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03 Jul 2019


MacKenzie Bezos to get $38bn in world's biggest divorce settlement

Months after the couple announced their split, MacKenzie Bezos (48) will walk away with $38 billion as she divorces her husband, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos (55), anytime this week.

08 Jun 2019


Here's a look inside Jeff Bezos's new $80mn NYC penthouse

Ever since he divorced his wife of 25 years, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has been house-hunting. And after months, his search has finally come to an end.

29 May 2019

Bill Gates

MacKenzie Bezos to donate half her $35bn fortune to charity

MacKenzie Bezos (48), the ex-wife of Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos (55), has become the newest billionaire to sign The Giving Pledge - a philanthropy group of the world's wealthiest people.

10 May 2019


Jeff Bezos plans to send humans to Moon: Here's how

At a recent event, Jeff Bezos, the boss of Amazon and spacefaring giant Blue Origin, unveiled Blue Moon - a giant lunar lander.

05 Apr 2019

Donald Trump

Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie reach divorce settlement, costliest in history

Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos revealed terms of their divorce settlement on Thursday, months after the power couple announced their split.

31 Mar 2019

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia hacked Jeff Bezos's phone, accessed private data

In a shocking revelation, a top-level security specialist has alleged that the Saudi Arabian government had hacked the phone of Jeff Bezos, the world's richest man.

13 Feb 2019

Donald Trump

According to legal experts, Jeff Bezos' nude photos aren't 'newsworthy'

Last Thursday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, in a bold move, made public threatening emails sent to him by American Media Inc (AMI).

08 Feb 2019

Donald Trump

How was the world's richest man, Amazon CEO blackmailed

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has accused the owner of the National Enquirer, David Pecker, of blackmail, alleging that Pecker's lawyers threatened him that his tabloid would publish Bezos's intimate photos.

21 Jan 2019


India's 9 richest-people hold as much wealth as poorest 50%

In a country like India where half of the population is poor, the billionaires are getting richer every day, says the Oxfam Inequality Report 2019 released on Monday.

13 Jan 2019

Elon Musk

Hey people, stop calculating MacKenzie Bezos' post-divorce 'wealth'

After 25 years of a fruitful marriage, building a historic company which made them the richest couple on earth, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos and wife Mackenzie announced they are going separate ways.

10 Jan 2019


Jeff Bezos' affair with TV host led to divorce?

Jeff Bezos announced a divorce from his wife MacKenzie Bezos yesterday, January 9, as we reported.

09 Jan 2019


After 25-years of marriage, Amazon-boss Jeff Bezos to divorce wife

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos announced on Wednesday he is divorcing his wife of 25 years MacKenzie.

20 Sep 2018


Bezos remembers his Lankan friend who helped him with algebra

From a nerdy Princeton graduate to founding Amazon and becoming the world's first centi-billionaire, Jeff Bezos, now worth a whopping $159bn, has reached the heights of corporate glory.

17 Sep 2018

Yale University

Salesforce co-founder buys Time magazine for $190 million in cash

Time magazine is being sold by Meredith Corporation to Marc Benioff, a co-founder of Salesforce, and his wife.

14 Sep 2018

Bill Gates

Jeff Bezos announces $2bn fund to help the homeless

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has announced a $2bn charitable fund, called the Day One Fund, to help homeless families, and set up a network of preschools for low income communities.

20 Jul 2018


Which will hit the trillion dollar mark: Apple or Amazon?

Following the completion of Amazon's Prime Day sale, wherein the company announced that it had sold over 100 million products, the global e-commerce giant's stock market value climbed to breach the $900bn mark for the very first time.

13 Jul 2018

Katy Perry

You can soon go to space for $200,000: Details here

Commercial space travel just moved one step closer to reality.

28 May 2018


Jeff Bezos outlines ambitions to colonize the moon

Speaking at the Space Development Conference in Los Angeles, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who also runs a space agency called Blue Origin, detailed his plans to create a permanent settlement on the moon in the future.

03 May 2018

Mark Zuckerberg

100 gms of entrepreneurship: What are the ingredients

Find what you love, and let it kill you - that's what an entrepreneur does on a daily basis.

