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20 Feb 2020


Scientists have built a device to generate electricity from air

In a first, scientists have developed a device capable of generating electricity out of thin air. Quite literally!

17 Feb 2020

Google Assistant

Want to avoid eavesdropping? Try the novel 'mic-jamming' bracelet

Despite being incredibly helpful, smart home devices carry the risk of abuse - cases where hackers exploit bugs and listen to private/intimate conversations of unsuspecting people.

15 Jan 2020


#CareerBytes: Top online courses that techies are pursuing on Coursera

E-learning has been on the rise in recent years, and online courses have become hugely popular, especially in the tech field.

08 Jan 2020


#CES2020: Weirdest gadgets seen at world's biggest tech show

This year's Consumer Electronics Show has been a real treat, thanks to leading technology companies like Samsung, OnePlus, and Intel.

08 Jan 2020


This device will train your brain to sleep better

The problem of insomnia affects millions around the world and is seen as something that cannot be cured completely.

06 Jan 2020


Now, there's a device to read your pup's exact mood

Dogs and humans share a special bond, but sometimes, it gets really difficult to understand what exactly your little pooch is trying to tell.

17 Dec 2019

Las Vegas

Top B2B tech events and conferences to attend in 2020

Major tech events and conferences are nothing less than a Mecca for technology enthusiasts and manufacturers of the world to meet and showcase the future of the industry.

09 Dec 2019


Now, there is a 'FrogPhone' to track wild frog populations

For years, scientists have struggled to understand wild frog populations, owing to the difficulties involved in tracking species scattered in different parts of the world.

09 Dec 2019


How to spot fake and counterfeited Xiaomi products

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi recently issued an advisory to its customers, asking them not to buy Xiaomi-branded products from non-authorized sales channels.

01 Dec 2019


Now, visually impaired people can enjoy memes: Here's how

While the internet is a place for everyone, some find it hard to use, like those suffering from visual impairment.

These cows were asked to wear a VR headset!

Some Moscow-based farmers tried virtual-reality headsets on their dairy cows. Bizarre as it sounds, they wanted to test if it improved cows' mood, and hence milk production.

28 Nov 2019


#CareerBytes: 7 YouTube Channels you can follow to learn PHP

PHP or Hypertext PreProcessor is one of the most popular and exciting programming languages in use today. The server-side scripting language is used almost everywhere and powers over 80% of the web.

25 Nov 2019


Best laptop messenger bags and backpacks available in India

Having a good laptop bag is essential, but choosing the right one can be tough, given the sheer volume of choices.

08 Nov 2019


#NewsBytesExplainer: How does Video Assistant Referee (VAR) work in football?

Football is one of the most followed sports, across the world.

06 Nov 2019


IIT Madras launches India's first 'standing wheelchair' for differently-abled people

In a major development, the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) has launched an affordable new 'standing wheelchair' for differently-abled people.

30 Oct 2019


Zoook Jazz Duo Bluetooth headphone-cum-speaker review: Bang for the bucks

France-based Zoook recently launched its Jazz Duo headphone in India. The Bluetooth-enabled headset offers an on-ear design and comes with features such as built-in speakers, FM Radio, microSD card reader, and support for wired streaming as well.

27 Oct 2019


How to download Diwali Stickers on WhatsApp

We have two amazing reasons for you to be excited.

IBM: Google didn't achieve Quantum Supremacy

Last month, a leaked paper from Google made the claim of having achieved quantum supremacy, a major benchmark in the world of quantum computing.

10 Oct 2019


Critical bug in Justdial exposed more than 156 million accounts

In a major incident, India's famous search app, Justdial, has exposed personal account details of over 156 million users.

Now, a "smart" mirror can guide your home workout sessions

Working out at home can be a real mess, especially for those who don't have enough experience in physical training.

04 Oct 2019


Dutch engineer hacks own insulin pump to code 'artificial pancreas'

As common as diabetes is these days, the condition is not easy to manage. However, a 22-year-old Dutch software engineer, suffering from diabetes, has perhaps made living with the medical condition a lot easier.

02 Oct 2019


iPhone lost in river found after 15 months. Still works!

We have heard some crazy stories about iPhones and the latest one is as exciting as the last one where an iPhone survived a shark bite.

01 Oct 2019


14-year-old girl dies after phone explodes on pillow: Details here

In a shocking incident, a 14-year-old girl from Bastobe, Kazakhstan, died due to a phone explosion.

16 Sep 2019


World's smallest washing-machine can fit in your pocket

Centuries after the washing machine was invented, here's an innovative solution to your many cleaning needs.

30 Aug 2019


Samsung asks entrepreneur to remove smart-vibrator from women's event, apologizes

At a recent women-in-tech event in San Francisco, an entrepreneur was asked to hide her product, a smart vibrator, from display.

27 Aug 2019


Chennai techie finds Instagram bug, again; wins Rs. 7 lakh

A Chennai-based security researcher was awarded $10,000 (Rs. 7.18 lakh) for discovering a bug on the photo/video sharing application, Instagram.

25 Aug 2019


PewDiePie hits 100 million subscribers on YouTube; congratulations pour in

Swedish YouTube personality Felix Kjellberg is on a roll.

17 Aug 2019


Top 5 dating apps for the LGBTQ+ community in India

For the longest time, India's queer community has been forced underground as the police once tracked "homosexual gangs," traced people on online chatrooms and booked them under IPC Section 377.

16 Aug 2019


#CareerBytes: Want to join ISRO? Here's everything you should know

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is one of the largest and most successful space agencies in the world.

16 Aug 2019


Now, cops can use this device to catch stoned drivers

In a bid to boost on-road safety around the world, a Canadian start-up has developed a device that can detect people driving under the influence of weed.

Love coffee? This robot makes 100 cups in an hour

From preparing meals to actually delivering them, robots are taking charge of every major task in the food-tech industry.

14 Aug 2019


Robot Sophia to feature in a film with 'Westworld' star

It is highly unlikely that you haven't seen or heard of Sophia, the robot, till now.

13 Aug 2019


Now, you can practise firing employees in virtual reality

One of the biggest challenges for a manager is to break it to their employees that they are being relieved from their duties.

12 Aug 2019


Now, China is inducting robots into its traffic police force

After deploying cops with hi-tech facial recognition glasses, China has started inducting robots to monitor and police citizens.

09 Aug 2019


IIT-Gandhinagar students develop device to block sun glare, prevent accidents

Two students of IIT-Gandhinagar have come up with an innovative device that can address one of the many causes of road accidents - obscured vision due to sun glare.

08 Aug 2019


Soon, Twitter will let you snooze push notifications, stay focused

After releasing a revamped desktop site, Twitter is working on a handy new feature for its mobile app - the ability to snooze notifications.

07 Aug 2019


Five companies started by GATE rankers who became entrepreneurs

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is one of the most competitive exams for engineering graduates.

07 Aug 2019


Can artificial intelligence be named inventor? This patent demands so

In a first, a multi-disciplinary international team has filed for a patent application for two inventions on the behalf of artificial intelligence, demanding that the AI be named 'inventor'.

03 Aug 2019


These innovations by IIT engineers make world a better place

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are the country's premier engineering institutes recognized as centers of academic excellence in science and technology.

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