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26 Feb 2018


Aamchi Mumbai pays its expats the highest in the world

The financial capital of India has grabbed the top spot for expat salaries in a global survey. In other words, Mumbai pays its expats the highest as compared to other cities in the world.

17 Feb 2018


Coinbase allegedly drains bank accounts, blames Visa for duplicate transactions

Coinbase, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, is allegedly charging its customers, without an authorization, multiple times for a transaction and this to an extent that some customers went broke.

15 Jan 2018

General Motors

General Motors reveals self-driving car without steering wheel, pedals

In a bold declaration, General Motors (GM) has revealed that it is making a self-driving car that will not have any traditional controls like a steering wheel or pedals.

23 Dec 2017

Donald Trump

Ex-Marine arrested for plotting attack in San Francisco during Christmas

The FBI has arrested a former US Marine for plotting to attack San Francisco during Christmas.

30 Nov 2017


Meet the "20-something" who deactivated Donald Trump's Twitter account

On November 2, 2017, Twitter users rejoiced as US President Donald Trump's account temporarily vanished.

09 Nov 2017


Bengaluru beats San Francisco in confidence to undergo digital transformation

India's Silicon Valley, Bengaluru has been ranked first, ahead of San Francisco, for the confidence of its business leaders in their digital environment based on people's skills and infrastructure.

12 Oct 2017

Donald Trump

California wildfires: 17 people dead, at least 150 reported missing

California's wine county has been engulfed by fast-spreading wildfires over the past couple of days.

10 Sep 2017

3D Printing

3D-printer can print whole 'houses' in a day

Pushing the envelope with respect to what technology can accomplish, home buyers may be able to get a whole house 'printed' in less than 24 hours.

06 Sep 2017

Russia News

Putin: Trump is "not my bride, I'm not his groom"

Russian President Vladimir Putin showed his humorous side during a news conference in China.

01 Sep 2017

Russia News

US orders Russia to shut consulate, two annexes

The diplomatic tit-for-tat between America and Russia isn't ending anytime soon.

08 Aug 2017

Nancy Pelosi

San Francisco couple ends up owning exclusive Presidio Terrace streets

Imagine ending up owning a street filled with million-dollar houses at just $90,000. What would you do with your new-found bargain?

05 Aug 2017


LinkedIn introduces Tinder like service to unite mentors and mentees

Social network for the working sector, LinkedIn, which boasts more than 500 million users, has now rolled out a new service that identifies potential mentors and people seeking mentorship and then matches them together. It's almost like professional Tinder.

14 Jul 2017

New York University

Meet this super-commuter who flies to work every day

Do you moan about your few hours' daily commute and busy traffic? Think about those who travel between cities for work.

28 Jun 2017

South Korea

Global Entry Program: Indians eligible for speedy entry into US

India has formally been inducted into the US' Global Entry Program, which means low-risk nationals can now get speedy entry into America after landing.

17 Jun 2017


'Hyperloop Hotel' that allows people to travel in luxury rooms

Brandan Siebrecht, a graduate architecture student from the University of Las Vegas, Nevada, has come up with a futuristic concept of a multi-city modular hotel chain where hotels in different locations would be connected by Hyperloop systems.

17 Jun 2017


Work from home: Working practices adopted by a digital generation

Automattic, the firm behind, is selling its beautiful 15,000 square-feet San Francisco office as its employees have simply stopped coming to work.

15 Jun 2017


Amazon in talks to acquire Slack?

Corporate messaging start-up Slack Technologies based in San Francisco has reportedly been receiving inquiries about a potential takeover from tech giants like

24 May 2017

United Airlines

Engine fire prompts Newark Airport shutdown

Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey was temporarily shut down after a United Airlines aircraft's engine caught fire.

11 May 2017

United Airlines

United Airlines cancels Indian-origin man's ticket for filming altercation

An Indian-origin man, Navang Oza, has alleged his reservation on United Airlines was cancelled after he filmed an argument with its staff.

02 May 2017


Airbnb settles lawsuit with city of San Francisco

Airbnb Head of Global Policy Chris Lehane today announced that Airbnb had come to a settlement with the city of San Francisco over a lawsuit which the company had filed in 2016.

