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28 Jun 2017

Google News

Google News has been revamped, its more user-friendly now

Google is shaking things up a bit. Google News, which is the go-to place for many news junkies who want to keep an eye on what's going on in the world, just got a major design overhaul.

28 Jun 2017


App economy will be worth $6.3 trillion by 2021: Study

People now access the Internet, make more digital transactions using their smartphones as against laptops and in order to do that, they need dedicated apps.

Google will pay the $2.7b fine without defending itself

What started as a defensive stance suddenly took a turn towards acceptance. Google was levied a massive $2.7 billion fine by the European Union for breaking their antitrust law.

27 Jun 2017


Google fined €2.4 billion by EU, for manipulating search results

The European Union after seven-year investigation into Google's shopping comparison service concluded that the US search giant has "abused its dominant position by systematically favoring" of its own services.

26 Jun 2017


Telangana's realty scam worth Rs. 15,000crore; Google, Microsoft also affected

Global and domestic companies in Hyderabad are now in panic mode regarding the valuation of their real estate holdings, as Telangana government commences legal proceedings to cross-examine private and government-auctioned land ownership legitimacy.

25 Jun 2017


Are Google Maps really authentic?

Google Maps make navigation faster and easier, becoming a part of our daily activities.

24 Jun 2017

Google Maps

Google Maps enables feature to find art work

Art aficionados can now explore the newest feature that Google Search and Maps offer.

23 Jun 2017


Google Glass is alive and well, much to our surprise

Last time when we heard about Google Glass it was sitting comfortably on a display in the Museum of Failures, that marvelous place where all products that have failed get displayed.

21 Jun 2017


Google has launched AI-powered jobs search engine

Google just launched its AI-powered jobs search engine for desktops and mobiles, making searching for jobs extremely simple.

New York Times to allow comments, moderated via Google-backed AI

The Internet, in some cases, is more of incessant babbling than coherent speeches; which is why several news outlets deny "comments" on articles, fearing it would become a place that has more trolls than a proper debate.

14 Jun 2017


Chat fictions are here to save the bibliophile in you

If you are someone who loves to read but cannot possibly carry a book around all the time, it's time you try the chat fiction apps.

14 Jun 2017

Google Maps

Google's Local Guides program gets an upgrade

Google Maps' popular Local Guides program has been updated to introduce a new point system and greater rewards for user contributions.

14 Jun 2017

Dark Web

German police arrest Dark Web market admin in rare break

On 8th June, the German police arrested the alleged administrator of a Dark Web marketplace from where a gun was purchased and used for the July 2016 shootings in Munich.

12 Jun 2017


Google Daydream View VR headset launched in India

Google has finally launched its Virtual Reality headset (Daydream View) in India, for Rs. 6,499.

12 Jun 2017


Museum of Failure features Apple's Newton, Google Glass

The latest additions, to Sweden's prestigious (or not so prestigious, it's a confusing affair) Museum of Failure, are Google Glass and Apple Newton.

09 Jun 2017


How can you protect your own data from Google

For every free bit of software that you download or service you use, chances are the makers are taking something (usually personal data) or the other to provide you this service.

04 Jun 2017


All the tech-y things you might have missed this week

This week in technology was spent mostly on malware; we started off with "Judy" infecting 3.65 crore users in Google Play Store and ended with the news of Fireball turning 2.5 crore Indian computers into zombies.

03 Jun 2017


Google ups rewards of its bug bounty program to $200,000

In 2015, Google launched a bug bounty program, promising prizes of upto $38,000 for exposing bugs in Android. It was then limited to the Nexus 6 phone and Nexus 9 tablet, the only devices which run Google's stock-version Android.

02 Jun 2017

Donald Trump

Silicon Valley unites against Trump's decision to abandon Paris agreement

President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the US from the Paris climate change agreement has been condemned by world and business leaders alike.

