Stone Cold: News

26 Sep 2019


WWE: Superstars who could participate in Stone Cold's final match

WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin is no longer an active in-ring performer.

22 Sep 2019


WWE: Instances when superstars got hit with their own finishers

WWE produces the best form of pro-wrestling, while it is the superstars who do all the hard work, courtesy their in-ring wrestling skills.

17 Sep 2019


WWE: Ranking the upset wins which worked for superstars

WWE has a number of superstars who are acrobatic, as they give their all to perform the best form of pro-wrestling in the ring.

13 Sep 2019


WWE: Instances when fans invaded the action live on air

WWE produces the best form of pro-wrestling through its in-ring action. It draws millions of fans into the arena, as they enjoy watching their favorite superstars.

11 Sep 2019

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WWE: Ranking the best stunners by Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated WWE superstars and legends of all-time.

09 Sep 2019


WWE: These superstars were beaten by Vince McMahon

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is the ultimate king of pro-wrestling, courtesy of WWE's tremendous success, across the globe.

25 Aug 2019


WWE: A look at the historic decisions by Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon is considered a great entrepreneur. He is the brain behind the biggest pro-wrestling promotion, WWE.

12 Aug 2019


WWE: Ranking the top matches of The Undertaker at SummerSlam

The Undertaker is undoubtedly one of the legends of WWE.

07 Aug 2019


WWE: Ranking the famous superstar chants used even to date

WWE is the global leader in pro-wrestling, and it is their superstars who make the company scale new heights with their in-ring as well as microphonic performances.

WWE: Five men who attacked women superstars

WWE is the best form of pro-wrestling, involving both male and female wrestlers.

29 Jul 2019


WWE: Botched moves shortened careers of these superstars

WWE is one of the best forms of sports entertainment.

04 Jul 2019


WWE: Ranking the most weird catch-phrases of all time

WWE has, over the years, scripted history in the field of sports entertainment.

30 Jun 2019


WWE: Analyzing and ranking some of the biggest mysteries

WWE has, over the years, cemented its legacy as the greatest pro-wrestling organization in the world.

22 Jun 2019


Five moves which have been banned by WWE

WWE is probably the most famous form of sports entertainment.

16 Jun 2019


Legends who have never wrestled Undertaker at WrestleMania

The Undertaker has made a name for himself, especially at WrestleMania for a historic winning streak of 24-2.

11 Jun 2019


WWE: Ranking the best signature moves of superstars

WWE is known for showcasing the best professional wrestling by its world-class athletic superstars.

10 May 2019


Five greatest trios in the history of pro-wrestling

We have talked about the best tag-teams and stables in wrestling history, which created an iconic status for themselves and blazed the paths for others to follow.

04 May 2019


Five expensive things owned by WWE and its Chairman Vince

The Chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon is one of the most successful businessmen.

04 Apr 2019


WrestleMania 35: Five possible surprise appearances that could happen

It is less than a week to go for WrestleMania 35 as WWE is all geared up to put up a spectacular show.

27 Mar 2019

New Jersey

The five most important eras in the history of WWE

WWE's history can be divided into different eras and the factor that separates one era from another is the approach to storylines which the company took.

20 Mar 2019


WWE: Five legends who deserve one last match

Over the years, WWE has produced tons of legendary wrestlers.

24 Feb 2019


WWE WrestleMania: Five best storylines of all time

WWE always wants its storylines going up to WrestleMania to be the finest.

22 Feb 2019


Stone Cold Steve Austin: His five greatest matches ever

Stone Cold Steve Austin is probably the one superstar who helped in making WWE a global phenomenon.

21 Feb 2019


Five myths about WrestleMania which many believe to be true

WrestleMania is known as the Showcase of the Immortals and it is here that icons are created, and history is scripted which lasts across generations.

20 Feb 2019


Five greatest WWE matches of The Rock

The Rock is probably the most popular star to emerge from pro-wrestling.

17 Feb 2019


Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Rattlesnake's five biggest controversies

No other wrestler has single-handedly changed the face of pro-wrestling like Stone Cold has.

05 Feb 2019


Five biggest controversies of Shawn Michaels

He is The Icon, The Showstopper, Mr. WrestleMania, The Main Event himself- the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels.

03 Feb 2019


Five WWE superstars who refused to lose a match

We know WWE matches are scripted and worked up in such a way that they make an emotional connection with the audiences.

02 Feb 2019


Five things WCW always managed to do better than WWE

Now that WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion, it doesn't have to face competition at the same level as it did in the 90s.

23 Jan 2019


WWE Royal Rumble: All important records you need to know

Royal Rumble is the event which sets the mood for WrestleMania. It is one of the most important pay-per-view events on WWE's annual calendar.

19 Jan 2019

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Do you know these interesting facts about John Cena?

John Cena is the most popular WWE superstar since Stone Cold, but what we get to see of him in the ring is only the character of John Cena that he portrays.

08 Jan 2019


Five things WWE should change immediately

1990s and early 2000s were the glory days of wrestling.

06 Jan 2019


Five WWE mysteries which will always remain unanswered

While most of the WWE storylines are given closure, others have always remained hidden in the shroud of mysteries, and fans have never been given the answers they had so dearly craved while following these stories intently.

26 Dec 2018


#ThatWas2018: Five milestone moments from WWE's 2018 calendar

With the year coming to an end, it seems only pertinent that we look back upon it and dwell on certain moments WWE provided us in 2018, which will stay with the fans for long.

24 Dec 2018


Do you know these interesting WWE backstage facts?

As a child who believed in kayfabe, I wondered how WWE superstars can get along backstage, if there were such intense feuds going on between them.

22 Dec 2018


Here are 5 Indians who were a part of WWE

While most Indian WWE fans grew up watching WWE icons like Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, and Stone Cold rock the WWE stage, and imagined themselves headlining WrestleMania, some have really gone ahead and fulfilled their dreams.

25 Nov 2018


Five most decorated WWE champions of all time

Pro-wrestling has seen some icons who transcended all territories and promotions and became legends of not only the business but in all of pop culture.

23 Nov 2018


Five times WWE shocked us with home invasions

Most of the action in the WWE usually takes place within the arena, the rig, and sometimes in the locker room.

20 Nov 2018


Five epic Survivor Series moments in the history of WWE

Survivor Series is one of the most anticipated events in the WWE's annual calendar.

18 Nov 2018


Five WWE champions whom fans have always hated

It is not always that a babyface becomes the WWE champion since that would become really boring for the fans.