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01 Jul 2018


After Netflix, and Snapchat, Google set to enter gaming industry

Going by this week's announcements, the gaming industry is set to see a bunch of new players soon.

28 Jun 2018


Snapchat to launch its own gaming platform

According to a report by The Information, Snap is developing a gaming platform inside Snapchat.

15 Jun 2018


Snapchat launches privacy-safe developer kit called Snap Kit

Snapchat has announced the launch of its much-awaited Snap Kit - a tool for third-party developers to integrate with Snapchat and its features.

13 Jun 2018


Now delete sent messages on Snapchat

Snapchat has launched a new feature called "Clear Chats" that allows users to delete sent messages from both individual and group chats.

30 May 2018


Evan Spiegel: The sassy Snapchat chief who speaks his mind

Evan Spiegel, the CEO of Snapchat, is a controversy child. He doesn't hold himself back, it doesn't matter if at the receiving end it is his customers, competition or his own investors.

08 May 2018


Instagram rolls out in-app payments feature for commerce

Weeks after launching its "Shoppable Tags" feature, Instagram has quietly rolled-out an in-app payments feature that allows you to make payments without leaving the app.

10 Apr 2018


IPL 2018: Snapchat partners with four teams, creates official accounts

Snapchat has partnered with four IPL teams: Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Delhi Daredevils, and Rajasthan Royals.

05 Apr 2018


After Facebook, BlackBerry sues Snapchat's parent company for patent infringement

A month after suing Facebook for patent infringement, BlackBerry has now accused Snap Inc. of using its patented technology in the Snapchat app.

30 Mar 2018


Instagram restores GIFs after GIPHY re-moderates its library

Instagram has reactivated GIPHY integration to bring back GIFs to its Stories after GIPHY claimed to have reviewed and re-moderated its library, ensuring that its content was safe for the Internet.

30 Mar 2018


Snapchat pulls a Facebook: May allow third-party apps

According to reports, Snapchat is soon going to allow people to use their Snapchat accounts to connect with third-party apps.

24 Mar 2018


Snapchat makes it easier to find friends through Map Explore

Snapchat's parent company Snap has introduced a new feature on the photo-sharing platform's Snap Map functionality called Map Explore.

11 Mar 2018


Instagram, Snapchat remove Giphy feature due to a racist GIF

Instagram and Snapchat have temporarily disabled the Giphy sticker features from their respective apps after users reported of an extremely racist GIF option that could be added to the stories or images.

06 Mar 2018


Instagram's code reveals unreleased voice and video calling features

According to media reports, Instagram's code hides several files that point to a possibility of the photo-sharing app launching voice and video calling features in the near future.

23 Feb 2018


Kylie's tweet wipes out $1.3 billion of Snap's market value

Though she must not have intended to, Kylie Jenner ended up hurting Snap (Snapchat's parent company) massively and that too with just a single tweet. Her disapproval of the app brought down its market value by $1.3 billion.

23 Feb 2018


Snapchat launches ability to add GIFs to photos and videos

Snapchat has launched a new feature on iOS that allows users to add GIFs to their snaps and stories.

18 Feb 2018

Social Media

Petition asking Snapchat to reverse its redesign crosses million signatures

A petition that is rooting for Snapchat to reverse its recently rolled out redesign has crossed one million signatures.

05 Dec 2017


Facebook launches "Messenger Kids" for users as young as 6!

With over two-billion users, Facebook is the world's largest social network. Looking ahead to the future, Facebook is now targeting kids.

04 Nov 2017


Doritos collaborates with Snapchat to attract millennial Indian consumers

Nacho chip giant Doritos has collaborated with Snapchat to bring the first snack-based Lens to consumers across India.

06 Oct 2017


Snap CEO says Spectacles sales are 'over 150,000 units'

When Snap launched Spectacles, it didn't hold back from making marketing gimmicks. One of the brilliant ones was the idea of Snapbot vending machines, which would pop up at random places and from which, you could buy Spectacles.

18 Sep 2017

Saudi Arabia

Qatar crisis: Saudi forces Snapchat to block Al Jazeera access

Snapchat has blocked access to broadcaster Al Jazeera in Saudi Arabia.

