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28 May 2023

Travel And Tourism

Traveling to Myanmar? Include these souvenirs in your shopping list

From experiences to memories, Myanmar is a destination that will offer you a host of things to take back home.

27 May 2023


Planning a trip to Kuwait? Get these souvenirs home

Kuwait, also known as "Marseilles of the Persian Gulf," garners attention for its mesmerizing landscapes and shopping scenes.

26 May 2023


Traveling to Tanzania? Make sure you shop for these souvenirs

Known for its rich biodiversity and beautiful beaches, Tanzania is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and shopaholics alike.

25 May 2023


These souvenirs from Chile are perfect to bring back home

Souvenirs are a great way to stay hooked on to your vacation, even when you are miles away and years apart.

24 May 2023


Bring a piece of Uzbekistan home with these authentic souvenirs

Uzbekistan is an amazing country full of beautiful things to buy.

23 May 2023


The 5 best souvenirs to capture the spirit of Argentina

Bringing back a souvenir is a great way to keep the memories of your trip alive.

22 May 2023

Travel And Tourism

Traveling to Namibia? Grab these souvenirs on your way back

Besides a bag full of memories and experiences, Namibia has so much more to offer that you can only find in its bustling markets and nowhere else.

21 May 2023

Travel And Tourism

5 souvenirs you should get back home from the Bahamas

Besides its stunning islands and idyllic beaches, the Bahamas has a bustling shopping scene that makes it an absolute paradise for shopaholics.

20 May 2023


When in Taiwan, don't forget to buy these souvenirs

Right from its popular street food to traditional handmade offerings, there are so many things that Taiwan garners attention for.

19 May 2023


5 souvenirs from Bahrain that you should take home

No vacation is complete without getting home some knick-knacks that can remind you of your #traveldiaries!

17 May 2023


Estonia calling? Get your hands on these beautiful souvenirs

Home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Estonia is an excellent travel destination for those looking to delve deeper into its extravagant history and culture.

16 May 2023


When in Oman, don't forget to shop for these souvenirs

Souvenirs hold a special place in one's life (and #traveldiaries) as they bring back so many memories from their vacation.

15 May 2023

Travel And Tourism

Souvenirs from Madagascar: 5 things you should get home

Let's make your #MadagascarDiaries more memorable.

12 May 2023

Travel And Tourism

Traveling to Tunisia? Don't forget to shop for these souvenirs

Amassing all the attention for its blue coasts and historic architecture, Tunisia is a stunning travel destination that one just can't get enough of.

10 May 2023

South Africa

Visiting South Africa? Make sure to grab these souvenirs

The southernmost country in Africa is the topmost when it comes to travel and tourism.

08 May 2023

Travel And Tourism

Traveling to Malta? Grab these souvenirs on your way back

Souvenirs play a huge role in keeping you hooked on your travel diaries.

06 May 2023

Travel And Tourism

Souvenirs from Azerbaijan that are worth bringing back home

Traveling to Azerbaijan and wondering what to buy on your way back?

06 May 2023


5 souvenirs from Bulgaria you absolutely need to take home

Bulgaria is a hidden gem in Europe, with a fascinating history and stunning natural beauty.

05 May 2023


5 GI tagged items you must get from Kerala

Kerala has a wide variety of original products to offer to shoppers. From rice to clothes to artifacts, this southern state has it all.

05 May 2023

South America

5 souvenirs to remember your Venezuelan journey

Venezuela's stunning beauty is unforgettable, making it a popular destination for travelers.

03 May 2023

Travel And Tourism

Flying to Laos? Don't forget to buy these souvenirs

Laos offers the perfect blend of scenic landscapes, thrilling wildlife, and stunning nature, which makes it a travel destination one simply can't get enough of.

28 Apr 2023

Travel And Tourism

5 souvenirs to get home from your trip to Norway

If you are planning a trip to Norway and are unsure of what souvenirs to bring back for your friends and family, then this guide is for you.

27 Apr 2023


These culturally-rich souvenirs from Indonesia are worth bringing back home

Are you planning a trip to Indonesia and want to bring home some meaningful souvenirs and gifts?

24 Apr 2023

Travel And Tourism

Visiting South Korea? Get your hands on these souvenirs

When it comes #throwback-ing on your vacation, there's nothing better than souvenirs that can take you back to the good old times.

19 Apr 2023


6 GI-tagged items you must shop from Karnataka

A Geographical Indication (GI) tag is a label applied to items with a known geographic origin. This badge of honor vouches for the quality and reputation of the item originating from the said area.

19 Apr 2023

Personal Finance

Akshaya Tritiya 2023: How to choose the right gold jewelry

This year, Akshaya Tritiya will be celebrated on April 22.

18 Apr 2023

Travel And Tourism

5 culturally-rich souvenirs to bring back from your Albania trip

Located in the heart of the Balkans, Albania offers a vibrant culture with scenic beauty.

17 Apr 2023

Travel And Tourism

Traveling to Ghana? Get these 5 souvenirs for home

Ghana, the Land of Gold, offers a host of attractions and experiences that account for a trip worth cherishing.

13 Apr 2023

Travel And Tourism

You just can't miss out on these souvenirs from Kenya

Kenya, with enough land dedicated to wildlife, is the perfect place to have an ultimate safari experience.

10 Apr 2023

Fashion Tips

Planning a beach vacation? Give these outfit ideas a try

Packing clothes for vacation needs a lot of preparation and time. When it comes to a beach trip, you must want to pack a lot of cute summery dresses, sarongs, and shorts to nail your beach fashion look.

05 Apr 2023

West Bengal

6 GI tag products to shop from West Bengal

GI (Geographical indication) products are those that carry a specific sign notifying the origin of the product and the qualities and reputation they possess. GI tags enable products to get global recognition.

31 Mar 2023

Fashion Tips

Less is more: Philosophy of quiet luxury, explained

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo da Vinci

13 Mar 2023

Travel And Tourism

5 street shopping destinations in India perfect for budget shoppers

Are you an ultimate shopaholic and love exploring iconic shopping spots wherever you travel?

16 Feb 2023

Narendra Modi

Aadi Mahotsav: All about the tribal festival inaugurated by PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Aadi Mahotsav 2023 today in Delhi.

15 Jan 2023

Personal Finance

Regain control of your finances after new year overspending 

Did you get tempted by lucrative New Year discounts and offers and ended up going overboard with your spending?

25 Dec 2022


5 tips and tricks to spend less when shopping

There are many reasons why we end up spending on things that we don't actually intend to buy.

13 Dec 2022


5 tips to remain stress-free during holidays

The holiday season should be a time for peace, joy, and togetherness.

12 Dec 2022


5 frugal hacks to save money that actually work

Frugal living is being intentional with your spending.

10 Dec 2022


Amazon introduces 'Inspire,' TikTok-like shopping feed: Here's how to use

Amazon has introduced a new service called Inspire, which offers a TikTok-like shopping experience to users.

25 Nov 2022


Black Friday: Origin, history, and other things to know

Black Friday is observed the day after Thanksgiving.