19 Apr 2018


Amazon Prime hits 100 million paid members

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has released his latest annual shareholders letter, revealing that over 100 million people now avail the company's Prime Membership.

07 Mar 2018


Jeff Bezos tops global rich list; Mukesh Ambani richest Indian

Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani became the richest Indian for the 11th year in a row while his net worth soared to $40.1 billion.

07 Mar 2018


Jeff Bezos overtakes Bill Gates to become world's richest man

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has overtaken Microsoft's Bill Gates to become the richest man in the world.

04 Mar 2018


Tech promises that never came true, much to our disappointment

When it comes to technology, I am a believer. However, there is a big difference in believing and being blind.

21 Feb 2018


This clock by Amazon's Jeff will run for 10,000 years

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has announced that construction has started on the #10000YearClock project that aims to build a clock that will run for 10,000 years.

13 Feb 2018


What if the world's richest paid for government spending?

Bloomberg Politics has constructed an index to see how many days governments can keep running if the richest person from each country pays for governments' expenditure.

27 Oct 2017


Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft financial results: Everything you need to know

Tech giants Amazon, Google's parent Alphabet, and Microsoft have reported their third-quarter earnings.

07 Oct 2017


Jeff Bezos-backed company to launch humans into space in 18-months!

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos's space company, Blue Origin, would start taking tourists to space within the next 18 months i.e. by Apr'19.

09 Sep 2017


History's richest men: Gates is an average-Joe in Akbar's eyes

If someone asks who are the richest people in the world right now, the answer would be pretty easy. It's Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Jeff Bezos.

14 Aug 2017

Bill Gates

History's richest men: Gates is an average-Joe in Akbar's eyes

If someone asks who are the richest people in the world right now, the answer would be pretty easy. It's Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Jeff Bezos.

05 Aug 2017


Amazon could have had a Facebook of its very own

It can be safely said that PlanetAll is/was the biggest social media platform out there. Millions of people post pictures, share stuff and connect with friends via this platform.

03 Aug 2017


Tech promises that never came true, much to our disappointment

When it comes to technology, I am a believer. However, there is a big difference in believing and being blind.

07 Jul 2017


Amazon ups Indian investment, Flipkart is bidding its time

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, making good on his promise, has now allotted Rs. 341 crore for Amazon Wholesale India i.e. the wholesale B2B arm of its Indian operations and Rs. 1,680 crore to its Indian online wing.

31 May 2017


Amazon's $1,000 share price is a signal of changing times

If someone had walked into Amazon's first day of trading in May 1997 and spent $100 on Amazon, that person would have been richer by $50,000 now.

29 Apr 2017


Amazon will not slow its investment pace in India

A $481m loss might deter others, but to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos it is just another hurdle Amazon has to overcome in order to finally triumph.

16 Apr 2017


Zara founder Ortega reclaims second spot in billionaire race

Zara founder Amancio Ortega reclaimed his spot as the world's second richest billionaire after Inditex SA rose 1.27%, lifting his net worth to $76.7 billion. Simultaneously, Amazon shares had plunged, reducing Jeff Bezos's net worth to $76.4 billion.

04 Mar 2017


Jeff Bezos wants to establish Amazon-style delivery to the moon

With space entrepreneurs all setting their sights on the moon amidst NASA's renewed interest to get there, the latest in the list is founder Jeff Bezos.

02 Feb 2017

Blue Origin

Amazon to build freight hub for its Prime Air fleet

E-commerce giant Amazon has plans of strengthening distribution muscle and creating more jobs in the US by building its first ever air freight hub.

11 Dec 2016

Donald Trump

Will build Mexico wall; won't let Americans lose jobs: Trump

Trump emphasized he will not allow Americans to lose their jobs to foreign workers as had happened in the Disney World case.

25 Nov 2016

Donald Trump

Trump claims to have spoken to Tim Cook

In an interview with New York Times, US President-elect Donald Trump claimed to hold a discussion with Tim Cook about manufacturing Apple Products in USA.