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26 Jan 2019

Mads Mikkelsen

Netflix's 'Polar' review: Either you'll love it or hate it

Polar released on Netflix, yesterday.

25 Jan 2019

Donald Trump

Here's what it might cost Netflix to keep 'The Office'

The Office is a popular US television show. Adapted for American television by Greg Daniels, it is based on the original British show by Ricky Gervais.

23 Jan 2019


Now, share Netflix movies, shows as Instagram Stories: Here's how

Netflix is launching a handy new feature, one that would let you share title arts directly to Instagram Stories.

22 Jan 2019


Here's how to get free Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, SonyLiv

If you like streaming content on Netflix or want free deliveries from Amazon or enjoy live sports on Hotstar, I am guessing you've already exhausted the free trials of these popular services.

21 Jan 2019


'The Punisher' producers speak about Netflix show possibly being canceled

The Punisher returned for a powerful second season on January 18.

20 Jan 2019

Reed Hastings

Guess how much Netflix is spending on content in 2019

Netflix is one of the premiere streaming platforms in the world and they continue drawing public attention by adding new and exciting content regularly.

19 Jan 2019


#ComicBytes: Five poorest superheroes in Marvel Universe

People say crime doesn't pay, however, it turns out that heroism doesn't pay either.

19 Jan 2019


Netflix names a Battle Royale game as its biggest competitor

Netflix is one of the most premiere streaming platforms globally and is compelled to supply new and exciting content constantly to sustain consumers' interest.

19 Jan 2019


Review: 'The Punisher' Season 2 escalates the violence beautifully

The Punisher Season 2 released on Netflix yesterday, January 18, and for fans of the show this means a return to the life of Frank Castle or the Punisher, portrayed excellently by John Bernthal.

19 Jan 2019

Donald Trump

Steve Carell reuniting with 'The Office' creator for Netflix comedy

Steve Carell made a name in the industry for his performance in The Office, the popular comedy series that aired in 2005.

17 Jan 2019


Netflix, Hotstar could soon start censoring content in India

Reportedly, Netflix and local rivals Hotstar are planning to adopt self-regulation guidelines for content streamed on their platforms in India in a bid to prevent potential government censorship.

17 Jan 2019


5 most anticipated Hollywood movies in February

2019 is shaping up to be a great year for movies, and we have already had a strong start to the year with big Hollywood releases like Bumblebee.

16 Jan 2019


#ComicBytes: Five best superhero friendships in Marvel Universe

Marvel has one of the most intricate comic universes filled with heroes, villains, cosmic beings and even Gods.

15 Jan 2019


Do you know how to browse Netflix using secret sub-categories?

Netflix and chill is easier said than done. The world's premiere streaming platform offers so much content that you are spoilt for choice. You often cannot decide what to watch.

13 Jan 2019

Saif Ali Khan

After Salman's 'Race 3' debacle, Saif to lead 'Race 4'?

In 2018, makers of Race franchise disappointed fans with their third installment. Starring Salman Khan, Race 3 was a disaster and was highly criticized by the audience.

12 Jan 2019


Netflix facing lawsuit for 'Choose Your Own Adventure' tag

Netflix might just have revolutionized the audiovisual entertainment industry by introducing the choice based interactive movie titled Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

11 Jan 2019

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan and Martin Scorsese team up for Netflix documentary

Bob Dylan is one of the world's greatest poets and songwriters, known for equal mastery in lyrics that permeate the scorn and sweetness in love, and are sharp social commentaries on injustice.

11 Jan 2019


'The Punisher' Season 2 trailer reveals Frank Castle in action

The Punisher is about to release its second season on Netflix on January 18, 2019.

09 Jan 2019

House of Cards

Love, Death & Robots: David Fincher's upcoming Netflix animated series

Netflix is trying to maintain its position as the premiere streaming platform by adding new and exciting content in the face of increasing competition.

