Waymo: News

02 Mar 2022

General Motors

Waymo and Cruise can now operate autonomous vehicle services

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has given a nod to Alphabet's Waymo and General Motors' Cruise to begin autonomous vehicle services for passengers in certain parts of San Francisco and San Mateo.

23 Jan 2021

Elon Musk

Waymo CEO dismisses Tesla's Autopilot; doesn't consider it competition

Tesla is widely considered the leader in self-driving car technology, but rival Waymo's CEO John Krafcik begs to differ. In an interview with the Manager magazine, the head of Google's autonomous vehicle endeavor rubbished the idea of Tesla being a competitor.

21 Jan 2021


Microsoft partners with GM, invests $2bn in self-driving start-up Cruise

Microsoft has jumped headlong into the driverless car space by investing $2 billion in Cruise. Microsoft's stake in General Motors' autonomous vehicle subsidiary takes its total valuation to an impressive $30 billion.

10 Oct 2020

San Francisco

Alphabet's Waymo just launched self-driving robo-taxis: Details here

Waymo, the Alphabet-owned unit working on self-driving cars, has launched fully driverless robo-taxis in the Phoenix city of the United States.

07 Aug 2020


How Silicon Valley's star engineer earned himself 18-months prison time?

Anthony Levandowski was once Silicon Valley's most sought-after engineer, all thanks to his enviable resume. This week, he fell from grace and was handed over eighteen months of prison time by a court in the United States for stealing trade secrets from Google.

05 Aug 2020


NewsBytes Briefing: Apple refreshes iMac, ex-Google exec gets prison term

In the updates since last night, Apple unveiled a refreshed 27-inch iMac.

30 Jul 2020


Former Waymo engineer may get 27 months' prison time

Anthony Levandowski, the engineer who co-founded Google's self-driving car program - now known as Waymo, could get 27 months of prison time.

26 Jun 2020


Amazon's next big ambition? A fleet of AI-controlled self-driving cars

After Alphabet's Waymo, Tesla, and Uber, online shopping giant Amazon is stepping into the field of autonomous vehicles.

05 Jun 2020

Mukesh Ambani

Ambani's Jio Platforms scores another investment: $1.2 billion from Mubadala

In another multi-billion-dollar deal, Jio Platforms, the company holding the telecom and digital businesses of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), has agreed to raise Rs. 9,093.6 crore from Mubadala, an Abu Dhabi-based sovereign investor.

29 Aug 2019


Engineer, who created church to worship AI, stole AI-related secrets

Just recently, an AI engineer by the name Anthony Levandowski started a church worshipping AI - The Way of The Future.

25 Mar 2018


Self-driving cars are not perfect, but they are the future

A 49-year-old woman was killed in Tempe, Arizona, on Sunday after being hit by a self-driving Uber.

28 Feb 2018


Sundar Pichai has a lot of power over Google: Report

Google's parent company Alphabet has detailed how it makes decisions regarding its dozen different businesses, with India-born Sundar Pichai wielding a lot of power over the search giant.

10 Feb 2018


Waymo, Uber mutually settle trade secret lawsuit mid-trial

The trade secret lawsuit between ride-hailing company Uber and Google's self-driving car spin-off Waymo has reached a settlement.

07 Feb 2018


Waymo-Uber case: Travis Kalanick doesn't deny "wooing" ex-Waymo engineer

Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has testified on the second day in the trial of the high-profile intellectual property lawsuit between Alphabet's Waymo and Uber over the theft of the former's self-driving car technology.

30 Dec 2017


What is Google planning for 2018? Here are top predictions!

The year 2017 has been pretty lukewarm for Google. It launched several new products/services this year, including Pixel 2 smartphones, Pixelbook, smart speakers, etc. But, most of them lacked innovation.

17 Dec 2017


Uber stole rivals' secrets and used undercover agents, says letter

It seems that Uber's legal battle with Alphabet-owned self-driving company Waymo has reached a critical point.

08 Nov 2017


Fully autonomous cars are here! Alphabet-Waymo cars have no safety-driver

While autonomous car companies are testing self-driving cars with a safety-driver behind the wheel to take control in case of problems, Alphabet's Waymo is set to launch robotaxis that are actually driverless: zero human interference!

01 Sep 2017


Samsung permitted to test self-driving cars in California

Reportedly, Samsung has been given permission, by the Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program from the California Department of Motor Vehicle, to conduct self-driving car tests on the state's public roads.

08 Aug 2017


Uber, to clear its name, shares ex-CEO Travis Kalanick's deposition

Uber, in order to clear its own name from the Uber versus Waymo self-driving car technology case, has now unsealed its former CEO Travis Kalanick's deposition for scrutiny.

01 Jun 2017


Uber posts $708m loss in first quarter, finance chief quits

Uber's continued saga of misfortunes turns one more page as the firm's head of finance, Gautam Gupta, leaves Uber to join an unnamed start-up.

31 May 2017


Uber fires engineer accused of stealing from Google

Uber has fired its engineer Anthony Levandowski, previously involved with its self-driving car project, who was earlier employed with Google and had allegedly stolen trade secrets from it.

04 May 2017


Waymo-Uber spat: Waymo alleges Uber paid Levandowski $250 million

In a recent development, Waymo alleged in court that Uber had transferred 5 million shares to Anthony Levandowski worth over $250 million, on the day he abruptly resigned from Waymo.

06 Apr 2017


Uber admits employee possesses Waymo documents

In the first acknowledgment of its staff possessing Waymo documents, Uber admitted it had found one file that Waymo alleges was stolen by a former employee.

24 Feb 2017

San Francisco

Google's self-driving unit sues Uber

Waymo, Google's self-driving car project, has sued Otto, its counterpart at Uber, and its co-founder Anthony Levandowski, for "downloading 14,000 highly confidential and proprietary design files" during his previous stint at Google.

14 Dec 2016

San Francisco

Google sets up self-driving car unit as separate company

At a press conference in San Francisco today, Google announced that it was setting up its self-driving car unit as a separate company.