Google Doodle celebrates ICC Champions Trophy

With the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy commencing today, Google Doodle has taken the opportunity to celebrate the tournament by creating a special game for all the cricket lovers.

31 May 2017


India's education-tech space to be Rs. 12,669cr industry by 2021

Education in India is a subject of stark contrasts.

31 May 2017


Rubin's 'Essential' is essentially what we nerds were waiting for

Android is immensely popular, reportedly it powers 2 billion devices worldwide, therefore, there shouldn't be any doubt that when the mastermind behind Android itself comes out with a smartphone it'll be nothing less than "Essential."

29 May 2017


'Judy' Malware infects more than 36.5 million Android users

A new malware called "Judy" has made its way to the Google Play Store and has infected between 8.5-36.5 million users, says research firm Checkpoint.

29 May 2017


This week in technology, a wrap-up!

Here is a wrap-up of the week gone by, in technology space!

29 May 2017


Google's AlphaGo, the AI which beat humans at Go, retires

After decimating the top players in the world's most complicated and demanding strategy game, Go, Google's AlphaGo, the AI designed to compete in Go, is retiring from competitive matches.

27 May 2017


Travellers look towards foreign destinations despite high fare, visa delays

Airfares have gone up this summer, and how. Compared to last year, spot fares to London have jumped by 30%.

26 May 2017


Google's AlphaGo AI engine defeats Go champ again, wins 2-0

AlphaGo, Google's AI for playing Go, has defeated world Go champion Ke Jie yet again, winning their 3 match series 2-0.

Now, Google "big brother" is even watching your offline transactions

While using Google products like Gmail, its search engine, Maps and YouTube has become our daily habits, the online giant in return has been siphoning off our personal data to mint money.

19 May 2017


Cyber-terrorism, the birth of a modern day warfare

The modern world is caught between two extreme ends of terrorism.

19 May 2017


Where do Indians want to work?

India's working class is going a little bit out of the trodden path and opting for companies that didn't even exist ten years ago.

19 May 2017

Indian Startups

Ola partners with Google, launches extremely lightweight app

At the Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco, Ola announced a partnership with Google to launch what is called a Progressive Web App (PWA), or a lightweight website version of their app.

18 May 2017


Google's I/O event: From Mobile-first to AI-first

The Google I/O event, which was live-streamed in more than 80 countries and had an on-site audience of around 7000, witnessed major developments in Android and AI.

17 May 2017


Google's Internet Sathi - Internet literacy comes to rural Assam

In India, where women's illiteracy rate is surprisingly low, Google partnered with Tata Trusts to create "Internet Sathi," a noble initiative to increase digital literacy in India last year.

12 May 2017


Facebook faces flak for content critical of Thailand monarchy

In Thailand, there is no room for dissent under the lese-majeste law.

09 May 2017


Google's Android Nougat beta gives way to Android O beta

The days of Android Nougat beta has ended and it's now time to welcome the new kid on the block i.e., Android O beta.

09 May 2017


Google and Facebook are leading the online advertisement revolution

The world is on the Internet and, therefore, the advertisements are following suit.

04 May 2017

Google Docs

How to protect your Google account from phishing?

Google users are once again under attack by spammers who are using a novel phishing technique (which appears as a Google Docs hyperlink sent via email) to gain access to users' accounts.

03 May 2017


Microsoft's new Laptop and OS will compete with Apple, Chromebooks

Microsoft with its Surface Laptop, which comes with a new OS Windows 10 S, aims to take over the education market that is currently dominated by Google Chromebooks and Apple MacBook Pro.

02 May 2017


Google's Larry Page backed Kitty Hawk shares flying car video

Google's Larry Page backed flying car firm, Kitty Hawk has released a video of its working prototype of a flying car.

01 May 2017


Google's "Solve for India" initiative to help entrepreneurs

Google has now launched the "Solve for India" initiative with the aim to support budding developers and entrepreneurs in the country.