Apple: News

27 Apr 2017


Apple ropes in NASA tech whiz to bolster AR efforts

When it comes to scouting talents for its dream team; it appears that even outer space is not a deterrent for Apple.

25 Apr 2017


Flipkart offers massive discounts on Apple Days Sale

Flipkart is offering massive discounts on Apple products as the Apple Days sale has begun.

24 Apr 2017


Uber tried to pull a smart one on Apple, failed

Uber is gradually emerging as a heckler with a deep disdain for rules and a potential wreck in the making with its several encounters with authorities, governments and court cases.

15 Apr 2017


Apple to produce self-driving cars, granted test permit

Apple is the newest company to jump into the self-driving car race.

14 Apr 2017


Revamped Google Earth to be unveiled on April 18

Google is going to unveil a new version of Google Earth at an event in New York's Whitney Museum of Art on April 18th, just before the Earth Day.

01 Apr 2017


Apple unveils App Accelerator in India for developers

Apple announced that it will be opening its App Accelerator in Bengaluru which would provide specialized support for developers looking to create iOS tools.

27 Mar 2017

iPhone 6

Apple wins, but battle is not over

Apple gets a minor relief as Chinese courts overrule a 2016 judgement which said Apple had violated design patents of now defunct firm, Shenzhen Baili.

22 Mar 2017

Steve Jobs

A red iPhone is here and it's not a prank

A limited edition red iPhone is coming very soon to the market.

24 Feb 2017


Celebrating the 62nd birthday of the late Steve Jobs

Apple co-founder and business legend Steve Jobs would have turned 62 today.

16 Feb 2017


Apple's new campus to be operational this year

In a fitting tribute to the late Steve Jobs, Apple is set to complete its new, futuristic 'spaceship' campus in Cupertino, California, by spring this year.

14 Feb 2017


iPhones become the latest casualty of demonetization

Apple's revenue and sales targets for India are in jeopardy as iPhone sales have plummeted since the demonetization.

08 Feb 2017

Mark Zuckerberg

A group of Facebook shareholders want Zuckerberg gone

In what is uncannily similar to the Steve Jobs' ouster by Apple in 1985, a group of Facebook shareholders have filed a proposal to remove Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg from his role as Chairperson of Facebook's board of directors.

31 Jan 2017


Apple's indifference to President Trump's demands

President Trump, who is pushing hard for American goods to be "made in America", vowed during his campaign that he would force Apple to start producing on US soil.

29 Jan 2017


Apple to introduce data-sharing option to improve its AI

The next version of Apple's operating system, iOS 10.3, will feature an option for iOS users to share their iCloud data with Apple so that the company can improve their AI-powered software products like voice assistant Siri.

27 Jan 2017

Tim Cook

Is Apple really making an iCar?

Although Apple has not commented on any plans to make an electric car, there are rumours abound which say that Apple is making an electric car with autonomous driving features.

13 Jan 2017


Apple's plans of setting up a manufacturing plant in India

Apple, the world's most valuable company, is in the process of negotiating terms with India for setting up a manufacturing plant.

17 Dec 2016

San Francisco

Apple snags Porsche's technical director

Earlier this month, Apple snagged the technical director of Porsche's race car program, Alexander Hitzinger.

29 Nov 2016

Apple Watch

Apple to abandon development of Wireless routers

Apple is reportedly abandoning development of its Airport line of Wi-Fi routers and Time Machine wireless backup disks.

17 Nov 2016


Indian smartphone maker Lava set to raise $100 million

Pitched to be one of the biggest domestic smartphone manufacturers in India, Lava International is reportedly raising investments of $100 million from chip makers.

26 Oct 2016


Apple sees falling sales and thinner revenue

American multinational tech giant Apple posted declining sales and revenue for the company during its fourth quarter.

22 Oct 2016


Apple products on Amazon labelled as 'genuine' actually fake

Apple has said that many of its products currently being sold on Amazon may in fact be fake.

23 Sep 2016


Apple acquires Indian machine learning startup

In June 2016, Apple acquired Hyderabad based start-up Tuplejump, to expand its expertise in artificial intelligence.

17 Sep 2016


Explicit adult GIFs surfacing on the new iMessage

Apple's newly released iOS 10 update, among other enhancements, brought a range of upgrades to its iMessage chat app.

13 Sep 2016

Steve Jobs

Are Apple AirPods ushering in a new future for technology?

Apple's decision to remove the long-standing 3.5 mm earphone jacks from iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has received harsh criticism from several fronts.

08 Sep 2016

Tim Cook

A look at Steve Jobs' ways!

As Apple unveils the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, we take a look back at how different Apple would have been today, had Steve Jobs been alive.

24 Aug 2016


Apple acquires health data start-up Gliimpse

According to reports, Apple has acquired a three year old personal health data start-up Gliimpse, a company that collects and combines separate threads of personal health records.

11 Aug 2016


Apple now licensed to sell renewable electricity

Tech giant Apple Inc. received approval from Unites States' Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) which allows it to sell clean electricity.

06 Aug 2016


Apple to offer cash rewards in its 'Bug Bounty' program

At the Black-Hat Cyber Security Conference on Thursday, Apple unveiled its plans to offer up to $200,000 rewards to researchers who will find security bugs in its products.

4 May 2016


Govt bars Apple from selling 2nd-hand phones in India

The Indian government has dealt a blow to Apple's plan of importing and selling second-hand phones in India, to prevent dumping of hazardous e-waste in the country.

18 Feb 2016


Apple Pay to launch in China this week

Apple's head Tim Cook announced the launch of its digital wallet service, Apple Pay, in China, after an alliance between Apple Pay and China UnionPay, a state owned bank card association was finalized.