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16 Aug 2017


Google might pay $3 billion to Apple for default search

Apple and Google don't usually come in the same sentence unless we are pitting them against each other. However, there is more hobnobbing among them than they would like to show.

08 Aug 2017


TRAI calls Apple 'anti-consumer' for not allowing DND on iOS

Anyone with a cell phone knows how annoying it is to get unwanted calls/SMSes from telemarketers, spammers, and scammers!

06 Aug 2017


Tech predictions that were wrong and thank god for that!

Tech trends are very unpredictable. When a new thing appears in the market, there's always a debate. We have pundits, giving their verdict on it and saying whether it's going to work or not.

05 Aug 2017


Apple's new cellular Watch that doesn't need iPhone pairing!

Apple Watch is a health and fitness tracker, a remote control, a music player, a notification system, a communicator- basically an all-in-one wrist computer!

03 Aug 2017


Over 300 scam trading apps removed from Google, Apple stores

There are a lot less misleading financial apps in Google and Apple app-stores now, thanks to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

02 Aug 2017


Apple's "Make in India" hub calls for policy change

The Cupertino-based tech giant has been asking the NDA government to provide tax breaks to its suppliers if India intends to become a manufacturing hub for iPhones and its components.

31 Jul 2017


Apple bans VPN apps from its China App Store

Giving in to the pressure created by the Beijing Internet regulators, the tech giant and one of the strongest voices of online freedom, Apple has removed all virtual private network (VPN) services from its Chinese App Store.

26 Jul 2017


Android users are shifting towards Apple's iOS platform, says report

Nobody can refrain from taking a bite out of the forbidden Apple, it appears.

26 Jul 2017

Donald Trump

Trump: Apple to build three new 'big' plants in US

President Donald Trump said Apple's chief executive Tim Cook has promised to build three new manufacturing plants in the US.

18 Jul 2017


iPhone 8: New leak 'confirms' what it will look like!

There have been numerous design leaks of Apple's tenth-anniversary phone, the iPhone 8, but not one had confirmed what it would look like.

09 Jul 2017


Samsung is back in the game, might beat Apple profits

Things had not gone well in recent past for Samsung. Two consecutive incidents had pushed the Korean giant back to the wall.

08 Jul 2017


Qualcomm seeks ban on iPhones, says Apple infringes its patents

Qualcomm, the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phone chips, has petitioned for the sale of certain iPhones in the US to be banned.

05 Jul 2017


After 3.5mm jack, Apple will now let go its fingerprint-scanner

Apple is currently working on an iPhone technology that will reportedly let users unlock the phone using their faces instead of fingerprints.

04 Jul 2017


Apple, Google, Microsoft stocks fell prey to a data glitch

Prices of several big-wig stocks like Apple, Google and Microsoft listed on NASDAQ appeared to have gone through an unprecedented spike or plummet after the market closed on Monday.

02 Jul 2017


Apple slashes product prices with GST rollout

India's shift to the GST regime brings with it good news for fans of Apple.

02 Jul 2017

Tim Cook

The Apple car is no longer a rumour

Rumours about Apple making its own self-driving car had been in the air for quite sometime, but these were just rumours until recently.

29 Jun 2017


iPhone turns 10, let's take out the time machine

When the iPhone first came out, several tech pundits vehemently brushed it aside saying that it will never work. Well, to put it across bluntly, it did.

29 Jun 2017


Vivo beats competition, showcases Under Display Fingerprint Scanner

In technology, time is of the utmost importance. If you stall, someone will come and take away the mantle from you. That is what happened with Apple and Samsung, and Vivo made use of it.

28 Jun 2017


Modi makes a business pitch that American businesses can't refuse

Modi's first US tour under Trump regime had him woo investors and then in the role reversal, get wooed.

26 Jun 2017

Google Maps

Tech companies introduce product updates to celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month

To commemorate the LGBTQ Pride Month, tech companies in Silicon Valley are showing their support to the cause by introducing small, quirky updates to their products.

