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19 Jun 2020


2020 MacBooks are running into USB 2.0 connectivity issues

The latest line of MacBooks - 2020 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air - is running into connectivity issues, creating problems for a number of users around the world.

10 Jun 2020

Social Media

Meet Michael Seibel, Reddit's first ever black board member

Reddit has named seed capital firm Y Combinator's CEO Michael Seibel as the first black member of its board.

07 Jun 2020


#WeeklyRecap: Google's incognito tracking, 'infected' Android wallpaper, Mitron app, more

This week, a number of developments were noted in the world of technology.

06 Jun 2020

Alexis Ohanian

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian quits board, wants a black replacement

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian has quit from the board of the company he started 15 years ago and wants his position to be filled by a black candidate. Making the major announcement on Friday, he said the decision was long overdue.

23 May 2020


Google Home Hub shows stranger's Nest cam footage, now fixed

A few days back, a Google Home Hub owner reported a mysterious (and creepy) case of seeing footage from the Nest security camera of a stranger.

03 May 2020


#WeeklyRecap: Free Google Meet, bugs in Chrome, Microsoft Teams, more

The last week of April was all about bugs, glitches, and leaks.

01 May 2020


Reddit pulls back 'chatrooms' within a day of launch

Yesterday, Reddit surprised the world by launching a 'chatroom' feature for some 16,000 subreddits.

28 Apr 2020


Apple's new iPhone SE misses out a much-needed feature

Apple's new iPhone SE is the talk of the town.

26 Apr 2020


Mi A3 gets Android 10 update for the fourth time

After three unsuccessful attempts, Xiaomi has once again released the Android 10 update for its Mi A3 smartphone.

06 Mar 2020

Social Media

Reddit adds tool to help people with suicidal thoughts

In a major move, Reddit has launched a tool to help people with suicidal thoughts.

04 Mar 2020


How this guy turned a rotary phone into Google Assistant

Thanks to Amazon and Google's smart home devices, digital assistants run our homes today.

17 Feb 2020


#BugAlert: Don't update! Windows 10 hides your personal files

Microsoft is just not getting a grip on Windows 10 and its issues.

10 Feb 2020


Windows 7 bug preventing shutdown: How to fix it

Within a month of losing official Microsoft support, Windows 7 has started creating major problems for its users.

29 Jan 2020


#BugAlert: Google Home smart speaker breaking after update

Once again, Google Home smart speakers are breaking - due to an update pushed by the company itself.

27 Jan 2020


Man designs bizarre single pocket jeans, to carry, well, everything!

Do you hate carrying extra baggage and wished your pants somehow had room for all your essentials?

03 Jan 2020


#BugAlert: Xiaomi security camera shows live feed from other homes

When people install security cameras, they expect a solution to check in on their house and family, whenever needed.

09 Nov 2019


WhatsApp may ban you permanently if...

If you are a part of a group that has an illegal and suspicious name, WhatsApp may ban you from using the messaging app, permanently.

02 Nov 2019


Going offline: Elon Musk says he's disconnecting from Twitter

As far as his social media activities are concerned, Elon Musk seems perplexed, at best.

28 Oct 2019


This trick enables RCS messaging on any Android phone

Despite pushing RCS messaging for months, Google has made little to no progress towards making the messaging standard a reality.

19 Oct 2019


iPhone users can save unlimited original-quality images in Google Photos

Google Photos makes an ideal cloud backup service to keep years-old memories, be it photos or videos, perfectly safe.

17 Oct 2019

Social Media

Yahoo is erasing some part of internet history: Details here

After nearly two decades of operation, Yahoo has decided to pull the plug on its Groups website.

'Perfectly real' Deepfakes are coming soon, says industry expert

From marring the reputation of celebrities, showing them in pornographic videos to making business leaders speak nonsense, Deepfake tech has been used to create the wildest stuff possible.

17 Sep 2019


Now, YouTube will show comment history of users: Here's why

In a bid to shield creators and viewers from spammers and malicious commenters, YouTube is testing a feature that would show the comment history of users.

08 Sep 2019


Now, you can fix frame drop issue in iPhones

If you are one of the many users dealing with the longstanding problem of occasional frame drops on iPhones/iPads, there is finally some good news for you.

07 Aug 2019


Xbox Live goes down, leaving games inaccessible for hours

A few hours ago, Xbox Live, Microsoft's famous online gaming and media delivery service, went down.

17 Jul 2019


Critical iOS 13 bug can compromise your online accounts

As Apple is months away from releasing the stable version of iOS 13, people have been installing the beta iteration of the platform on their iPhones.

09 Jun 2019


'Black Mirror' 'Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too' Review: Masala Bollywood!

Black Mirror is a good show with some impressive episodes. What makes it a cult phenomenon is its ability to take risks and its unpredictability.

31 May 2019


Apparently, Apple MacBook Pro exploded during 'normal use'

In a major albeit very rare case, an Apple MacBook Pro has exploded during what the owner claims was 'normal use'.

25 May 2019


Weird 'ghost touch' display issue noticed on OnePlus 7 Pro

In just two weeks, OnePlus 7 Pro has taken the title of one of the finest smartphones of 2019.

21 May 2019


Why Google's all-new Pixel 3a phones are shutting down randomly

If you know anything about Pixel 3 series, you must have heard that these phones have been marred by some annoying bugs in the past.

04 May 2019


#GamingBytes: Is PUBG releasing a new Venice-based map?

Last year, the gaming community was abuzz with news regarding the launch of the new map of PUBG, Venezia.

03 May 2019

Game of Thrones

Bran might be the Night King, according to this Redditor

The last Game of Thrones episode saw the utter and unexpected destruction of the Night King.

01 May 2019

Microsoft Windows

#GamingBytes: Giving 'Endgame' spoilers could get you banned from games

One of the worst things you can do today is spoiling the suspense of a cultural phenomenon.

30 Mar 2019

Game of Thrones

'Game of Thrones' fan-theories that will figuratively blow your mind

Ardent fans of Game of Thrones know the significance of the legendary 'R+L=J' theory.

20 Feb 2019


How anyone can bypass WhatsApp's Face ID, Touch ID lock

Just a few weeks back, WhatsApp had introduced biometric authentication in its iOS app.

19 Feb 2019


Shocking! YouTube found recommending soft-core porn videos featuring minors

Once again, YouTube is facing backlash over its content moderation practices.

12 Feb 2019


Tencent invests $150mn in Reddit; users fear Chinese censorship

On Monday, Reddit confirmed that it had raised a whopping $300mn in its series D round of funding, with Chinese giants Tencent joining its fray of investors with a $150mn contribution.

29 Jan 2019

Alibaba Group

Customer demands dress-pictures, seller sends of himself wearing them

Living in a world where people have received bricks instead of a smartphone they paid for, people are bound to get skeptical while shopping online.

Mentally ill people dubbed as 'lunatic/idiot' in PAN card applications

Did you know the Indian government dubs mentally ill people as 'lunatic/idiot'?

16 Jan 2019


Want to lock apps on iPhone? Try this simple trick

For years, iOS users have been craving for an option to lock down apps.