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05 Jun 2024


Veteran character actor Terrence Beasor (89) dies: Tracing his journey

Terrence Beasor, a seasoned character and voice-over actor, passed away on May 28 in his Santa Monica home, as confirmed by his representative. He was 89.

26 Feb 2024

Captain Marvel

Marvel actor Kenneth Mitchell (49) dies after 6-year ALS battle

Canadian actor Kenneth Mitchell—known for his work in Captain Marvel and Star Trek: Discovery—passed away on Saturday.

13 Aug 2023

Doctor Who

'Doctor Who's 56-year-old half-missing serial to receive animated restoration

A half-missing serial from the Doctor Who saga is being resurrected!

04 Jul 2023

Upcoming Movies

JJ Abrams teases audiences about 'Hot Wheels' film 

JJ Abrams—the filmmaker known for his work on the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises—is gearing up to ignite nostalgia by producing a live-action adaptation of Hot Wheels.

28 Aug 2022


'Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols's ashes to be sent into space

There is no doubt that the late legendary actor Nichelle Nichols belongs to the stars.

01 Jan 2021


Ashes of 'Star Trek's Scotty, James Doohan, resting in space

Imagine what it could be to reach for the stars, literally!

17 Oct 2020

Anthony Rapp

'Star Trek: Discovery' gets Season 4, may run till 2027

Those who have been watching Star Trek at a stretch would be ecstatic, given that CBS All Access is working on its fourth season.

13 Jan 2019

Sheldon Cooper

Five funniest episodes of 'The Big Bang Theory'

In the interest of full disclosure, I am not a The Big Bang Theory fan.

09 Nov 2018

Albert Einstein

Stephen Hawking's wheelchair, thesis sold for over $1mn

On Thursday, the motorised wheelchair used by late British physicist Stephen Hawking sold for $391,740, while his thesis sold for a whopping $761,000.

NUJS to start law course based on Harry Potter universe

Come December, a nationally reputed law school, Kolkata's National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS), will start offering a law course based on the Harry Potter universe as an "experiment" to "encourage creative thinking".

22 Oct 2018


NASA names constellations after Hulk, Thor's hammer, Godzilla: Details here

If you look at the night sky, you'd probably point out at least a few constellations like The Big Dipper or Orion's belt.

20 Aug 2018


#SheToo? Actress Argento, who accused Weinstein, paid her own accuser

Italian actress Asia Argento grabbed the spotlight when she became one of the first women to speak out against Harvey Weinstein's sexual transgressions.

Meet Rohit Prasad, the Indian-born engineer who created Amazon's Alexa

Despite being a distant sci-fi vision in the 1970s, virtual assistants have become commonplace now.

14 Mar 2018

Richard Branson

6 things you probably didn't know about Stephen Hawking

Legendary physicist Stephen Hawking died today at his Cambridge home. He was 76.

14 Mar 2018

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking, renowned British scientist, dies aged 76

Iconic scientist Stephen Hawking, whose ideas shaped modern cosmology, died today at his home in Cambridge. He was 76.

08 Mar 2018


You can send your name to the sun!

NASA is inviting the general public all over the globe to send in their names if they want to be featured on the US space agency's first solar probe this summer.

30 Oct 2017


"Spacey made a sexual-advance toward me when I was 14"

House of Cards actor Kevin Spacey tweeted on Monday morning apologizing to Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp, who accused Spacey of trying to seduce him when he was only 14. He has also admitted that he is gay.

06 Sep 2017


Making food is now as easy as turning on switch!

While we are nowhere close to producing any desired food using replicators like in Star Trek, a recent study has proven that food can be created out of thin air.

01 Aug 2017


Making food is now as easy as turning on switch!

While we are nowhere close to producing any desired food using replicators like in Star Trek, a recent study has proven that food can be created out of thin air.

02 Jun 2017


NASA's Parker Solar Probe: Humanity's first mission to the sun

In 1969, when Neil Armstrong from NASA's Apollo 11 mission took the first step on the moon and made history, it was immortalized by the famous quote, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

25 Apr 2017


ISRO's next space adventure to Venus is now seeking proposals

ISRO has announced that it will start accepting proposals regarding space-based experiments to study Venus, as it gears up to accomplish its first voyage to the planet.

13 Dec 2016


Scientists who shone through Mangalyaan

India's first interplanetary mission, Mangalyaan brought out pictures of the women at ISRO dressed in brightly coloured silk sarees celebrating the mission.