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Punjab-govt delaying AIIMS-Bhatinda over 'petty politics': Union Minister Harsimrat Badal

Union Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal today alleged that the Punjab government was deliberately delaying the commissioning of Rs. 925cr AIIMS Bathinda project due to "petty politics".

28 Jun 2018


Health-Ministry describes depression as 'state of low mood', receives flak

A post describing depression as "a state of low mood" on the official Twitter handle of Health Ministry was slammed by the Twitterati for "trivializing" the issue as some users termed the definition as "highly inaccurate".

09 Jun 2018

West Bengal

Nipah virus has been stalled, not epidemic: Health Minister

Union Minister of State for Health, Ashwini Choubey, today said that the Nipah virus has been contained and there was no need to run away from Kerala, from where several deaths were reported.

03 Jun 2018


Government plans to make companies responsible for drug regulation violations

To ensure the quality of drugs, Health Ministry is planning to make companies, which market and promote medicines, responsible for any violation of drug regulations like manufacturers.

26 May 2018

West Bengal

Bats not primary source of Nipah outbreak in Kerala: Report

Samples collected from bats in Kerala's Kozhikode and Malappuram districts, where 12 people have died of Nipah infection, have tested negative for the virus, according to a report submitted the Health Ministry today.

15 May 2018


Palestinian baby dies inhaling tear gas at Gaza protest

An 8-month-old baby died from tear gas inhalation during clashes along the Israel-Gaza border, the Health Ministry announced today.

Health Ministry bans sale of 14 steroid-creams sans doctor's prescription

Health Ministry has banned over-the-counter (OTC) sale of 14 steroid-based creams and ointments by bringing them under the Schedule H of the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945.

06 Apr 2018


Need help quitting? Cigarette packs to now have helpline number

Along with a statutory warning that smoking causes cancer, cigarette packs will now have a helpline number to help addicts quit.

UN urges Bangladesh to relocate 1.5L Rohingya-refugees ahead of rains

About 1.5 lakh Rohingya refugees, who fled violence in Myanmar to settle in crowded camps in Bangladesh's Cox's Bazar, are living in flood-prone areas and must be relocated ahead of the coming rainy season, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said.

17 Mar 2018


Kabul: 2 killed in car bomb explosion claimed by Taliban

A car bomb explosion claimed by the Taliban in Kabul today killed at least two civilians, as the militants maintain pressure on the capital amid growing calls for peace talks.

05 Feb 2018


Government mulls using Aadhaar for 'Modicare'

One of the biggest announcements in Budget 2018 was the National Health Protection Scheme, or 'Modicare,' the "world's largest government-funded program."

25 Dec 2017

Health & Wellness

#WhatTheHealth: What can you do when you face medical negligence?

On October 24, 2013, US-based Dr. Kunal Saha famously won a compensation totaling Rs. 11 crore, 15 years after he had filed a case against Kolkata's AMRI Hospital, where his wife died because of medical negligence.

03 Dec 2017

Saudi Arabia

Saudi's $300bn privatization plans, 'sale of the century', in shambles

About 1.5 years ago, Saudi Arabia unveiled plans of a $300bn privatization program which many billed the "sale of the century".

25 Nov 2017


India may have a vaccine for dengue by 2019-end

We might have a vaccine for Dengue by the end of 2019.

20 Nov 2017


Rs. 16L bill at Fortis for 15-day stay of patient

That private hospitals often loot patients is no secret. A disturbing case has now surfaced from Fortis Gurgaon.

01 Nov 2017


Your favorite hookah bar in Delhi might lose its license

Delhi has banned hookah bars in the national capital effective immediately. Licenses of establishments serving hookahs will be revoked.

27 Sep 2017


Centre to increase retirement-age of govt. doctors to 65 years

To address the shortage of doctors in India and boost public healthcare services, the Centre has decided to extend the retirement age of central government doctors to 65 years from 60.