26 Jun 2017

Narendra Modi

Modi's US visit: Praises for MEA, investment pitch for CEOs

Wrapping up Day 1 of his first US visit under Trump's Presidency, PM Modi interacted with top American CEOs and addressed the Indian community in Washington DC.

14 Jun 2017

General Motors

Apple's "mother of all AI projects", an autonomous car system

Every tech/automobile giant worth its salt is now working on self-driving technology.

12 Jun 2017


Museum of Failure features Apple's Newton, Google Glass

The latest additions, to Sweden's prestigious (or not so prestigious, it's a confusing affair) Museum of Failure, are Google Glass and Apple Newton.

10 Jun 2017


Apple unveils Business Chat, brings customer service /shopping into iMessage

Apple unveiled its Business Chat feature at the Worldwide Developer's Conference 2017 (WWDC17) in a bid to turn its iMessage app into a communication platform which can compete with the likes of Facebook's Messenger.

09 Jun 2017

Data Leak

Chinese black market - Apple users' personal data on sale!

Tech giant Apple's data protection is known to be the world's best.

06 Jun 2017


Diversity at Apple WWDC: From 82-year-old to 10-year-old developers

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2017 in California has seen the participation of people across different ranges of age, nationalities and skill-set.

06 Jun 2017


WWDC'17: Apple still knows how to pull genuine surprises

WWDC 2017 was exciting, to say the least, with Apple unveiling a new speaker to take on Amazon's Echo and Google home. App store also got revamped, few key updates and Apple has solidified its desktops with macOS High Sierra.

05 Jun 2017


What to expect from Apple's WWDC17

Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference 2017 (WWDC17) kicks off today at the McEnery Convention Centre in San Jose, California.

28 May 2017


Apple plans dedicated chip to handle all its AI needs

In near future, artificial intelligence is going to be a big part of our day-to-day life and this will be a natural progression, as we will want our devices to be more intuitive and tuned to our needs.

24 May 2017

Nokia Mobiles

Apple and Nokia end tiff, partners from now on

Previously Nokia had sued Apple claiming that they have breached 32 technology patents, which originally belonged to Nokia.

20 May 2017


Apple's patented round pizza boxes - iPizza Boxes?

Apple's long-awaited 'Apple Park' in Cupertino is ready and you can't help but marvel at its elegance!

18 May 2017


Apple's "Made in India" phones will become available very soon

Apple, which has been haggling with the Indian government for some time now to get preferential benefits, has finally settled down.

15 May 2017


Apple acquires Lattice Data to strengthen its AI base

As an effort to establish a stronghold in the AI business, Apple has now acquired Lattice Data by paying a rumored amount of $200 million.

UCSF study on Apple Watch highlights potential for health monitoring

A study conducted by the University of California, San Francisco, and heartbeat measurement app Cardiogram concluded that the Apple Watch, when paired with an AI-based algorithm, can detect the most common abnormal heart rhythm with an accuracy of 97%.

05 May 2017


Qualcomm seeks to ban iPhone imports into the US

On April 28th, 2017, Apple stopped paying royalties to Qualcomm.

04 May 2017


Apple has $256.8 billion in its cash reserve doing zilch

For a company that started in a garage, Apple has come a long way and now its financial reports show that it has a $256.8 billion cash stockpile, sitting comfortably in its accounts.

04 May 2017

App Store

iPhone sales drop just before 10th anniversary

The iPhone turns 10 this year in June.

03 May 2017


Microsoft's new Laptop and OS will compete with Apple, Chromebooks

Microsoft with its Surface Laptop, which comes with a new OS Windows 10 S, aims to take over the education market that is currently dominated by Google Chromebooks and Apple MacBook Pro.

01 May 2017


Internet of Things, a tech revolution is on its way

Internet of Things or IoT has been generating a lot of hype recently and for good reason.

01 May 2017


Samsung leaves Apple behind, once again emerges as market leader

IDC research noted that in the first quarter of 2017, Samsung once again made its way to the top leaving, its major rival, Apple behind.