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06 Aug 2022

Taiwan's top defense official found dead amid growing China-Taiwan tensions

The deputy head of the Taiwan Defense Ministry's research and development unit, Ou Yang Li-hsing, was found dead on Saturday morning in a hotel room, Central News Agency reported.

05 Aug 2022

#NewsBytesExplainer: How Yale scientists revived pig organs after death

Scientists have rebooted the vital organs of deceased pigs in an experiment that bioethicists say may push a revaluation of how the body dies and further blur the line between life and death.

05 Aug 2022

United Kingdom
UK: Rishi Sunak surprises with debate win over rival Truss

Rishi Sunak on Thursday looked to pull off a surprise victory in front of a studio audience in a crucial debate with front-runner Liz Truss in the campaign to become the next prime minister of Britain.

05 Aug 2022

Will sanction Pelosi over Taiwan visit: China's warning to US

China will be sanctioning United States (US) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her visit to Taiwan this week, the Foreign Ministry announced on Friday.

05 Aug 2022

Florida-based employee fired for being late; colleagues protest

Punctuality is definitely something employers expect from their employees. However, being late once in a while shouldn't lead to a mercurial situation.

05 Aug 2022

13 killed, 40 injured in massive Thailand nightclub blaze

At least 13 people were killed in a major fire that broke out at a nightclub in Thailand early on Friday.

05 Aug 2022

Florida couple arrested for having sex with dog, filming it

Police officials in Florida arrested a couple this week for allegedly engaging in sexual acts with their dog and recording it on video.

05 Aug 2022

Monkeypox outbreak: US declares public health emergency amid rising cases

The United States (US) authorities announced on Thursday that monkeypox has been designated a public health emergency in the country.

China: President Xi faces growing dissent over enforced COVID-19 lockdowns

Despite the Communist Party of China's iron-clad authoritarian leadership, led by President Xi Jinping, fissures between Beijing and the public are considered to be widening.

05 Aug 2022

China using my Taiwan visit as excuse for drills: Pelosi

Speaking in Japan during the last leg of her Asia tour, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that China is using her visit to Taiwan as an "excuse" to conduct military drills near the island.

04 Aug 2022

Pakistan or Taliban: Who aided US in killing Ayman al-Zawahiri?

A key figure behind the 9/11 attacks, al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed by a special R9X Hellfire missile in Kabul on Sunday, the US announced.

03 Aug 2022

US Speaker Nancy Pelosi visit: China imposes sanctions on Taiwan

China imposed severe sanctions on the import of fruits and seafood from Taiwan and halted sand supplies to the island on Wednesday following a visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

03 Aug 2022

US Speaker Nancy Pelosi addresses Taiwan Parliament; China enraged

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi addressed Taiwan's parliament on Wednesday, and met with its President Tsai Ing-wen and human rights activists.

02 Aug 2022

What is Hellfire R9X, a warhead-less missile that killed al-Zawahiri?

Terror outfit al-Qaeda's chief Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed in a drone strike on Sunday, US President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday.

02 Aug 2022

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reaches Taiwan amid China's warnings

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly landed in Taiwan late on Tuesday evening as part of her Asia tour, amid repeated "warnings" against her visit from China.

02 Aug 2022

Who was al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda chief killed in US drone strike?

The United States has killed al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri in a drone strike—carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency—in Kabul on Sunday.

02 Aug 2022

al Qaeda
US kills al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri in drone strike

Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri—one of the most wanted terrorists in the world and the architect of the US September 11, 2001, terror attacks—has been killed in an American drone strike in Kabul, Afghanistan.

01 Aug 2022

McDonald's breakfast costs Aussie traveler $2,664: Here's why

Australia has the reputation of imposing hefty fines to maintain strict laws.

01 Aug 2022

Sri Lanka
More important to rebuild Lanka than my own house: Wickremesinghe

Sri lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe, in reference to the protesters' threats, said that there was no point in asking that he "should go home" because he has nowhere to go.

31 Jul 2022

Chinese rocket debris bedazzles sky before falling into Indian Ocean

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it Superman? No, it's a Chinese rocket lighting up the night sky!

