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15 May 2023


Couple defies 1 in 200 million odds, welcomes identical triplets

Sure, identical twins happen fairly often, with a chance of about one in 250 births.

12 May 2023


What is a rainbow baby? Everything you need to know

Glenn Maxwell, the talented all-rounder cricketer from Australia, and his wife, Vini Raman, recently shared the delightful news that they are expecting a baby - a rainbow baby.

10 May 2023

Health & Wellness

Medical wonder! Baby born with 3 DNA in the UK

As a result of a pioneering technique in the medical field, a baby has been born with DNA from three people in the United Kingdom.

27 Apr 2023

Health & Wellness

International Donor Conception Awareness Day 2023: History, significance, and celebration

International Donor Conception Awareness Day, observed on April 27 each year, was established to focus on families formed in various ways as a result of conditions such as genetic abnormalities, medical infertility, or adolescent illness.

IVG: Tech that can turn skin cells into babies

It's amazing what science can do these days. In vitro gametogenesis (IVG) is a remarkable reproductive technology that can create babies from skin cells!

14 Apr 2023


Can the father's age cause genetic abnormalities in babies

It is widely acknowledged that older mothers face a higher risk of birth defects, but the impact of fathers' age is often overlooked.

10 Jan 2023


Most common pregnancy myths and the reality behind them

When you are pregnant, you want to put your best efforts into keeping yourself and your baby safe.

09 Dec 2022

Health & Wellness

Infant botulism: Everything you need to know

Infant botulism causes muscle weakness, which can lead to difficulty eating and breathing.

08 Dec 2022


Birth traditions in Japan, Germany, Turkey, Brazil, and Indonesia

United by nature, divided by traditions.

10 Aug 2022

Kylie Jenner

Happy birthday Kylie Jenner: Successful businesses set up by her

Kylie Jenner celebrates her birthday on Wednesday!

28 May 2022


Australian baby born with 'permanent smile' due to rare condition

The pictures of a baby girl, born in Australia with a specific hereditary condition that causes congenital anomalies, have become a sensation among millions of social media users.

11 Nov 2021

Health & Wellness

A few ways to aid growth of your 6-month-old baby

Babies are absolutely adorable and their sweet little activities keep you engaged all day. These only increase as they grow.

03 Oct 2021


Note these dos and don'ts when it comes to diapers

One thing that you should always carry along with your baby is loads of diapers.

25 Aug 2021


From heaviest to lightest baby: A list of record-breaking births

Childbirth is a miracle unto itself.

17 Mar 2021


Woman gives birth to baby girl in a flight mid-air

A baby girl was born mid-air on-board IndiGo's Bengaluru-Jaipur 6E 469 flight on Wednesday morning with the help of the cabin crew and a doctor, according to an airline statement.

27 Dec 2019

Aayush Sharma

On Salman's 54th birthday, sister Arpita blessed with baby girl

Salman Khan's sister Arpita Khan and her actor husband Aayush Sharma welcomed their second child, a baby girl, on Friday. The couple have named their daughter Ayat.

17 Jul 2019


Couple who named son 'Google' receive gifts from tech giant

An Indonesian couple named their newborn 'Google', proving that it's never too soon to set your child up for bullying at school and disappointment.

16 May 2019


Condom company's "social media contraceptive" hides baby photos from Facebook

Are your friends spamming your Facebook feed with too many Baby pictures? Are you annoyed by how many times you've seen the same child from 10,000 different angles? Don't worry. A condom company is here to help, as with most baby-related situations.

14 Feb 2019


Doctors successfully operate on unborn-baby, put her back in womb

In what can be called a miracle, doctors in the UK operated on an unborn baby in a woman's womb and emerged successful.

11 Feb 2019


It's a boy! Purab Kohli becomes father again (see pic)

It's celebration time for VJ-turned-actor Purab Kohli as he became a proud father of a baby boy on January 26.

01 Feb 2019

Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor's son Ravie's first glimpse will melt your heart

Ekta Kapoor is in the happiest space at the moment. The television czarina became a proud mother of a baby boy via surrogacy recently.

31 Jan 2019

Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor blessed with a baby boy through surrogacy

TV producer Ekta Kapoor has all the reasons to be on cloud nine as she is a proud mother of a baby boy now.

16 Jan 2019


Botched-up delivery case: Rights body issues notice to Rajasthan government

A few days back, it was reported that a male nurse at a government health center in Rajasthan pulled an infant so hard during delivery that the baby got decapitated and the head was left inside the womb.

11 Jan 2019


Rajasthan: Nurses pull baby too hard, leave head inside womb

In what comes as a stomach-churning news, a male nurse at a government health center in Rajasthan pulled an infant so hard during delivery, earlier this week, that the baby got decapitated and the head was left inside the womb.

03 Jan 2019

Kim Kardashian

Stork visits Kim Kardashian, Kanye West; fourth child en route

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are often in the news, and are globally famous personalities.

30 Dec 2018

Madhya Pradesh

MP: Baby dies after mother chops off extra fingers, toes

A baby girl, who was born on December 22 in Madhya Pradesh, met her death in a grisly fashion just seven days from birth after her mother allegedly chopped off her extra toes and fingers out of superstition.