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05 Jan 2019


Why everyone is talking about Queen Elizabeth II dying today

There has been a post doing rounds of social media which predicted that the Queen of England is going to die today- January 5, 2019.

29 Dec 2018


Now, you can't use Chrome's classic original interface

Back in September, Google had introduced a re-designed avatar of Chrome for mobile and desktop users.

23 Dec 2018

Gaming Bytes

#GamingBytes: 'Fortnite' map gets more snow covered areas

Winter has finally arrived in the world of Fortnite. The popular Battle Royale by Epic is known for keeping the suspense alive.

21 Dec 2018


Now, Pixel 3 owners are reporting fingerprint sensor problems

The problems associated with Pixel 3 and its elder sibling, Pixel 3 XL, are just not ending.

17 Dec 2018


If you can't concentrate while binge-watching, Netflix has a solution

Netflix is working on a feature that could take your movie streaming experience to a whole new level or spoil it altogether.

09 Dec 2018


Finally, Google's call answering feature comes to original Pixels

After a long wait, original Pixel phone users are finally getting Google's Call Screen feature.

05 Dec 2018


Two iOS apps tricked users into paying money: See how

The problem of dodgy apps, which has been common on Android, appears to be extending to Apple's App Store.

02 Dec 2018

Gaming Bytes

#GamingBytes: All about the new DLC of Battlefield V

Battlefield V has been well received in the gaming community for bringing World War II to life, as we have never seen before.

20 Nov 2018


Now, Pixel 3 has a weird camera-disabling bug: Details here

Ever since Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL entered the market, we've been hearing about different bugs plaguing the devices.

12 Nov 2018

Gaming Bytes

#GamingBytes: Black Ops 4 rumored to have had co-op campaign

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has been well received by fans and critics, but before the game launched, there were a few complaints about the lack of campaign mode in-game.

05 Nov 2018


Latest Google app update brings strange location bug: Details here

After the weird notch-producing issue, Google has got another major problem to deal with - a bug affecting its Android app.

30 Oct 2018


Pixel 3 XL adding another notch: How to fix it

In a hilarious, albeit annoying, development, the all-new Pixel 3 XL is adding a second notch on the screen of the device.

28 Oct 2018

Walt Disney

Finally, we know when 'Avengers 4' trailer will release

Ever since Thanos killed half the universe's population in 'Infinity War' by snapping his fingers, 'Avengers 4' has perhaps tbeen he most anticipated film.

26 Oct 2018


5 Siri shortcuts you should be using on iOS 12

With iOS 12, Apple introduced a cool automation-targeted feature, called Siri Shortcuts, to let users perform complex tasks by way of a single tap or voice command.

24 Oct 2018


#CareerBytes: Tips to crack Aptitude tests for campus placements

Campus placement is one of the most important phases of a college student's academic journey.

23 Oct 2018

Gaming Bytes

#GamingBytes: Details about PUBG's snow map leaked

PUBG, the popular tactical Battle Royale, was rumored to be getting a new map in the game, called Dihor Otok.

20 Oct 2018


Failing to save photos on Pixel phones? Here's a fix

Pixel phone users are facing a major problem, one that prevents their devices from saving photos.

17 Oct 2018


#CantKeepCalm: 'Avengers 4' title and trailer details leaked

'Avengers 4', the much-awaited sequel to 'Infinity War' will see earth's mightiest heroes recovering from their first bout with Thanos.

14 Oct 2018


Cryptic PlayStation 4 message crashing consoles: Details here

A malicious message containing a string of certain characters is crashing Sony's PlayStation 4.

06 Oct 2018


Windows 10 update deleting files: Here's what you can do

Microsoft is facing flak for letting a bug slip into the latest version of Windows 10 or the famously dubbed October 2018 update.

20 Sep 2018


Twitter finally addresses the 'annoying' problem of its video section

With a minor update, Twitter has fixed one of the most annoying problems in the video section of its app - the ability to reply.

09 Sep 2018

Serena Williams

Serena is a Queen, don't let anyone tell you otherwise

Three things are obvious: Serena Williams is a Godsend to teach all of us humility and compassion, she is the greatest woman tennis player to have lived, and her career dotted with Grand Slams and seemingly impossible comebacks is a case study.

04 Jul 2018


Bug in Samsung phones randomly sends users' photos to contacts

Reddit users have reported a bug in their Samsung smartphones that is sending random pictures from their camera roll to random contacts via SMS without permission.

26 Jun 2018


Reddit beta-launches a "News" tab on iOS

Reddit has beta-launched a dedicated news section on iOS.

Question that is driving the internet crazy: Yanny or Laurel?

Three years ago, the netizens got bombed over the color of a dress.

30 Apr 2018


Rate comments on Facebook's public posts with Reddit-style upvote/downvote buttons

Facebook had earlier confirmed that it was testing Reddit-style upvote and downvote buttons for comments on public posts in the US.

21 Apr 2018


Reddit has as many active users as Twitter at 330mn

According to a Global Digital Statshot report by Hootsuite, Reddit now has as many active users as Twitter.

04 Apr 2018


Ahead of launch, Google Home speakers get Gaana, Saavn integration

Days before their launch, Google has apparently added support for Gaana and Saavn, the two popular music streaming services, on its Home series speakers.

08 Mar 2018


Expired certificate bricks all of Oculus's Rift VR headsets

All of Oculus's Rift headsets faced several hours of downtime after an expired certificate apparently soft-bricked all the Rift VR headsets.

06 Mar 2018

Game of Thrones

'Game Of Thrones' Season 8: Fan predicts Sansa Stark's death

The wait for 'Game Of Thrones' season eight is making fans restless by the day. They have started guessing the happenings of the final season and one such prediction might stand true.

The dark forces behind a growing addiction to porn

Recently, a 27-year-old Mumbai-based woman has approached the SC claiming her husband's addiction to porn had 'ruined' their marriage, and sought a complete ban on such websites.

09 Feb 2018


Reddit bans AI-powered porn videos that feature celebrity faces

Knowledge-sharing website Reddit has banned its r/deepfakes subreddit discussion thread that created AI-powered porn videos using celebrities' faces.

17 Nov 2017

Serena Williams

All about Serena Williams and Reddit co-founder's wedding

Arguably one of the greatest tennis stars of all time, Serena Williams got married to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans on Thursday.

31 Oct 2017


Beware! Android phones help Google track your every move

Android phones can reveal all of a user's physical activities in the real-world with Google and other third-party apps installed on the device, says a report.

28 Oct 2017


Type quickly on iPhone's iOS 11 calculator. You'd be surprised

Have you used iPhone's calculator on iOS 11 lately?

06 Sep 2017


The dark forces behind a growing addiction to porn

The Maharashtra IT department recently revealed that daily, 30,000 users log in to Mumbai's free public Wi-Fi to access porn.

17 Jun 2017

Social Media

Reddit raising funds, company's valuation to be $1.7bn

Giving a major boost, venture capitalists are funding popular link-sharing website Reddit that will give the company a total valuation of $1.7 billion.

25 Apr 2017

Serena Williams

Serena Williams thanks her unborn baby for top WTA spot

A pregnant Serena Williams reclaimed her top spot at the WTA world rankings, and took to social media to thank her unborn baby.

20 Apr 2017

Serena Williams

Was Serena Williams pregnant when she won the Australian Open?

On Wednesday, Serena Williams posted a Snapchat story wherein she was posing sideways in a yellow bathing suit and a protruding stomach.

24 Oct 2016


Elon Musk's "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, took to Reddit today for a question & answer session titled, "I am Elon Musk, ask me anything about becoming a spacefaring civ!"