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11 Jan 2018


Samsung Galaxy A8+ arrives in India with Rs. 32,990 price-tag!

South Korean electronics giant Samsung has finally launched the much-awaited Galaxy A8+ (2018) smartphone officially in India at a price of Rs. 32,990.

08 Jan 2018


Amazon to host Samsung Galaxy A8+ launch on January 10

Taking its flagship variant one step beyond, Samsung is releasing the Galaxy A8 Plus in India exclusively on Amazon on January 10.

04 Jan 2018


CES 2018: What innovations to expect from Samsung Creative-Lab?

The countdown to the biggest consumer electronics/technology show, the CES 2018 from 7-12 January, in Las Vegas has already begun.

02 Jan 2018


Samsung to reveal next Exynos chip on 4th January

Samsung has announced that it'll launch its next generation Exynos chip on 4th January, just days before the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2018 in Las Vegas.

28 Dec 2017


Fresh problem for Samsung: Galaxy Note 8 just won't charge

Looks like troubles aren't yet over for Samsung. A year after several Galaxy Note 7 devices exploded due to defective batteries, similar problems are being reported about the Galaxy Note 8.

25 Dec 2017


Samsung Happy Hours sale: Lucrative discounts, Jio offers and more

As part of Samsung's Happy Hours sale, Amazon India will be offering lucrative discounts on Samsung's Galaxy On5 Pro and Galaxy On7 Pro phones on 26th December from 12pm-2pm.

23 Dec 2017


Magic Leap: $2 billion in funding, product still not interesting!

After raising about $2 billion in the last four years, augmented-reality company Magic Leap finally has a product to show.

21 Dec 2017


Samsung Galaxy S9: New leaks "confirm" key features

With the new year just around the corner, Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S9 and S9+ are nearing launch.

19 Dec 2017


Leaks confirm Samsung's cutting edge A8 series of phones

While Samsung's two upcoming smartphones - the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy X - are well known among tech enthusiasts, new leaks have confirmed that Samsung is releasing a third phone - the A8 series.

15 Dec 2017


Samsung's $200 Bixby-powered smart speaker to debut in early-2018

Five months after Samsung Mobile President, DJ Koh, confirmed they were working on a smart home speaker, reports surfaced that Samsung is gearing up to launch the device next year.

14 Dec 2017


Here are "most-searched" smartphones, consumer-tech products on Google for 2017

As the year 2017 draws to a close, Google has released the annual "Year in Search", revealing the top trending searches of the year.

12 Dec 2017


Massive discounts on Samsung's first 'Happy Hours' sale

Samsung launched its 'Happy Hours' sale on Amazon today as well as on the Samsung e-store, where for the first time, it cut prices of some of its Galaxy smartphones.

11 Dec 2017


Top 8 smartphones for every budget segment in India!

The year 2017 has seen some of the most spectacular smartphone launches. Bezel-less, edge-to-edge display on devices has been the "hottest trend" this year.

06 Dec 2017


Fresh leaks about Samsung Galaxy S9 reveal killer features

Samsung has big plans for Galaxy S9. It's taking the upcoming smartphone to the next-level with killer features, according to new announcements.

29 Nov 2017


Samsung's new technology can charge your smartphones in 12 minutes!

No matter how "smart" phones get, most of their batteries don't even last 12 hours. Though some have bigger batteries, they charge painfully slow.

24 Nov 2017


Apple working on "foldable" iPhone that opens like a book!

While Samsung, with Galaxy X slated for 2018 release, may be ahead of Apple in the foldable-phone-race, a patent by Apple suggests a foldable iPhone could be in the works that could be "opened and closed like a book."

20 Nov 2017

Google Chrome

Samsung Chromebook with detachable keyboard to arrive early next year

Samsung is reportedly developing a detachable Chromebook likely to be unveiled at Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas (9-11 Jan'18).

18 Nov 2017


Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ arriving in April next year

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are undoubtedly the most eagerly-awaited upcoming smartphones of 2018.

15 Nov 2017

South Korea

Samsung worker dies from brain tumor, questions raised over safety

South Korea's Supreme Court has ruled that a Samsung factory worker's death from a brain tumor was the result of an occupational disease.

