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28 Jan 2020


Nicki Minaj's brother sentenced to 25-yrs to life for rape

Popular American rapper Nicki Minaj's brother Jelani Maraj was on Monday sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl, at his home in Long Island (New York).

25 Jan 2020


Five of the best reality shows on Netflix right now

If you are feeling a bit exhausted from all the sci-fi or drama fiction you have been watching lately and want to indulge in some easy watching that doesn't require a lot of thinking, then it's time for you to try reality TV.

21 Nov 2019

Queen Elizabeth II

Prince Andrew steps back from royal duties after Epstein row

The Duke of York, Prince Andrew (59), will be withdrawing himself from royal duties "for the foreseeable future" over his controversial relationship with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

12 Nov 2019


Five best places for Christmas and Boxing day shopping

It's never too early to plan your Christmas outing.

16 Oct 2019


Love sports? Here are five cities you must visit once

Sports is way more than how people often see it from the outside - it is, in fact, a way of life.

15 Oct 2019


Google Pixel 4 event: Date, time, streaming, and expected products

In hours from now, Google will formally launch a clutch of new hardware products including the Pixel 4-series smartphones, a Pixelbook Go laptop, a Google Nest Mini smart speaker, and possibly a Pixel smartwatch.

15 Oct 2019


Did Bill Gates lie about relationship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein?

A recent report has revealed that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates had met late US financier Jeffrey Epstein "many times" despite having knowledge of his sexual crimes against children.

12 Oct 2019


Pixel 4's launch on October 15: What all to expect

Google is all set to unveil a host of new hardware including the latest Pixel 4 smartphones, a new Pixelbook Go, and possibly a new Pixel smartwatch at the upcoming Made by Google event.

11 Oct 2019


Mumbai is world's 12th richest city, is worth $960 billion

India's financial capital, Mumbai, has been named among the top 20 wealthiest cities in the world, says a report.

05 Oct 2019


Planning your Christmas holidays? These are top five destinations

It's never too early to plan your vacation.

01 Oct 2019

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber married Hailey Baldwin again; pissed off hotel guests

Singer Justin Bieber and model Hailey Baldwin have gotten married, again! The couple had first tied the knot last year in a New York City courthouse and have since been looking forward to a religious ceremony with their friends and family in attendance.

25 Sep 2019

Narendra Modi

Global Business Forum: Modi invites businesses to invest in India

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered keynote address at Bloomberg Global Business Forum in New York.

19 Sep 2019


Which films can be expected from the rest of 2019?

The two most-awaited movies of 2019, Ad Astra (Brad Pitt in lead) and Rambo: Last Blood (featuring our very own Sylvester Stallone), hits theaters this Friday.

16 Sep 2019


Love art? Here are five best destinations you should visit

Art is the essence of a city, its people, history, and culture.

11 Sep 2019


Top ten shows to watch in your 20s

In your 20s, you're about to reach maturity, leaving your childhood and teenage years behind.

09 Sep 2019


Now, relive the 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S' iconic set: Here's how

F.R.I.E.N.D.S completes 25 years this month (feeling old yet?).

04 Sep 2019


7 shows to watch if you're a 'Grey's Anatomy' fan

That Grey's Anatomy is returning with its 16th season this month proves that this is one medical drama we cannot get enough of.

22 Aug 2019


Five unknown and interesting facts about New York City

Needless to say, the New York City is one of the world's favorite tourist spots.

14 Aug 2019


You should visit these five hidden gems of Paris

The romantic capital city of France or the 'City of Light' as they call it, Paris is a dream destination for every travel soul out there.

12 Aug 2019


Top five most luxurious dog resorts around the world

Your dog deserves the best.

11 Aug 2019

Donald Trump

Jeffrey Epstein, accused in sex-trafficking case, dead in apparent suicide

Disgraced US financier Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his prison cell in an apparent suicide on Saturday.

08 Aug 2019


Seven eminent Hollywood actors who are also highly educated

The entertainment industry demands you to start young, so that you become a star by the time you reach your late 20s.

01 Aug 2019


Top five zoos in the world

If a humble foreign trip with family is what you are planning, zoos should definitely be a part of the itinerary.

30 Jul 2019


Five best museums around the world

Featuring artifacts of great scientific, historic and cultural significance, museums are a great way to get to know a country, its people, culture and more.

30 Jul 2019


Eight of the most-awaited Hollywood thrillers releasing this year

Thriller is a genre that excites all, since it keeps one on the edge of their seats, as the plot builds up.

24 Jul 2019


Five hidden gems of New York City you must explore

Needless to say, the New York City is one of the world's favorite tourist spots.

08 Jun 2019


Here's a look inside Jeff Bezos's new $80mn NYC penthouse

Ever since he divorced his wife of 25 years, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has been house-hunting. And after months, his search has finally come to an end.

07 Jun 2019


Soon, Uber will offer quick helicopter rides: Details here

Back in 2015, ride-hailing giant Ola played a witty April Fools' Day prank by announcing OLA Air - helicopter rides for metro cities.

06 Jun 2019


Here's a look inside Jay-Z's billion dollar fortune

Jay-Z has proven that, honestly, nobody can knock his hustle. The 49-year-old recently became a billionaire, the world's first hip-hop artist to get to there.

04 Jun 2019


Stonewall Forever: How Google is preventing erasure of LGBTQ+ history

If you've been wondering why everything is rainbows and glitter suddenly, it's Pride Month, and a special one. It's the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, which catalyzed the queer rights movement globally.

31 May 2019

Space News

This NYC apartment comes with luxury cars, space trip

Would you ever want to buy a luxury apartment worth $85 million (roughly Rs. 600 crore)? How about if the deal included a Lamborghini, two Rolls Royces, and a space trip for two , all free of charge?

21 May 2019

Road Rage

In New York, walking while texting could soon be illegal

We've all grown so accustomed to checking our phones every two seconds: be it in an office meeting, on the toilet, or on the road. But New York is hoping to make a change.

09 May 2019

Space News

Scientists created fake asteroid. It destroyed New York City

Scientists at NASA are currently racking their brains to solve an asteroid impact problem.

16 Apr 2019


Notre-Dame fire: Design of 850-year-old cathedral made firefighters' job difficult

On Monday, Parisians watched one of their city's iconic cathedral go up in flames and the rest of the world mourned the loss of history too.

17 Mar 2019


Five biggest controversies of WWE superstar Randy Orton

Randy Orton has been an impressive performer inside the WWE ring. He has also achieved numerous accolades throughout his career.

05 Mar 2019

New Jersey

Boy, who got vaccinated against parents' wishes, to address Senate

Ethan Lindenberger from the US turned a rebel when he questioned his parents' anti-vaccine acts, and then got himself vaccinated, grabbing eyeballs from the national media.

13 Feb 2019


'Kaala', 'Masaan' shortlisted for first Dalit Film Festival in US

Art seeks to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable, giving voices to those who are silenced by societal structures of oppression.

26 Jan 2019

Rishi Kapoor

Amid cancer rumors, Rishi Kapoor shares health update from NY

It's been several months that Rishi Kapoor has been in New York for medical treatment.