two in French supermarket

A month after a knife attack in Paris, a woman in a La Seyne-sur-Mer supermarket in southern France injured two people yesterday when she cried "Allahu Akbar" and attacked them with a boxcutter knife.

09 Jun 2018


OPPO Find X spotted: Full specifications leaked

OPPO is all set to unveil its latest flagship, the OPPO Find X, at an official launch event on June 19 in Paris.

28 May 2018

Emmanuel Macron

Paris: 'Spiderman' saves child hanging from balcony, gets French citizenship

Move aside Tom Holland, the Internet has fallen in love with a new 'spiderman' who risked his life and saved a dangling child from a balcony in Paris.

14 May 2018


Paris knife-attacker was reserved, quiet, didn't seem like extremist: Friends

The 20-year-old who was gunned down in Paris during a knife attack was a calm and reserved person, and "didn't fit the stereotype" of a jihadist, friends and witnesses said.

13 May 2018

Emmanuel Macron

Man shouting "Allahu Akbar" kills one, injures four in Paris

One person was killed and four injured on the rue Monsigny in Paris yesterday, when a man stabbed them with a knife shouting "Allahu Akbar."

24 Apr 2018


Woman carries free apple from Delta-Airlines, slapped with $500 fine

In a bizarre incident, a trip back home from Paris got unnecessarily expensive for Colorado woman Crystal Tadlock. She was fined $500 for carrying an apple given to her by Delta Airlines.

10 Apr 2018

Walt Disney

Bored of paintings? Decorate your house using fossils instead

The world has moved on from decorating their houses with paintings. Now people want dinosaurs.

30 Mar 2018


We finally know why cracking knuckles makes noise

Have you ever wondered why your knuckles make that sound when cracked? Have you believed cracking knuckles causes arthritis? Scientists have finally found the answer to this long pending mystery.

28 Mar 2018


Huawei launches the most powerful camera smartphones: P20, P20 Pro

Huawei has launched its P20 and P20 Pro smartphones in an official launch event in Paris.

26 Mar 2018


Huawei P20, Pro to launch on March 27: Details here

Full specifications of the Huawei P20 Pro and the P20 smartphones have been leaked online ahead of their official launch in Paris on March 27 (2PM IST).

01 Mar 2018


Europe under deep-freeze spell, 50 dead in a week

Nearly 50 people have died in a cold spell that has gripped Europe since a week.

16 Feb 2018


Virtual Reality: This Japanese firm takes you on virtual holidays

First Airlines, a Japan-based virtual reality (VR) tour firm, takes its customers on VR holidays and provides them with a first- and business-class airline experience.

14 Feb 2018

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day: An ode to Slovakia's Romeo-Juliet and their love

Slovakia's Banska Stiavnica is the home to a historic love story, of poet Andrej Sladkovic and Maria Pischlova.

Human trafficking racket uncovered as 22 Indian boys remain missing

The detention of an Indian teenage boy in Paris has uncovered an international human trafficking racket in India.

06 Nov 2017


Go O'Naturel: Paris opens its first nude restaurant

It comes as a mild surprise that despite France being among the first European nations to have organized nudist groups in the early 1900s, it would take Paris so long to have a nude restaurant.

17 Sep 2017

Climate Change

US to re-engage with the Paris Agreement?

The US recently made its withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change official, inviting significant criticism.

14 Sep 2017

Emmanuel Macron

Paris awarded 2024 Olympics; Los Angeles to host 2028 Games

On Wednesday, Paris and Los Angeles were named as the host cities for the 2024 and 2028 Olympics respectively.

09 Aug 2017


Countries submitting dodgy greenhouse gas data threaten Paris accord

The Paris climate change agreement potentially faces a bigger threat than President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the US from it.

24 Jul 2017


The Hellfire Club: The group waging online war against ISIS

Even as Security and intelligence agencies are constantly monitoring and neutralizing terrorist threats on the ground, their operations and ideology seem to thrive online, attracting many to join and facilitate their activities.

09 Jul 2017

Global Warming

Paris Agreement: 19 countries reiterate commitment after US' withdrawal

Just over a month after the US pulled out of the landmark Paris Agreement, leaders of 19 nations at the Hamburg G20 summit have vowed to take it forward with or without America.

03 Jul 2017


France: Gunmen open fire outside mosque, eight injured

Two gunmen opened fire outside a mosque in Avignon in southern France, injuring eight people. There are no reports of deaths.

30 Jun 2017

Terror Attack

Paris: Vehicle attack on mosque-goers foiled due to barriers

A vehicle attack was foiled today in Paris, the third in Europe this month, after the earlier two attacks left 10 dead and several injured.

20 Jun 2017

Global Warming

Was Trump's withdrawal from Paris Agreement a blessing in disguise?

Trump's recent withdrawal from the Paris Agreement has been met with a loud clamour on how it ends all hopes for fighting climate change.

07 Jun 2017


Paris- Police shoot man who attacked cops with hammer

A man attacked police officers outside Paris' Notre Dame cathedral with a hammer on June 6 while calling out "this is for Syria".

02 Jun 2017

Barack Obama

Represent Pittsburgh, and not Paris says Trump; Pittsburgh mayor rebukes

Rejecting the Paris climate deal, Donald Trump said, "I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris."

02 Jun 2017

Donald Trump

Trump withdraws US from 2015 Paris climate change agreement

President Donald Trump has announced his decision to withdraw the US from the 2015 Paris climate change agreement.

12 May 2017


Mumbai- 5 arrested from film-industry for trafficking children to Paris

On Thursday, 5 people from the film industry including a make-up artist and a spotboy were arrested in a case involving trafficking of children to Paris.

08 May 2017

Global Warming

Paris accord- Investor giants urge Trump to implement climate agreement

In a letter to the Group of seven (G7) countries, investors holding $15 trillion worth of assets urged countries led by US to implement the Paris climate agreement, despite Trump's abrogation threats.

22 Apr 2017

Global Warming

Earth Day 2017: On the importance of going green

April 22nd is celebrated annually as Earth Day since 1970. Celebrated across the world, the Day upholds the importance of environmental protection. Demonstrations and celebrations are conducted in over 193 countries commemorating the day.

22 Apr 2017


Champs Elysees shooting: Gunman was held earlier over suspicion

The gunman responsible for the Champs Elysees shooting in Paris has been officially confirmed as Karim Cheurfi.

21 Apr 2017


Paris shooting: 2 officers, 1 assailant die; ISIS claims responsibility

At least one police officer was shot dead and two other officers injured when a gunman opened fire in Paris' Champs Elysees on Thursday night.

22 Mar 2017

Range Rover

Kim Kardashian talks about Paris robbery: Was prepared for rape

Kim Kardashian opened up about the October 2016 robbery at her Paris home, saying she was "mentally prepped" for rape.

20 Mar 2017


Orly Airport attacker had consumed drugs, alcohol

A 39-year-old gunman who was killed at Paris' Orly airport had consumed cocaine and cannabis, tests have found. He also had an alcohol level of 0.93g/L of blood.

19 Mar 2017


France launches investigation over Orly attack

French authorities have begun anti-terror investigations into the attack at Orly airport, in which officers eventually killed the gunman.

18 Mar 2017


Man shot at Orly airport after stealing soldier's gun

A man was shot dead after he made an attempt to seize a gun from a soldier at Paris's second largest Orly airport.