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21 May 2024


Indie gems: Watch these movies with time-travel twists 

Time-travel in cinema often presents narratives that twist our understanding of time and reality.

22 Oct 2023


#NewsBytesRecommends: 'Once Upon a Star'—gorgeous moment frozen in time

The Thai film Once Upon a Star (2023), directed by Nonzee Nimibutr, is streaming on Netflix.

14 Nov 2022


How to make your kids feel special on Children's Day

Spending time with your children is not only good for their development and well-being but also a cherishable phase in your life.

01 Jul 2022


OTT release: Adivi Sesh's 'Major' arriving on Netflix this Sunday

After its theatrical release on June 3, Adivi Sesh's multilingual war drama, Major will arrive on Netflix on Sunday (July 3).

21 May 2022

Olivia Colman

5 films that deal with postpartum depression

Motherhood is deemed a blissful chapter in women's lives. From seeing your baby's first smile to celebrating their first step, the journey is laced with exultation.

17 May 2022


5 underrated romantic comedies to watch on Netflix

Who doesn't like a feel-good, soul-stirring romcom?

31 Mar 2022


'Choose or Die' trailer shows how 'reality is cursed'

Trailer for Netflix's upcoming film Choose or Die is here!

27 Jan 2022


5 classic horror flicks that will make you scream

Do you love getting scared? If yes, then you are probably a fan of horror films.

25 Jan 2022


Valentine's Day line-up: 5 romantic classics to watch

Are you planning a date night or a party with friends on Valentine's Day?

24 Dec 2021


5 Christmas movies to binge-watch this season

Has the idea of partying late into the night started stressing you? Well, us as well.

07 Oct 2021


Kajol, Revathy collaborating for real-life inspired film, 'The Last Hurrah'

Kajol, who was last seen in the trilingual Netflix film Tribhanga, has signed a new film, The Last Hurrah.

05 Jul 2021

Movie Review

'The 8th Night' review: Not your usual creepy horror story

Karma, eternity, fate are what most humans believe in. Some call them superstition, while some say philosophy.

29 Jun 2021


'Murder By The Coast': When media trial, homophobia impacted judgment

The latest Netflix documentary Murder by the Coast is built around the murder investigation of 19-year-old Rocio Wanninkhof.

15 May 2021


International Day of Families: Celebrate by enjoying these family movies

We have the closest bond with our families, as we grow up together. At times, we also find families in friends, lovers, and strangers.

03 May 2021


'The Disciple' review: A moving tale about music and self-discovery

Chaitanya Tamhane's Marathi film The Disciple, is a perfect watch for an easy weekend, if there was one.

24 May 2019


SRK, Netflix working on a political thriller, their third collaboration

The king of romance, Shah Rukh Khan, is working on a new Netflix thriller based on Indian politics.

23 May 2019


'Black Mirror', 'The Dark Knight' and more: Netflix's June content

June 2019 comes with a promise of some interesting content on Netflix.

03 May 2019


'Crazy Rich Asians' director, Netflix to retell Thai cave rescue

Netflix is working on a project on last year's dramatic rescue of 12 Thai boys and their soccer coach who were trapped inside a cave in Tham Luang, Thailand.

30 Mar 2019

Street Food

Know the best movies, series releasing on Netflix in April

One can always trust Netflix to keep things exciting. Its schedule for April has already been released and it seems quite interesting.