10 Sep 2017


70% Americans get their news from social media, says survey

Pew Research Center survey says, almost two-thirds of American adults get "at least some of their news on social media" and two-in-ten among them use it as their primary source of news.

31 Aug 2017


Snapchat: We call police to check facts before publishing

Snapchat has an in-house editorial team of journalists which cross check user-generated coverage with other sources to ensure accuracy in news coverage.

06 Aug 2017


Google to release Snapchat-like feature soon!

As Snapchat's popularity keeps soaring, other tech giants are trying to emulate its success.

14 Jul 2017


Meanwhile, Mumbai's cyber crime cell registers FIR against AIB

AIB seems to be in trouble after posting a meme yesterday about PM Modi by using the Snapchat dog filter.

13 Jul 2017


Steering clear of controversies: A rule book for Indian comedians

Indians born before the 2000s grew up on tales about Akbar-Birbal, Nasruddin Hodja and more. Historically, lower-ranked people resorted to humor to teach wisdom to rulers.

24 Jun 2017

Pokemon Go

Parents fear 'toothpick crossbow' the next dangerous toy fad

After the craze of fidget spinners, a new toy is giving parents nightmares.

23 Jun 2017


Snapchat's Snap Map is fine but cost firm a bomb

If you are a Snapchat user, chances are you are already using its latest feature, Snap Map; a by-product from its acquisition of social mapping start-up Zenly. Snap Map lets users find out where his/her friends are in the city or world.

03 Jun 2017


Facebook to launch a messaging app for teens

According to tech-magazine The Information, Facebook is planning to launch a version of its Messenger app only for teenagers. It would reportedly be called "Talk".

27 May 2017

Nokia Mobiles

New Nokia 3310 is available online, should you buy it?

No matter how smart and fancy our phones get, Nokia 3310 will always have a huge nostalgic value for us.

25 May 2017


Facebook ropes in BuzzFeed, Vox and others for its shows

Facebook is leaving no stone unturned to become the all in one solution for the internet savvy millennial.

25 May 2017


Uber brings custom Snapchat filters to woo Indian riders

In a bid to increase its appeal, Uber India would now incorporate Snapchat in its app.

22 May 2017


Facebook's "order food" will ensure you are never logged out

Facebook is becoming that habit, which you want to quit but can't, as you're hooked and the new feature of "order food" is not helping with the quit-urge either.

17 May 2017


Mukesh "Global Game Changer" Ambani, says 2017 Forbes list

2017 is going to be a golden year for Mukesh Ambani

19 Apr 2017


Facebook showcases its next big leap at F8 meet

Two billion users of Facebook are to witness yet another developed version of the social media platform following the annual developers' meet at San Jose.

18 Apr 2017


Snapchat brings AR to your screen, brace for awesomeness overload

Staying ahead of Facebook or providing a new feature for Facebook to copy? This is one question we are going to ask ourselves very soon.

16 Apr 2017


Snapdeal gets two fatal blows among acquisition talks

Amidst acquisition talks, Snapdeal gets hit with two more devastating incidents that could potentially cripple the already faltering home-grown e-commerce giant.

15 Apr 2017


Snapchat not for poor countries like India, Spain: Evan Spiegel

An ex Snapchat employee revealed that Snapchat's CEO Evan Spiegel had once commented that the app was for 'rich people' and that he wasn't interested in expanding to 'poor countries' like Spain and India.

14 Apr 2017


Facebook beating Snapchat at its own game?

In eight months, Instagram's new Snapchat-copied feature 'Stories' has attracted 200mn users, compared to the 161mn Snapchat managed to gain in five years.

07 Apr 2017


Twitter India launches Lite for weak connectivity

Twitter on April 6 launched Twitter Lite in India in collaboration with Vodafone, a platform specially designed for regions where connectivity is poor.

01 Apr 2017


Twitter relaxes 140-character limit for replies

Twitter has found a way to ease the 140 character limit for replying to tweets. Twitter has now excluded usernames from the character count for replies.