AR Glasses: News

Augmented reality (AR) is a virtual interactive experience that adds computer-generated elements to the real world across perceptual modalities involving visual, auditory, haptic, and olfactory senses. AR combines real and virtual environments in real-time, easily helping people visualize virtual elements in tangible spaces. It can be said that Augmented reality alters a person's perception of a real-world environment. For instance, you could use AR to visualize how furniture from an e-commerce site would look in your living room. AR glasses help you view AR elements from a first-person perspective. This is because, as opposed to conventional displays held at a distance, an AR glasses' "display" is see-through and fills your field of view just like spectacles would. The first mainstream AR glasses were the Google Glass released in 2013. It was classified as an optical head-mounted display. The 36g device was capable of taking five-megapixel photos, 720p video, and using a prism projector display paired with bone conduction transducers for visuals and sound respectively. As of 2021, Apple, Facebook, and Lenovo are rumored to be developing their variations of AR glasses. Products already on the market include Microsoft's HoloLens 2 and Epson’s Moverio BT-300.

15 May 2024


Apple's future product lineup leaked: Foldable iPhones and more

A supposed product roadmap for Cupertino tech giant Apple, covering the years 2023 to 2027, has recently emerged online.

15 May 2024


Google just teased new AR glasses in Project Astra demo

Google subtly introduced a pair of augmented reality (AR) glasses during its new Project Astra demonstration at the I/O 2024 event.

30 Apr 2024


Apple's next-gen Vision Pro headset postponed to 2026

Apple's next-generation Vision Pro headset will not be released anytime before late 2026, according to reports.

27 Feb 2024


MWC 2024: OPPO showcases AI-powered smart glasses

OPPO has unveiled a working prototype of its Air Glass 3 XR smart glasses at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024.

Xreal takes on Meta, Apple with its latest AR glasses

Xreal, previously known as Nreal, has introduced its newest AR glasses.

24 Jan 2023


Here's how Apple's Reality Pro AR/VR headset will work

Apple's most-awaited mixed-reality headset, likely to be called Reality Pro, may finally arrive this year. It could bear a price tag of $3,000 (nearly Rs. 2.44 lakh).

05 Dec 2022


Apple's AR/VR headset shipments to start in second-half of 2023

Apple's AR/VR headset, rumored to be called the Reality One or Reality Pro, may not begin shipping until the second half of 2023, claims analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

24 Jun 2022


Apple's AR/VR headset could release in January: Check rumored features

Apple will "likely release" its mixed reality headset in January 2023, according to Ming-Chi Kuo.

13 May 2022

Google Maps

AR glasses to Immersive Maps: Google's upcoming hardware and software

Google I/O 2022 saw several announcements, including the all-new Pixel 6a, Pixel Buds Pro and upcoming devices like the Pixel Watch.

14 Dec 2021


OPPO unveils new 'Air Glass' assisted reality device

On the first day of OPPO's INNO Day 2021 event, the company has unveiled its latest smart glasses, called the Air Glass.

10 Sep 2021


Ray-Ban Stories: Much-awaited smart glasses from Facebook, EssilorLuxottica are here!

Facebook—in collaboration with Ray-Ban's parent company and global eyewear major EssilorLuxottica—has finally unveiled its long-awaited smart glasses, called the Ray-Ban Stories.

09 Sep 2021


Ray-Ban teases launch date of Facebook's smart glasses

Rumors about Facebook's smart glasses have been afloat since January. We finally have reason to believe the rumors are true and Facebook is indeed developing smart glasses, although the AR capability remains questionable.

02 Apr 2021


Microsoft signs $21.8 billion deal with the US Army

Microsoft has received a contract worth $21.8 billion from the Department of Defense (DoD) to supply the US Army with 120,000 augmented reality headsets, the Pentagon recently announced.

24 Mar 2021


Facebook demonstrates new wrist-worn prototype for interacting with AR systems

In a recent blog post, Facebook announced that it is developing a wearable which will act as a new medium for interaction with Augmented Reality (AR) computers.

09 Oct 2020


Soon, US Army dogs could be wearing AR glasses

US Army dogs could soon be seen wearing AR glasses on the field.

26 Jul 2020


Apple Glass, iPhone 12 series, ARM-based MacBooks launch details leaked

Apple has planned two special events for September and October where it will unveil a bunch of new products, according to tipster iHactu Pro.

01 Jul 2020


Google gets serious about AR again, acquires "smart-glasses" company North

Following the footsteps of players like Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook, internet giant Google is also joining the bandwagon of Augmented Reality or AR.

18 Jan 2020


Smart contact lenses are coming. But, what are they?

As market-ready AR glasses continue to evolve, a new kind of device appears to be mushrooming on the block - smart contact lenses.

12 Nov 2019


Apple's next iPad Pro likely to have 3D sensing capabilities

Apple has been betting big on augmented reality features, with the rumored goal of pairing them with AR devices.

18 Sep 2019


Apparently, Facebook is developing AR glasses with Ray-Ban's owner

After developing a bunch of Oculus-branded VR headsets, Facebook is shifting gears into the arena of augmented reality (AR).