13 Apr 2017


Areo, Google's hyper local services app gets launched in India

Google has launched its new hyper-local delivery services app called Areo in India for Bengaluru and Mumbai residents.

13 Apr 2017

Travis Kalanick

Lyft raises $600 million: How much is it worth now?

San Francisco-based ride-services firm Lyft has raised $600mn in a fresh funding round, fuelling the company's growth.

01 Apr 2017


Gilbert Baker, creator of rainbow flag dead

Sources have confirmed that American artist Gilbert Baker, who is credited with making the Rainbow flag, the symbol for LGBT communities in the world, has passed away.

26 Mar 2017

Travis Kalanick

Uber suspends self-driving program

An accident caused by a 'self-drive' Uber in Arizona, has led the company to suspend the program, pending investigations. Uber clarified that there were no serious injuries as a result of the crash.

Meet Flippy: The burger-flipping robot

California's CaliBurger chain announced the launch of Flippy- which is an AI-driven kitchen assistant.

07 Mar 2017


3D-printer can print whole 'houses' in a day

Pushing the envelope with respect to what technology can accomplish, home buyers may be able to get a whole house 'printed' in less than 24 hours.

23 Feb 2017


Google's Waze eyes expansion

Waze, the Google-owned, crowdsourced navigation app is looking to expand its carpooling features in cities beyond the Bay Area of San Francisco, which first featured its ridesharing features.

18 Feb 2017

Delhi Police

Air India to launch all-women crew, round-the-world flight

To celebrate Women's Day, Air India will launch an all-women crew, around-the-world flight from Delhi to San Francisco and back, on February 27.

21 Jan 2017

Washington DC

Women to sport 'pussy hats' a day after Trump's inauguration

A day after US President Trump's inauguration, 200,000 people would march in Washington DC to advocate for gender equality.

20 Jan 2017

Travis Kalanick

Uber to pay $20mn to "misled" American drivers

Uber has agreed to pay $20 million to settle allegations that it "misled" drivers with false promises on how much they would earn and pay to finance a car.

28 Dec 2016

Tamil Nadu

2016 review for records set by India

Insofar as records are concerned, India's performance in 2016 was mixed.

17 Dec 2016


Apple snags Porsche's technical director

Earlier this month, Apple snagged the technical director of Porsche's race car program, Alexander Hitzinger.

02 Dec 2016

Donald Trump

Internet Archive plans Canada database to avoid Trump censorship

With Donald Trump set to assume his throne in the Oval Office on 20th January, 2017, a massive US-based digital archiving organization called Internet Archive has announced that it wants to create a full back up of its database in Canada to protect it from censorship during the Trump regime.

07 Oct 2016

Travis Kalanick

Witnesses report flaws in Uber's Pittsburgh self-drive trials

Witnesses have reported that there have been several flaws in Uber's pilot project of having autonomous vehicles for passengers in Pittsburgh.

22 Sep 2016


Mike Rothenberg accused of wiring money without seking investor's permission

San Francisco-based venture firm, Rothenberg Ventures' founder Mike Rothenberg is facing an ongoing inquiry by the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission).

20 Sep 2016


Now, Twitter's 140-character tweet limit will exclude add-ons

On 19th September, 2016, Twitter declared that its 140-character tweet limit would no longer include add-ons like photos, videos and gifs.

20 Sep 2016


Oracle's Ellison declares war on Amazon cloud

Larry Ellison, Oracle's executive chairman, at Oracle's annual customer conference in San Francisco, said that Amazon was Oracle's number one competitor when it came to cloud computing.

01 Sep 2016


Google forays into the ride-sharing turf of Uber

Google is planning to expand its ride-sharing service in San Francisco.

31 Aug 2016


Google's Waze expands carpooling service to San Francisco

Tech conglomerate Google is set to launch its carpooling service along San Francisco this fall and expand it if the service proves to be successful, according to the recent media reports.

30 Aug 2016

Elon Musk

Burning Man Festival 2016

The dates for the Burning Man Festival 2016 are 28th August to 5th September, and this year's theme is 'Da Vinci's Workshop'.

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