31 Jul 2022

Meet the women DJs making Saudis groove to their beats

Women DJs, a once unthinkable phenomenon in Saudi Arabia, are taking the country by storm.

31 Jul 2022

Narendra Modi
PM Modi, Sheikh Hasina to jointly inaugurate Maitree Power Project

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will come to India on a three-day visit in the first week of September.

31 Jul 2022

6.0 magnitude earthquake rocks Nepal, no damage, deaths reported

Nepal was rocked early on Sunday by an earthquake measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale.

31 Jul 2022

Biden tests positive for COVID-19; rare case of 'rebound positivity'

US President Joe Biden tested positive for COVID-19 again on Saturday morning after a series of negative test results throughout the week.

30 Jul 2022

US: 16 killed as torrential rains flood eastern Kentucky

The number of deaths in the United States' (US) eastern Kentucky state increased to at least 16 as "epic" torrential rains ripped down homes, wiped out highways, and drove rivers over their banks, state officials said, warning that more deaths were likely.

Monkeypox scare: WHO advises bisexual men to limit sexual partners

Amid a global surge of monkeypox, the World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday recommended bisexual men, who are most affected by the virus, to restrict their sexual partners.

27 Jul 2022

Angola: Rare pink diamond discovered; largest in 300 years

An exceptional pure pink diamond, considered to be the largest discovered in 300 years, has been found in Angola, a Central African country.

27 Jul 2022

Residents in this US city use airplanes to commute!

Cars and garages on the streets are a common sight in cities but can you imagine the streets filled with hangars and airplanes? Sounds interesting, right?

27 Jul 2022

Philippines: 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocks Luzon island for 30 seconds

A violent 7.1-magnitude earthquake slammed the Philippine islands of Luzon on Wednesday, devastating a hospital and residences in a northern region and sending significant vibrations through the capital, Manila, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).

27 Jul 2022

Congo: 2 Indian peacekeepers from BSF killed in anti-UN protest

According to a spokesperson for the Border Security Force (BSF), two BSF personnel who were serving with the United Nations peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) died on Tuesday during violent protests in the country.

26 Jul 2022

China: Man catches 2-year-old falling from fifth floor window

A dramatic video from Tongxiang, in China's Zhejiang province, went viral recently in which a man was seen catching a two-year-old girl who fell from the fifth floor of a tall building.

26 Jul 2022

Boris Johnson 'doesn't want to resign,' says former colleague: Report

Boris Johnson told former Conservative Party treasurer Peter Cruddas that he "does not want to resign" as the United Kingdom's prime minister and hoped he could "wipe away" his departure, reported The Telegraph.

25 Jul 2022

Woman lay dead, undiscovered, in flat for over 2 years

Recently, a bizarre incident came to light in the United Kingdom where a housing group continued taking rent from a tenant, who died in her flat and lay undetected for two and a half years!

24 Jul 2022

Chinese man executed for burning 'Tibetan' ex-wife during her livestream

A man was executed in China after a judge found him guilty of burning his ex-wife while she was live-streaming on the Internet.

24 Jul 2022

Russia: Chess robot goes rogue, breaks 7-year-old child's finger mid-play

An "android's gambit" by a chess-playing robot in Russia broke the finger of a player.

WHO declares monkeypox outbreak 'global public health emergency': Details here

Sounding the highest level of alarm that it can on the monkeypox outbreak, the World Health Organization (WHO) on Saturday declared it a global public health emergency.

Children at risk of developing long COVID-19: Study

There is a link between children who contracted COVID-19 and subsequently showed signs of long COVID, a recent study found.

23 Jul 2022

Global Warming
Polar bears forced to eat garbage amid rising Arctic temperatures

New research has warned that polar bears in the Arctic are consuming more garbage amid a rise in temperatures.

23 Jul 2022

UK announces largest drone superhighway: How's India boosting similar technology?

The United Kingdom, in the next two years, is expected to have the world's largest autonomous drone superhighway.

22 Jul 2022

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka crisis: Military uses force against protesters, dismantles tents

Hundreds of Sri Lankan army personnel and police stormed the major anti-government demonstration camp in the capital city, Colombo, on Friday.