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10 Jan 2021


#HealthBytes: How to get healthy eyebrows, that too at home?

There are umpteen beauty-related facts online, but the most overlooked topic has to be that of eyebrows.

10 Jan 2021


#HealthBytes: Try these remedies at home to eliminate dark circles

Dark circles are usually a by-product of years of sleepless nights and unhealthy eating habits.

WHO: Rich nations, vaccine makers should stop bilateral deals

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, appealed on Friday to makers of COVID-19 vaccines and the wealthier countries buying them to stop making bilateral deals, saying they are hurting a UN-backed effort to widen access to the jabs.

08 Jan 2021


Pfizer study suggests vaccine works against coronavirus variant

New research suggests that Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine can protect against a mutation found in two contagious variants of the coronavirus that erupted in Britain and South Africa.

03 Jan 2021


#HealthBytes: Effective tips to tackle cracked heels at home

Taking care of the feet is something that most people don't prioritize, even though they are the ones gathering the maximum dirt.

03 Jan 2021


#HealthBytes: Here's what can happen if you are sleep deprived

In order to function properly, every human being needs 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

03 Jan 2021


#HealthBytes: Exercises that can help in improving your stamina

Lack of stamina is not uncommon, but with the current pandemic situation, it has worsened due to the lack of movement.

03 Jan 2021


#HealthBytes: Essential tips for an effective nail care routine

Nail care is usually not high on a person's self-care routine checklist, but that doesn't make it unimportant.

31 Dec 2020

Pope Francis

Bill legalizing abortion passed in Pope's native Argentina

Argentina on Wednesday became the largest nation in Latin America to legalize elective abortion, a triumph for a feminist movement that overcame a last-minute appeal by Pope Francis to his compatriots.

31 Dec 2020

Music Industry

Scientists develop a new method for visualizing breath

A new method for visualizing the air exhaled while someone is speaking or singing could shed light on how diseases such as COVID-19 spread and can help evaluate the effectiveness of face masks, according to a study.

30 Dec 2020

Kamala Harris

Harris receives the first dose of Moderna vaccine on camera

The US Vice President-elect Kamala Harris has received the first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine live on television as part of efforts to build public trust in the inoculation process

30 Dec 2020


Singapore starts COVID -19 vaccination for healthcare workers

Singapore became the first Asian country to start vaccinating healthcare workers against COVID-19 with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on Wednesday.

27 Dec 2020


#HealthBytes: These foods can help you keep warm in winter

The season of cozy blankets and fuzzy sweaters is finally here!

27 Dec 2020


#HealthBytes: Some yoga asanas useful for building muscles

The most common way of muscle building is lifting weights and doing hours of intense workouts.

26 Dec 2020


Heart transported through the green corridor for transplant

A heart harvested from a 41-year-old woman, who died after suffering bleeding in the brain, was transported from Ghaziabad to Delhi in just 18 minutes through an over 23-km green corridor and immediately transplanted to a chronic cardiac patient, hospital authorities said on Friday.

24 Dec 2020

Delhi AAP

Delhi Health Minister issues directives for facilities in night shelters

Delhi Urban Development Minister Satyendar Jain on Wednesday issued directives to the officials of Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB) to enhance the existing facilities available in night shelters -- like availability of hot water, evening tea, and increase in the number of toilets.

23 Dec 2020

Monash University

COVID-19 immunity lasts at least eight months: Study

People who have recovered from coronavirus have immune memory to protect against re-infection for at least eight months, according to a new study.

22 Dec 2020


Gujarat government issues advisory on mucormycosis fungal infection

The Gujarat health department has issued an advisory to doctors and health officials after some COVID-19 patients were recently found infected with Mucormycosis, saying it is a serious but rare fungal infection and has an overall "mortality rate of 50 percent".

22 Dec 2020

Vitamin D

Simple tips to improve your skin health

Since skin is the largest organ in our body, it is also prone to more damage.

20 Dec 2020


#HealthBytes: Tips for treating your post-workout muscle pain and soreness

When you start working out or increase the intensity, frequency, or length of your daily workout, you may feel immense pain in your muscles.

20 Dec 2020


Healthy snacks for your late night cravings

Late-night snacking is not uncommon, especially if you are a night owl.

19 Dec 2020


China to expand COVID-19 inoculations; meat sellers also high priority

China will soon expand coronavirus inoculations for workers in health care, transport, and border control, a senior official said on Saturday.

19 Dec 2020


New potential breast cancer drug identified

Scientists have identified a molecule that can help treat breast cancer, giving hope to patients who have become resistant to traditional therapies.

18 Dec 2020


States to undertake fire safety audits of COVID-19 hospitals: SC

The Supreme Court on Friday directed all the states to carry out fire safety audits of dedicated COVID-19 hospitals across the country to prevent fire incidents in medical institutions.

17 Dec 2020

Donald Trump

US angling to secure more of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine

U.S. officials have said that they are actively negotiating for additional purchases of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine after they missed the chance to lock in a contract this summer since it was still unclear how well the shots would work.

12 Dec 2020


#HealthBytes: Why you should go for jumping or skipping rope?

Jumping rope, more commonly known as skipping, is one of the most effective home exercises.

22 Nov 2020


#HealthBytes: How to reduce menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps are the uncomfortable pains women experience in the lower abdomen, just before and during their menstrual periods.

12 Nov 2020


Five healthy and delicious snacks for Diwali and Bhai Dooj

The festive season is at its peak.

01 Nov 2020


#HealthBytes: Consume these five desi superfoods for good health

The term "superfoods" started out as a marketing gimmick and has now become something that is linked to a healthy diet.

18 Oct 2020


#HealthBytes: Four reasons why foot care is important

Our feet are one of the most important and hardworking parts of our body and taking care of them should be integral in our daily routine.

25 Sep 2020


#HealthBytes: Why are carbs important for you?

Carbohydrates or carbs are foods that get converted into glucose, or sugar, in our bodies during digestion.

24 Sep 2020


#HealthBytes: Why you should consider having an early dinner?

In many countries, the culture of having an early dinner is quite common.

22 Sep 2020


Snacking habits that can hinder your weight loss process

When you work continuously toward weight loss, snacks become crucial for keeping you fueled up for the day, and till the next workout.

17 Sep 2020


Want soft hands? These home remedies can surely help

There are many reasons behind dry hands: Harsh weather conditions, jobs which require heavy usage of hands, lack of protection against sun are just some of them.

17 Sep 2020


#HealthBytes: Here's why you should be consuming jaggery regularly

Jaggery is often considered as a naturally healthy sweetener.

15 Sep 2020


#HealthBytes: Want to cut down sugar consumption? Follow these tips

Reducing sugar consumption can be beneficial in many ways.

14 Sep 2020


Tips to get shiny white teeth

Our teeth are covered with a smooth, naturally white enamel. When that wears out, it becomes translucent and reveals the lower layer called 'dentin,' which is yellow in color.

12 Sep 2020


#HealthBytes: Morning habits you should adopt for a healthy lifestyle

What we do in the morning has a major effect on how the rest of our day pans out.

10 Sep 2020


Here's how you can prevent dengue

The global incidence of dengue, a mosquito-borne viral infection, has grown drastically in recent decades. This infection results in high fever, rash, muscle pain and joint pain.