20 Sep 2017

Gurmeet Ram Rahim

The Dera's sinister secrets: 600 skeletons buried in the campus

Controversies around the Dera Sacha Sauda refuse to die down. Now an aide of Ram Rahim Singh has allegedly told investigators that 600 skeletons are buried inside its Sirsa headquarters.

19 Sep 2017


New AIIMS: Retired doctors to be hired for top positions

Unable to find suitable people to fill top positions at the six new All India Institutes of Medical Sciences, Union Health Ministry is looking to hire retired doctors of some of India's premier medical institutes.

09 Sep 2017


Dera donated 14 bodies for research without necessary death certificates

Stories about the Dera Sacha Sauda keep getting murkier. Even as forces conduct a sweep of its Sirsa campus, the Health Ministry has revealed that 14 bodies were sent by it to a medical college "without requisite permission and death certificates".

21 Aug 2017


Overhauling India's public health care system: Need of the hour

Gorakhpur recently witnessed the death of approximately 105 children due to Japanese Encephalitis (JE), infection and liver failure, among other related diseases.

18 Aug 2017


Encouraging generic medicines, capping margins: Government's proposals in pharmaceutics

After capping prices of stents and knee implants, the government is now planning to restrict trade margins to make drugs cheaper and boost the local industry.

13 Aug 2017


Vans to combat blood shortage in rural India

The Central government has recently released funds worth Rs. 20 crore to address the issue of shortage of blood in rural areas.

29 Jul 2017


SC suggests medical boards to deal with late abortion requests

The SC has taken note of the fact that lately, several expectant mothers at risk and rape survivors have approached it for terminating their pregnancies after the legally-permissible 20 weeks.

14 Jul 2017


Health Ministry seeks alcohol exemption in Bihar for TB tests

The liquor ban in Bihar, its positive effects notwithstanding, has taken a toll on healthcare.

03 Jul 2017


SC allows woman to terminate 26-week-old pregnancy

The SC has allowed a Kolkata-based woman to terminate her 26-week pregnancy. Abortions beyond 20 weeks aren't allowed in India unless in extreme circumstances.

09 Jun 2017


Malaysia amends anti-LGBT sex education competition following criticism

Malaysia's Health Ministry amended a sex education video competition, removing guidelines for a section on preventing homosexuality and transgenderism.

30 May 2017


Food labeling in India might undergo massive change

Labels on packaged food in India will soon inform you of the product's exact dietary component. Currently, they might mention vaguely (though not necessarily) details about calories, fat, sugar, carbohydrates and some other nutrients.

30 May 2017


India issues advisory after three Zika cases in Gujarat

On May 26, India confirmed three cases of Zika in Ahmedabad, which were reported sometime during November'16-February'17.

10 May 2017


Natural disasters - How prepared are India's health systems?

Over 58.6% of Indian landmass is earthquake prone while 5,700km of 7,516km-long coastline is prone to cyclones and tsunamis.

23 Apr 2017


Assam has India's highest maternal deaths, text messages save lives

Assam has a maternal mortality ratio of 300 deaths per 100,000 live-births, the worst in India and almost the same as Ghana (321) and Sudan (325).

12 Apr 2017


Turkey's fast-growing hair transplant industry is soaking up Syrian refugees

Following several terror attacks and a failed military coup, tourism in Turkey saw a sharp decline in 2016.

28 Mar 2017

Lok Sabha

Parliament clears Mental Healthcare Bill which seeks to decriminalize suicide

The Parliament cleared Mental Healthcare Bill after Lok Sabha approved 134 amendments made by the Rajya Sabha in August 2016.

06 Mar 2017


Government's resource kit on adolescence receives acclaim

The Indian Government's resource kit on adolescence offers progressive and helpful guidance on several topics that are still considered taboo in Indian society.

27 Nov 2016

Lok Sabha

Government will soon roll-out injectable contraceptives

The government has announced that 'injectable contraceptives' will soon be available for free under the family planning programme.

16 Nov 2016


Fairness creams' market share appears to be shrinking

The market for men's fairness creams appears to be shrinking; analysts believe this could infact be a long term trend.