14 Nov 2017


Xiaomi becomes India's top smartphone seller, along with Samsung

China's Xiaomi now shares the "No. 1 spot" in India's smartphone sales with South Korean giant Samsung, according to research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) India.

13 Nov 2017


Best bezel-less "infinity display" phones for every budget in India!

The year 2017 has so far been the year of bezel-less, edge-to-edge display smartphones. Bezel-less devices are the next big thing now, and almost every major device maker is focusing on making phones with minimal or no bezels.

13 Nov 2017


Samsung's mid-range Galaxy A5, A7 leaked, here's what we know

Samsung's long-rumored mid-range phone, the Galaxy A5 (2018), was confirmed by two sources. The phone would come with major improvements in design and internal hardware over the 2017 model.

10 Nov 2017


#Nostalgia: Samsung's smart flip phone leaked ahead of 2018 launch!

In this bezel-less smartphone era, where every major device maker is busy making phones with minimal or no bezels, Samsung is trying to bring the good old "flip phone" days back.

06 Nov 2017


Samsung's new ad mocks Apple; tells iPhone-users to "grow up"!

Following Apple iPhoneX's official release, Samsung has come up with a new ad campaign for its latest Galaxy Note 8 phablet.

03 Nov 2017

South Korea

Samsung rolls out Android Oreo beta to Galaxy S8, S8+

Samsung has finally launched Samsung Experience 9.0 beta, built on the latest Android 8 Oreo OS, for Galaxy S8 and S8+ users.

01 Nov 2017


Samsung Galaxy S9 leak reveals there's no headphone jack!

Samsung isn't going to let Apple steal the limelight with iPhone X. So, it's planning a radical redesign for the upcoming Galaxy S9, S9+ smartphones.

30 Oct 2017

Stanford University

Who could succeed Kwon Oh-Hyun as Samsung CEO?

South Korean electronics giant Samsung Electronics is in a leadership crisis following CEO & Co-Vice Chairman Kwon Oh-Hyun's shocking resignation.

27 Oct 2017


How will Samsung's Galaxy X be different from Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy X, the first foldable smartphone ever, is undoubtedly one of the most eagerly awaited devices.

26 Oct 2017


People can soon "talk" to our devices via Bixby: Samsung

Samsung, after announcing the upgraded version of its Bixby digital assistant -the Bixby 2.0- now wants users to "talk and communicate" with its phones in order to "get more value" out of them.

25 Oct 2017


Samsung Galaxy S9 latest leak reveals killer features

2017 has been the year of full-screen display phones, and Samsung would continue this trend with Galaxy S9, expected to be launched around Feb'18.

22 Oct 2017


Samsung's updated AI assistant Bixby to compete with Amazon's Alexa

Samsung has announced an update to its Bixby personal assistant software which was launched last year.

21 Oct 2017

Jet Airways

Samsung phone catches fire aboard Delhi-Indore flight

It was a close shave for about 120 people onboard a Delhi-Indore Jet Airways flight yesterday, when a mobile phone of a passenger caught fire.

13 Oct 2017

South Korea

Samsung Electronics CEO Kwon Oh-hyun quits company

In the latest blow to Samsung, Electronics CEO Kwon Oh-hyun has resigned from the company citing "unprecedented crisis".

12 Oct 2017


Foldable iPhone with LG display could be launched in 2020!

Foldable smartphones have been speculated as the next big thing for some years now.

07 Oct 2017


Apple looking into battery problems in the new iPhone 8

There have been a few reports from at least five countries that the battery of the new iPhone is getting swollen and phones are being split open.

02 Oct 2017


Facebook is trying out facial recognition on its platform

It appears that the new craze, among technology giants, is facial recognition. Samsung's technology was already there. It was joined by the much-hyped Apple's Face ID, which came along with iPhone X.

25 Sep 2017


Samsung's foldable smartphone is finally ready

Surprises are rare in smartphones these days.

23 Sep 2017


Bixby, Samsung's new virtual assistant, is now in India!

Much to the excitement of fans, Bixby, Samsung's answer to Apple's Siri, was launched in India yesterday. What's more, it has been customized for Indian accents!

13 Sep 2017


Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPhone X: Make a choice

You knew this was coming.

12 Sep 2017


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launched in India at Rs. 67,900

The much-awaited launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is here. This and Apple's latest iPhone X have been the hottest new phones of 2017 yet.