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25 Nov 2021

China bans Tencent Holdings from updating and releasing new apps

The Chinese government's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has reportedly instructed app stores and platforms to prevent Tencent Holdings from updating its existing apps and launching any new ones as a part of a "temporary administrative guidance."

10 Jun 2021

Biden administration revokes Trump-era orders against TikTok and WeChat

During his term as President, Donald Trump fired executive orders against Chinese-owned apps TikTok and WeChat in August, calling their widespread use a "national emergency".

12 Feb 2021

Donald Trump
Biden slams brakes on Trump's TikTok and WeChat bans

US President Joe Biden has been quite busy passing executive orders undoing Donald Trump's policy decisions. Many of these orders involve reversing Trump administration's measures meant to keep China in check.

26 Jan 2021

Akshay Kumar
Indian Government will continue ban on PUBG and TikTok

The Indian Government has reportedly sent notices to Chinese app makers relaying that their existing bans will continue. The government had blocked 59 Chinese apps in June and 118 more in September last year.

Chinese citizen journalist jailed for four years over coronavirus reportage

A 37-year-old citizen journalist was on Monday sentenced to four years in prison by a Chinese court over her coronavirus outbreak reporting, more than a year after the virus emerged in Wuhan.

24 Nov 2020

India China Border
Centre bans 43 more mobile apps; check full list here

The central government on Tuesday decided to ban 43 mobile applications for being "prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity" of India.

27 Sep 2020

PUBG ban not likely to be revoked anytime soon: Report

The ban on PUBG came as a big blow for PUBG Corporation, the creator of the title, and Tencent Games, the Chinese company behind its mobile version.

21 Sep 2020

NewsBytes Briefing: TikTok ban delayed, WeChat ban blocked, and more

Over the weekend, the US ban on TikTok, WeChat saw major developments.

20 Sep 2020

#WeeklyRecap: Potential life on Venus, Apple's new hardware, and more

This week, a number of developments were noted in the world of technology, including an unexpected - and still unconfirmed - case of alien life discovery.

19 Sep 2020

TikTok CEO asks Instagram, Facebook to help fight US ban

A few hours ago, the US Department of Commerce issued an order to ban the downloads of TikTok and WeChat apps, and limit their functionality.

18 Sep 2020

US bans TikTok, WeChat downloads from September 20: Details here

In a major move, the US government has announced the decision to ban popular Chinese services TikTok and WeChat.

05 Sep 2020

Alibaba Group
All you need to know about Akshay Kumar's FAU-G game

Just days after the Indian government placed a fresh ban on more than 100 Chinese apps including the popular battle royale game PUBG amid escalated tension in Ladakh, a made-in-India alternative has been announced.

24 Aug 2020

NewsBytes Briefing: TikTok suing Trump administration, and more

In the updates reported over the weekend, TikTok confirmed the plan to sue the Trump administration for pressuring its parent company into selling the US business of the video-sharing service.

17 Aug 2020

NewsBytes Briefing: Trump may ban Alibaba, other Chinese companies

Over the weekend, a lot happened in the world of technology.

15 Aug 2020

Trump gives ByteDance 90-day deadline to sell TikTok's US business

Delivering his latest salvo against Beijing, US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order giving ByteDance a 90-day deadline to divest the US operations of TikTok, its video-sharing service.

09 Aug 2020

#WeeklyRecap: US blocks out ByteDance; Apple, Google unveil new devices

This week, we witnessed some major hardware launches, but the biggest news in the world of tech was US President Donald Trump's crackdown on TikTok's parent ByteDance and WeChat's parent Tencent.

07 Aug 2020

Chinese giant Tencent loses $35 billion after Trump's ban

A few hours ago, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning certain business transactions with Tencent, the Chinese conglomerate that owns WeChat messaging service.

07 Aug 2020

NewsBytes Briefing: Trump signs order banning business with TikTok's parent

In the updates since yesterday, US President Donald Trump signed executive orders banning business transactions with TikTok's parent company ByteDance and Tencent's WeChat.

16 Jul 2020

India begins questioning of owners of banned Chinese apps

Late last month, India's Information Technology Ministry banned 59 Chinese applications, deeming them "prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defense of India, security of state and public order".

