Oscar Isaac: News

03 May 2024

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart, Oscar Isaac star in 'Flesh of the Gods'

Hollywood stars Kristen Stewart and Oscar Isaac are set to headline an upcoming vampire thriller, titled Flesh of the Gods.

20 Feb 2024

Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese joins cast of 'In the Hand of Dante'

Martin Scorsese, known for his steadfast filmmaking career, is soon going to be seen acting.

15 Dec 2023

Frances McDormand

'The Big Lebowski' to 'Fargo': Coen brothers' best movies

Known for their distinctive style, rich storytelling, and eclectic characters, the Oscar-winning Hollywood filmmaker duo Joel and Ethan Coen have gifted audiences with a diverse array of films.

27 Nov 2023


'Twilight' director Catherine Hardwicke's best movies

Catherine Hardwicke, revered filmmaker and screenwriter, cut her teeth in Hollywood as a production designer in the 90s.

22 Sep 2023


'Elvis' to 'Ray': Best Hollywood films based on musicians 

Hollywood films based on musicians offer a window into the complexities of artistic genius, the challenges of fame, and the enduring impact of music on society.

16 Aug 2023


'Westworld' to 'Stranger Things': Popular sci-fi series to watch

Often pushing the boundaries of reality, sci-fi delves into the "what ifs" of scientific possibilities, technology gone wrong, time travel, and dystopian societies.

04 Aug 2022

Marvel Comics

'Moon Knight': Did Oscar Isaac just confirm Season 2?

If a recent TikTok video is to be believed, then the series Moon Knight on Disney+ Hotstar might just get another season!

'Moon Knight' episode-6 review: Epic finale witnesses clash of Gods

After six weeks, the Disney+ Hotstar series on brand new superhero Moon Knight came to an end with an epic finale on Wednesday.

27 Apr 2022


'Moon Knight' episode-5 review: Explanatory, yes, still a hotchpotch

After four weeks of unfulfillment, Marvel's latest series Moon Knight finally gives us the window to Marc Spector's mind in its fifth and penultimate episode.

20 Apr 2022

Moon Knight

'Moon Knight' episode 4 review: Cliffhanger too huge to handle

For MCU's latest superhero tale, Moon Knight, things just went unthinkably crazy in its fourth episode.

14 Apr 2022

Moon Knight

'Moon Knight' episode 3 review: Action reaches Egypt; things intensify

We are halfway through Marvel's Moon Knight with the third episode airing this Wednesday.

30 Mar 2022

Moon Knight

'Moon Knight' episode-1 review: Latest MCU superhero's welcome slightly underwhelming

Disney+ Hotstar, for the first time, debuted a brand new superhero to MCU with Moon Knight.

29 Mar 2022


'Moon Knight': 5 things to know before Disney+ Hotstar premiere

Moon Knight is gearing up for its grand premiere on Disney+ Hotstar on March 30.

10 Mar 2022


Amazon Prime to stream 'Dune' in India from March 25

Viewers in India who missed out on the theatrical show of Denis Villeneuve's Dune will finally be able to watch it, thanks to Amazon Prime Video.

19 Jan 2022

Moon Knight

'Moon Knight' trailer: MCU welcomes new character with thriller elements

It looks like the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is all set to embrace dark, complex themes, ditching its tongue-in-cheek humor brand.

01 Nov 2020


#ComicBytes: Meet MCU's newest addition, badass vigilante, Moon Knight

Often compared to DC legend Batman, Marvel's Moon Knight (Marc Spector) is a badass vigilante who is set to make his MCU debut.

29 Oct 2020

Moon Knight

'Star War's Oscar Isaac may play Moon Knight for Disney+

Marvel just got a hundred times more exciting!