Wes Anderson: News

01 May 2024


Acknowledging Wes Anderson's cinematic symmetry with these films

Wes Anderson's films are distinguished by their symmetrical compositions and vivid use of colors.

11 Mar 2024


Academy Awards 2024: Wes Anderson is finally an Oscar winner

Renowned director Wes Anderson has finally clinched his first Oscar after receiving eight nominations throughout his career.

06 Mar 2024


Wes Anderson's films that you just can't miss out on

Wes Anderson is celebrated for his unmistakable visual flair and storytelling approach.

02 Feb 2024


Best kids' romantic movies to watch on Valentine's Day

If you're looking to create a whimsical world of puppy love, giggles, and heartwarming tales to celebrate this Valentine's Day along with your kids, or nephews and nieces, you are at the right place.

25 Dec 2023

OTT releases

OTT: Wes Anderson's 'Asteroid City' streaming now on JioCinema

Wes Anderson's Asteroid City was released in Indian cinemas in August.

25 Nov 2023


Check X users' best, worst, disappointing, surprising films of 2023

We are nearing the end of 2023, with only a month distancing us from the new year.

13 Nov 2023


'The Darjeeling Limited' to 'Extraction': Hollywood movies shot in India

The intersection of Hollywood and the exotic landscapes of India has produced several cinematic masterpieces.

24 Oct 2023

Happy Birthday

F Murray Abraham's birthday: Oscar-winning actor's top films to binge-watch

F Murray Abraham is a celebrated Hollywood actor with a career spanning over half a century.

30 Sep 2023

Movie Review

'Poison' on Netflix review: Fast-paced, intriguing, performance-driven

As one of the most ingenious and experimental directors today, Wes Anderson has come to be known for his color palettes, expositions and constant running commentary, aesthetically pleasing frames, and a variety of aspect ratios.

29 Sep 2023

Movie Review

Wes Anderson's 'The Rat Catcher' review: Not consistently engaging

The Rat Catcher is the third one in the series of Wes Anderson's four short films for Netflix.

28 Sep 2023

Movie Review

'The Swan' review: Short film is charming, inventive, and fast-paced

The Swan (released on Thursday) is the second story in the series of Wes Anderson's four short films for Netflix.

19 Sep 2023


Lumiere Festival 2023: Alfonso Cuaron, Wes Anderson join star-studded lineup

The Lumiere Film Festival 2023 in Lyon, France, has unveiled its impressive director lineup, featuring Alfonso Cuarón, Terry Gilliam, Wes Anderson, Alexander Payne, and Wim Wenders.

25 Aug 2023

Movie Review

'Asteroid City' review: Delicious eye candy; complex, heavy existential commentary

Wes Anderson's Asteroid City was released in Indian theaters on Friday (August 25), and as expected, it's emboldened in classic Anderson filmmaking style—deadpan humor, expansive, stylish, awe-inspiring sets, and a large ensemble cast.

25 Aug 2023


Top 5 Wes Anderson movies, according to IMDb

Every filmmaker has a specific and unique style of making films that makes it their niche, their identity. The unique features that make a film a Wes Anderson film are his color palette, aesthetics, precise framing, and absurd sense of humor.

26 May 2023


Amid rave reviews, 'Asteroid City' makers release new posters

Wes Anderson is known for his trademark color palette, cinematography, and intricate characterizations. The director is gearing up for the worldwide release of his upcoming film, Asteroid City.

30 Mar 2023


Decoding Wes Anderson's color palette in his upcoming 'Asteriod City'

Wes Anderson is one of the filmmakers who has created a trademark style - symmetry, detailed props, and a color palette.

14 Jan 2023


5 Hollywood films every travel lover should watch

As the New Year sets in, we all plan our holidays and block the dates in the freshly minted calendar. Our lives revolve around movies and some of the best works on celluloid are shot at magnificent locations around the globe.

09 Jan 2022


Dev Patel, Benedict Cumberbatch debuting in Wes Anderson's cinematic world

Noted filmmaker Wes Anderson is known to cast the same few faces (all remarkable at that) in his films.

03 Aug 2021

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks signed for 'cameo-like' role in Wes Anderson's next?

Veteran actor Tom Hanks has reportedly joined the cast of Wes Anderson's next feature film.

25 Dec 2018


'The French Dispatch': Saoirse Ronan rejoins Wes Anderson, Timothee Chalamet

Wes Anderson is one of the most visually pleasing directors in Hollywood, known for his perfect symmetrical shots, soothing color palettes, and often existentially melancholic characters.