01 Jul 2020

PM Modi quits Chinese platform Weibo after India's app ban

Prime Minister Narendra Modi appears to have quit Chinese microblogging platform Weibo.

30 Jun 2020

#TechBytes: Best alternatives to popular Chinese apps banned in India

Amid heightened tensions along the LAC, the Government of India has taken the decision to ban as many as 59 'unsafe' Chinese applications.

29 Jun 2020

TikTok to SHAREit, Government of India bans 59 Chinese apps

Amid heightened tensions along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), the Government of India has taken the decision to ban 59 Chinese smartphone apps with immediate effect.

28 Jun 2020

South Korea
Chinese COVID-19 vaccine shows promise in human trials: Details here

As the world deals with the novel coronavirus pandemic, China National Biotec Group (CNBG) has announced a major milestone in the effort to develop a vaccine for the deadly respiratory disease.

21 Jun 2020

#WeeklyRecap: Cyber attack warnings, Chrome spyware, voice tweets, and more

This week's technology updates were marked by major cybersecurity threats from Chinese and North Korean hackers and some really annoying bugs in Apple and Microsoft's products.

20 Jun 2020

#NewsBytesExplainer: Why 'boycotting Chinese goods' will not be easy

A few days ago, soldiers from India and China locked horns in the most gruesome clash along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in decades.

17 Jun 2020

UC Browser
WeChat to TikTok, 52 'China-linked' apps red-flagged by Indian intelligence

As many as 52 'China-linked' apps, including some popular ones, have been deemed unsafe by Indian intelligence agencies.

11 Jun 2020

Alibaba Group
China orders Weibo to disable some features: Here's why

Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo has been ordered to disable some of its features for a week.

08 May 2020

China: Fundraiser for monument to remember COVID-19 victims allegedly censored

Since the coronavirus outbreak started in China late last year, the nation has been accused of silencing reports on the crisis.

19 Apr 2020

Mukesh Ambani
#WeeklyRecap: OnePlus 8, iPhone SE launched, Cognizant hacked, and more

This week, despite the evolving COVID-19 crisis, notable developments were made in the world of tech.

16 Apr 2020

Reliance and Facebook could team up for WeChat-like "super app"

Social media giant Facebook and Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) could soon team up for a WeChat-like "super app".

20 Mar 2020

How China acted against whistleblowers who spoke against coronavirus handling

China, the home to coronavirus, wants to hijack the narrative surrounding the deadly disease, that has killed over 8,000 globally and infected over 2 lakh. President Xi Jinping wants the world to believe his regime had control of the situation.

25 Feb 2020

China using WeChat/Twitter to silence people speaking about coronavirus

After mass crackdowns, China is going after individual users sharing completely innocuous stuff on social media.

17 Feb 2020

Amid coronavirus outbreak, China resorts to online classes

The outbreak of coronavirus has hit all aspects of daily life in China, including the education system.

13 Feb 2020

China launched an app to detect potential coronavirus cases

As the death toll from the outbreak of coronavirus continues to increase, China, the epicenter of the epidemic, is doing everything possible to isolate diseased patients and prevent the infection from spreading.

30 Jan 2020

South Korea
India shares evacuation forms with citizens stuck in China: Report

As the deadly coronavirus infection spread to all provinces and regions of China, the Indian embassy in Beijing has prepared to evacuate Indians stuck in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak.

24 Jan 2020

Government will launch its own internal messaging app, like WhatsApp

India has been at loggerheads with Facebook-owned WhatsApp over non-traceability of messages.

08 Dec 2019

Some women are paying for virtual boyfriends: Here's why

Today, a large number of people use smartphone technology to fight their loneliness.

23 Nov 2019

Hackers can steal your posts, location from Facebook apps

Facebook and Instagram dominate as the most favored social media apps on the internet.

20 Sep 2019

Mysterious substance photographed on Moon's far side: Details here

Last year, China's Chang'e-4 mission delivered a rover called Yutu-2 on the far side of the Moon, the part that never faces Earth.

02 Sep 2019

App Store
Viral Chinese app ZAO can swap your face with anyone

Just as people began moving on from the FaceApp trend, another AI-based app has gone viral on the internet - ZAO.