Vitamin D: News

13 May 2024


Boost your morning with these dishes loaded with vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for maintaining bone health and supporting immune function.

03 Jan 2024


Tips to get vitamin D during foggy winter days

During the winter months, much of India is blanketed by thick fog, resulting in significantly reduced sun exposure.

30 Nov 2023

Health & Wellness

Things you should know before taking vitamin D supplements

Vitamin D is a micronutrient that plays a seminal role in keeping several functions of your body intact.

22 Nov 2023


Vitamin D can fix your anxiety

In the quest for mental well-being, the spotlight is increasingly turning to Vitamin D.

24 Jun 2023

Health & Wellness

How to enhance bone density in your postmenopausal years

Menopause brings about hormonal changes that can weaken women's bones, making them more susceptible to fractures.

09 Dec 2022

Mental Health

All about seasonal affective disorder or winter depression

Our mental health is very much related to the environment.

16 Nov 2022

Hair Care

Brittle hair: Reasons and how to treat them

In our quest for healthier hair, we often overcare or undercare our hair, leading to dry and brittle hair.

16 Jun 2022


5 common sunscreen myths you should stop believing

Sunscreen is an important product in our skincare regimen that protects our skin from the UV rays of the sun and prevents several skin diseases, irritation, and cell damage.

23 Nov 2021


Working during night shift? Follow these tips for better efficiency

Are you one of those who work in night shifts?

19 Oct 2021

Health & Wellness

Why do you need adequate levels of vitamin D?

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is extremely essential for your body as it promotes numerous health benefits.

31 Jan 2021

Health & Wellness

#HealthBytes: The many benefits of natural light on your body

If you were to choose between spending time in a spacious but dimly lit room or a small cubicle with ample lighting, chances are that you will go for the latter option.

27 Jan 2021

Health & Wellness

#HealthBytes: Six important vitamins that are crucial for your health

The terms vitamins and minerals are thrown around so frequently that we often aren't clear regarding which nutrient best addresses our specific concern.

12 Jan 2021


Samsung's SunnyFive Window concept display promises to make windows obsolete

Samsung's concept display, dubbed the SunnyFive Window, emulates natural sunlight. It does so without associated risks of sunburn and UV-triggered skin aging.

10 Jan 2021

Health & Wellness

#HealthBytes: Five foods to help you tackle vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D is produced when our body is exposed to the sun, but in today's world, where exposure to the sun is limited, this becomes a tricky exercise.

06 Jan 2021


Gaumutra medicinal, gold in milk: Syllabus for 'cow science exam'

The government is planning to conduct a nationwide voluntary online examination on cow science next month to "sensitize and educate" people about cows.

22 Dec 2020

Health & Wellness

Simple tips to improve your skin health

Since skin is the largest organ in our body, it is also prone to more damage.

06 Nov 2020


#HealthBytes: Follow these tips to prevent premature greying of hair

When your hair follicles lose melanin due to aging, they start producing white hair.

18 Oct 2020


Vitamin D deficiency: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Known for enabling the absorption of calcium, thereby aiding in maintaining good bone and muscle health, vitamin D plays many roles to keep the body functional.

26 Sep 2020


#HealthBytes: Here is why ghee is a noted superfood

From sweets to parathas, ghee is used in almost every recipe in India.

09 Sep 2020


#HealthBytes: What to eat before bed to get better sleep

Good sleep is essential for overall health, for which you need to get 7-9 hours of uninterrupted rest each night. However, many people struggle to get enough of it for various reasons.

01 Sep 2020


No sunlight, no Vitamin D? Here's what you should eat

When ultraviolet B (UV-B) rays hit cholesterol in the skin cells, it helps Vitamin D synthesis to occur, making sunlight the best source of this vitamin.

28 Jul 2020


Israeli study finds link between coronavirus and Vitamin D levels

A major study conducted by Israeli researchers has found a correlation between adequate levels of Vitamin D and the ability to fight off a coronavirus infection more quickly or effectively in people.

25 Mar 2020


Set up your study space using these smart tips

A designated study space is quite important.

09 Mar 2020

Health & Wellness

Six essential vitamins and their benefits

Consumption of vitamins is pivotal for facilitating proper growth and other functions of the body.

07 Mar 2020


How to make your home an epitome of positivity

A home filled with positive vibes reflects on your health and wealth.

06 Feb 2020

Health & Wellness

Winter care: Why you need abundant Vitamin D this season

When your skin is exposed to sun rays, it produces Vitamin D from cholesterol.

27 Jan 2020


5 Vastu tips to fill your home with positive energy

The terms Vastu Shastra refers to the science of architecture, wherein the emphasis is on the placement of objects and the property in order to bring in happiness and good health. The focus is on the right blend of natural and material objects.

11 Jan 2020

Health & Wellness

Turned 40? Here's how you can stay fit and healthy

Have you turned 40 and are worried about your health? Help is here.

13 Sep 2019

Health & Wellness

Six foods to help you stay healthy during season change

Winter is coming. Among other concerns, one can't help but worry about the possibility of catching a cold or falling prey to the flu.

04 Jul 2019

Health & Wellness

#HealthBytes: Five must-have food items for vegetarians

Vegetarians often suffer from deficiency of certain nutrients, like protein, iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and specific vitamins such as Vitamin D and B-12, as they are mainly obtained from meat sources.

24 Jun 2019


#HealthBytes: Six vegetables that can help burn belly fat

Unwanted fat doesn't just look bad on you, but is also a virtual invitation to a host of dreadful health conditions, such as diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, etc.

16 Jun 2019

Health & Wellness

#HealthBytes: Five drinks to keep you hydrated this summer

The vitality of hydration is largely known, and need not be reiterated.

05 Apr 2019

Health & Wellness

#HealthBytes: Top 5 drinks to keep you hydrated this summer

The vitality of hydration is largely known, and need not be reiterated.

26 Jan 2019


#HealthBytes: 5 healthy veggies that help in weight loss

Unwanted fat doesn't just look bad on you, but is also a virtual invitation to a host of dreadful health conditions, such as diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, etc.

29 Oct 2018


#HealthBytes: Top 5 benefits of eating yogurt regularly

Hands down, yogurt is a super-food, and science backs the fact.

16 Sep 2018


#HealthBytes: Top 5 sources of Vitamin-D for vegetarians

Vitamin D is a vital nutrient, obtained from sunlight and certain food items.

12 Aug 2018

Health & Wellness

#HealthBytes: The many health benefits of yogurt

Yogurt is undeniably a super-food, and science backs the fact.

06 Aug 2018

Health & Wellness

#HealthBytes: Top 5 food items rich in Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient, obtained mainly from sunlight (and certain food items).

14 Oct 2017


Bengaluru: Couple dead, 3 feared drowned in heavy rainstorm

Heavy rainfall in Bengaluru's Kurubarahalli and Lagere on Friday night led to the death of a couple due to a wall collapse.