Menstruation: News

28 May 2023


Menstrual Hygiene Day: Understanding the myths and facts around mensuration

Menstrual Hygiene Day is observed annually on May 28 to draw attention to the significance of menstrual hygiene and to the problems that individuals without access to sanitary products confront.

Sanitary pads in schools: A positive step toward menstrual health

Menstrual health has long been a taboo topic in India, resulting in limited access to menstrual hygiene products and proper education for young girls and boys.

24 Feb 2023


Drink these 5 homemade beverages to manage menstrual cramps

Is it that annoying time of the month again when you need to tackle your cramps while struggling with work?

SC junks menstrual leave PIL, says could discourage women's hiring

The Supreme Court on Friday refused to entertain a public interest litigation (PIL) seeking a mandate to all states to frame rules regarding menstrual leaves in educational institutions and workplaces.

17 Feb 2023


Spain becomes the first European country to approve menstrual leave

Several women suffer from menstrual cramps and tremendous pain during periods and find it difficult to concentrate at their workplace which affects their productivity.

11 Dec 2022

Pacific Ocean

5 unique menstrual rituals around the world

Menstruation is not only about physical transformation in a girl's body, but it also involves celebration and honor in different cultures across the globe.

07 Dec 2022


5 period rituals in different Indian states

One of the turning points in a girl's life, menstruation not only brings in hormonal changes but is also a sign that the girl is now transitioning into a woman.

14 Aug 2022


Scotland becomes first country to provide free period products

With the implementation of a new law on Monday, Scotland will reportedly be the first nation in the world to safeguard the right to access free menstrual products.

20 Sep 2021

Health & Wellness

Possible link between COVID-19 vaccination and menstrual cycle changes: Study

Thousands of women around the world have reported suffering various period problems, including changes to their menstrual cycle, after taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

03 Jul 2021


Menstruating women denied COVID-19 jab at centers in Karnataka

Health workers at some vaccination centers in Karnataka have been asking menstruating women to take the COVID-19 shot once their cycle ends, The Times of India reported.

28 May 2021

Akshay Kumar

Menstrual Hygiene Day: How 'Pad Man' kick-started conversation around menstruation

Menstruation is still a taboo topic, even among the educated community.

18 Mar 2021


Chandigarh woman's eyes bleed when she's menstruating. Find out why

In a bizarre medical case, doctors were puzzled to see a woman walk into the emergency room at a hospital in Chandigarh crying tears of blood.

23 Oct 2019


#NewsBytesExclusive: IIT-Delhi engineer, whose start-up focuses on female-hygiene, gets candid

It's no secret that menstruation invites frowns and tight-lips. No one really wants to talk about it, but there are some who are not only starting conversations but also taking it to another level.

07 Oct 2019


New advertisement questions what would happen if all men menstruated

The conversations around menstrual hygiene is slowly finding their way to common discourse. Dismantling age-old taboos and misconceptions takes its time and a period-proof underwear manufacturer, Thinx, is hoping to smoothen the process.

19 Aug 2019


IIT girls develop affordable, eco-friendly device to clean reusable sanitary-napkins

Two IIT students have invented an innovative low-cost, eco-friendly device that not only offers a solution to menstrual health and hygiene but also reduces biomedical waste.

22 Jul 2019


#HealthBytes: Top online resources to learn about sex

If one goes by history, it is clear that relying on schools to teach you or your teenagers sex education is a bad idea.

12 Jul 2019


Indian women losing uteruses over illiteracy, unemployment

A few months ago, there were reports of several cases of hysterectomies (surgical removal of the uterus) among women sugarcane cutters in Beed, Maharashtra.

15 Jun 2019


Factories found giving illegal 'painkillers' to women during periods

Much has been said of the exploitation of labor in our capitalist world, but it's not enough given how toxic labor abuse can get.

12 Apr 2019


Mumbai: 100+ sanitary-pad vending-machines to be installed for Police personnel

In an attempt to improve menstrual hygiene among its women personnel, the Mumbai Police has decided to set up sanitary pad vending machines at 140 locations across the city.

22 Mar 2019


Bareilly man sets up 'PadBank,' distributes sanitary napkins for free

Despite being a completely natural biological process, menstruation is often brushed off as a taboo topic in the Indian society, particularly among the uneducated rural masses.