04 Jan 2019


Will Poulter quits social media after negative 'Bandersnatch' reviews

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch released on Netflix recently and through this interactive movie, the streaming giant showed us the future of entertainment industry.

04 Jan 2019


'The Punisher' confirms Season 2 release date through intense trailer

The Punisher is one of Netflix's last remaining Marvel shows and explores the story of commando turned vigilante Frank Castle or the Punisher.

03 Jan 2019

Sandra Bullock

Do not try the #BirdBoxChallenge, Netflix warns

Bird Box is the latest Netflix horror movie starring Sandra Bullock.

03 Jan 2019


'The Punisher' Season 2 release date and teaser revealed

The Punisher is going to return for a second season as promised.

03 Jan 2019

Stranger Things

Netflix's 'Stranger Things' is releasing Season 3 in July

2019 is already begging to look much brighter with our favorite shows returning for new seasons.

02 Jan 2019

Saudi Arabia

Netflix pulls down 'Patriot Act' episode criticizing MbS, draws ire

American streaming giant Netflix has pulled down an episode of Patriot Act, hosted by stand-up comedian Hasan Minhaj, for viewers in Saudi Arabia as it criticized crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS).

30 Dec 2018


'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch', post-modern masterpiece or trippy gimmick?

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch released on December 28, and has marked a different direction for the entertainment industry.

29 Dec 2018

Ted Sarandos

Here's what Netflix executives will earn in 2019. It's huge!

American streaming giant Netflix had quite an eventful year.

Watch out! Fraudsters targeting Netflix users with phishing emails

Despite being one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world, Netflix has been marred by a wave of phishing scams.

28 Dec 2018


Prepare your minds for the trippy 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch' trailer

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch dropped its trailer yesterday, and the film is releasing today, December 28, globally on Netflix.

25 Dec 2018

Kevin Spacey

Charged with felony sexual assault, Kevin Spacey releases bizarre video

Kevin Spacey was dropped from the role of Frank Underwood in Netflix's original show House of Cards after he got embroiled in controversy over sexual harassment charges.

25 Dec 2018


Viewers choose story's end in Netflix movie, 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch'

Netflix's acclaimed show Black Mirror has a Christmas gift for its fans.

24 Dec 2018


5 biggest movies to look forward to in 2019

2019 is arriving and every new year brings with it new promise and more importantly, for cinephiles, new films.

22 Dec 2018

Friends Series

Study shows 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S', 'Grey's Anatomy' most binged shows of 2018

Binging shows has become a habit now, be it with feel-good sitcoms that evoke nostalgia or straight up drama that we all love, or the intense shows that we simply cannot stop.

21 Dec 2018


To take on Amazon Prime, Flipkart may venture into video-content

Soon, you may see video content offerings from Flipkart, one of the leading e-commerce players in the country.

20 Dec 2018


Facebook gave user data access to 150 companies: Details here

Facebook had a rough year in terms of privacy, but even now, the problems for the social network don't seem to end.

20 Dec 2018

Emmy Awards

Amblin Television working on 'Rashomon' television series

Currently, entertainment industry is seeing a shift from films to TV.

17 Dec 2018


If you can't concentrate while binge-watching, Netflix has a solution

Netflix is working on a feature that could take your movie streaming experience to a whole new level or spoil it altogether.

16 Dec 2018

Bharti Airtel

Airtel extends free Amazon Prime offer to new broadband customers

Expanding its Amazon Prime offer to more customers, Bharti Airtel is now offering the free annual membership with Rs. 799 broadband plan as well.

15 Dec 2018


'Narcos: Mexico' season 2: Scoot McNairy and Diego Luna return

Narcos: Mexico, on Netflix, turned back time on the exploration of the cocaine trade, taking viewers to the heart of the Guadalajara cartel in Mexico, exploring the rise of Felix Gallardo (played by Diego Luna) and the start of the drug war with the brutal murder of DEA agent Kiki Camarena.