15 Feb 2019


New 'period emoji' is for a greater cause. Here's why

In the era of text messages and smartphones, an emoji is worth a thousand words.

04 Feb 2019


Nepal: Woman banished in 'menstruation' hut dies of suffocation

In a tragic incident, a woman in Nepal is suspected to have died due to smoke inhalation while she was banished to a hut during her period.

17 Jan 2019


Indian Railways helps woman passenger on period with sanitary pad

Traveling during menstruation can be daunting.

29 Dec 2018


#HealthBytes: 5 simple ways to deal with period pain

During menstruation, discomfort around the abdomen, lower-back and thighs is common.

16 Nov 2018

Health & Wellness

#HealthBytes: 5 home-remedies to get relief from menstrual cramps

During menstruation, discomfort around the abdomen, lower-back and thighs is common.

27 Sep 2018

Mental Health

PMS+Depression: Here's what PMS does to my depression

Last week, I had my period. Normal, right? Well, not normal.

08 Aug 2018

Health & Wellness

#HealthBytes: Top 5 food items that can help induce menstruation

To have a balanced hormone levels in the body, and general mental and physical well-being, regular menstruation is important for every woman.

04 Aug 2018


Menstruation, an inevitable biological process, yet a taboo

Menstruation has been stigmatized since time immemorial. It is considered a taboo and women undergoing it called impure, in spite of menstruation being an inevitable monthly occurrence.

13 Jul 2018


Menstruation, an inevitable biological process, yet a taboo

Menstruation has been stigmatized since time immemorial. It is considered a taboo and women undergoing it called impure, in spite of menstruation being an inevitable monthly occurrence.

08 Jul 2018


'We use ash/dust/sand during menstruation,no sanitary-pads': Maid's tale moves employer

Akshay Kumar-Sonam Kapoor-Radhika Apte starrer 'Padman' brought to attention a crippling problem in India, where sanitary napkins are a luxury rather than a necessity.

26 Feb 2018


How is Rajasthan dealing with taboo around menstruation?

With Akshay Kumar's recent film 'PadMan' bringing the issue of menstruation mainstream, Rajasthan is trying to go the extra mile by creating awareness on the taboo subject of menstrual health with specially designed campaigns.

25 Jan 2018


Phullu's director accuses PadMan makers of cheap publicity

PadMan might have averted its clash with the magnum opus Padmaavat, but there seems to be a bigger and a more serious clash awaiting it.

18 Jan 2018


'PadMan' to be screened at the Oxford Union

If you thought 'PadMan' would face loses due to its clash with the most controversial movie of the year, 'Padmaavat', wait till you read about its recent feat.

15 Jan 2018

Akshay Kumar

Akshay reveals the age he got to know about menstruation

Actor Akshay Kumar who is known for his socially relevant films will be next seen in another such film titled 'PadMan' which deals with taboos surrounding menstruation.

10 Jan 2018


Can PadMan help address India's period woes?

In India, condoms and bindis/sindoor are tax-free, but not sanitary pads.

03 Jan 2018


Himachal's Kullu district begins 2018 by raising awareness about periods

Attacking an age-old tradition, Himachal's Kullu district welcomed the new year by spreading awareness about periods.

01 Dec 2017


Manushi Chhillar, Haryana CM announce free sanitary napkins for schoolgirls

Now that Manushi Chhillar has won the Miss World crown, she is taking on the social campaigns she said she would.

14 Oct 2017


'Sabarimala will become a sex-tourism spot if women are allowed'

The Sabarimala Temple board chief has major problems with women being allowed inside. He seems to have pretty strong reasons: if women enter, the temple will turn into a "sex tourism spot like Thailand", he believes.

11 Sep 2017


Why are these health workers collecting used menstrual pads?

India has a quarter of the world's cervical cancer patients. The European Journal of Cancer Prevention attempted to understand why this disease was prevalent.

01 Sep 2017


12-year-old kills herself over period-shaming. Time to wake up now?

In a tragic case, a 12-year-old student in Tamil Nadu's Tirunelvelli killed herself allegedly after she was period-shamed by her teacher.