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Everything Apple revealed about iOS 15 at WWDC 2021

On June 7, Apple kicked off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). We previously reported that Apple is expected to announce major operating system updates for all its products running on iOS, macOS, iPadOS, and watchOS.

08 Jun 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Tinder makes it easier for cheaters, and more

Tinder's very nature makes it unviable for cheaters. While fake profiles don't get you anywhere, using your real identity will get you spotted and ratted out by common friends.

06 Jun 2021


Apple could develop an AirTag detector for NFC-enabled Android smartphones

Just when we thought we could direct our attention to addressing the expensive accessory problem for AirTags, Apple has stolen the spotlight again with a fresh announcement.

Here's everything we expect from Apple's WWDC this year

Hot on the heels of Google I/O and Microsoft Build conferences, Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2021 is scheduled to kick off on June 7.

05 Jun 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Biden goes all Trump on China, and more

Many consider US President Joe Biden as an antidote to his predecessor Donald Trump, hoping for him to undo the latter's policies. However, reality is quite different. After continuing Trump's immigration policies, Biden is also continuing Trump's trade war with China.

01 Jun 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Amazon will set your Wi-Fi free, and more

Not long after nipping the workers' union in the bud, Jeff Bezos and company want to share your means of internet connectivity. You have 10 days to opt out of Amazon's Sidewalk program if you own an Alexa, Echo, or other Amazon devices.

31 May 2021


NewsBytes Explainer: Why iPhone 13 LTPO display tech is game-changing

Apple switching to new LTPO-enhanced OLED displays for the iPhone 13 is considered the next significant advancement in smartphone hardware. It's such a big deal that industry analysts predict it will become the dominant display technology in the next two years.

31 May 2021

Apple Podcasts

Apple defers Podcasts Subscriptions platform launch until June, promises improvements

Last month, Apple had announced that its Apple Podcasts would get a new "Subscriptions" feature in May. Subscribing to premium content would give listeners access to audio streams uninterrupted by pesky advertisements, and even exclusive content from creators.

30 May 2021

Apple Music

Apple iPod Max, AirPods Max 2 conceptualized for lossless playback

Apple may have introduced lossless audio on Apple Music along with its proprietary codec but folks at 9to5Mac noted that the Cupertino-based company doesn't have audiophile-grade headphones or players yet.

29 May 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Apple has its eyes on cryptocurrencies, and more

Apple either bucks the trend and adopts radically new technologies long before competitors, or it takes its own sweet time to embrace new tech used by everyone. The cryptocurrency craze, however, fits between these two scenarios.

26 May 2021

Tim Cook

Apple's recent workplace mutiny may have changed its culture forever

While Apple may still have a vice-like grip over its uncanny, but wildly successful approach to hardware, it is gradually losing control over the rest of its organizational edifices.

26 May 2021

Mac OS

macOS 11.4 patches vulnerability allowing malware to take unsolicited screenshots

Apple recently released an update for macOS (macOS Big Sur version 11.4) which patched a critical vulnerability that allowed bad actors to take screenshots without the users' knowledge.

26 May 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Delhi Police pays Twitter a visit, and more

Twitter learned the hard way that Narendra Modi shouldn't be confused with Donald Trump, and that its arbitrary policies won't fly in India.

25 May 2021


Everything we are expecting from Apple's WWDC starting June 7

Apple has finally sent out invites to the press for its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) scheduled for June 7. The Cupertino-based company conducts this event to announce upcoming software changes so developers have ample time to ensure their apps comply with guidelines.

25 May 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Clubhouse hits million downloads on Android, and more

Despite Big Tech doing its best to clone Clubhouse into their existing platforms, evidently nothing beats the original. Android users flocked to the newly launched app of the audio-only social media platform and downloaded it a million times.

23 May 2021


Apple refutes claims of compromising iCloud user security in China

According to a recent report by The New York Times, Apple has compromised the privacy and security protection of iCloud users in one of its biggest markets for Apple products, China.

22 May 2021

Tim Cook

Epic v/s Apple: Cook asked why gamers paying for bankers

Apple CEO Tim Cook testified in the final round of testimony for the Epic v/s Apple lawsuit. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers posed some pointed questions to Cook over Apple's business model and Epic's claims about unfairly leveraging its monopoly.

21 May 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: ByteDance co-founder steps down as CEO, and more

While the Big Tech oligarchy unpersoned a sitting US President, China seemingly took those lessons to heart and began cracking down on the tech oligarchy within its own backyard.

20 May 2021

Apple Watch

Apple announces accessibility-related software feature updates across its product range

Apple seems to have found multiple ways to make the company's products better for users suffering from a wide range of mental and physical disabilities. The company's new SignTime sign language interpreter service will debut in the US, UK, and France.

20 May 2021

Apple Watch

This is how Apple Watch Series 7 will look like

Apple's next-generation smartwatch, likely to be called the Apple Watch Series 7, will be announced sometime around September this year.

18 May 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Twitterati feels the subscription blues, and more

Apple has been going after its Big Tech rivals by hurting their ad revenue models, but Twitter is making sure it can weather Apple's impending "adpocalypse".

14 May 2021

iPhone 12 Pro

#DealOfTheDay: iPhone 12 Pro available with benefits worth Rs. 9,000

If you are looking to switch from Android to iOS or just want to upgrade your existing iPhone to one of the latest models, this deal might interest you.

12 May 2021


Rumor suggests Apple is developing a console rivaling Nintendo Switch

Apple has long abstained from launching products and software features that would attract gamers to the company's ecosystem. However, if rumors circulating on the Korean forum are to be believed, Apple could be in the process of developing a Nintendo Switch rival.

12 May 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: WhatsApp masters the art of lying, and more

After the public outcry over WhatsApp's ham-handed privacy policy, Facebook was forced to delay the deadline and assure that users won't lose their accounts or functionality.

11 May 2021

Apple MacBook Air

This is how 2021 MacBook Air will look like

Apple is working on a new-generation MacBook Air which is expected to be launched later this year or early-2022.

10 May 2021


Hidden Apple AirTag developer settings found in Find My app

A Reddit user who goes by "cyem" inadvertently discovered a hidden "developer mode" on Apple's Find My app for the iPhone 12. The mode allows the tweaking of multiple user interface parameters.

09 May 2021


Google Play mimics Apple's App Tracking Transparency with 'safety' section

Late last year, Apple introduced privacy labels for its App Store listings. Now, Google has pre-announced its plans to implement something similar.

08 May 2021

Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch model's deliveries delayed by two months

If you are planning to buy the recently-launched M1-powered iPad Pro, chances are you will have to wait for a couple of months to receive the device.

08 May 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: IBM creates first 2-nanometer chip, and more

Those who thought IBM had stopped making processors are in for a surprise as the company claims to have created the world's first 2nm processor.

08 May 2021

iPhone 12

Apple adopts new way to record serial numbers of iPhones

Apple's plan to transition to a new randomized serial number system seems to be in action starting with the iPhone 12 Purple edition that was recently launched in multiple countries.

07 May 2021

iPhone 6

Apple sued over iPhone 6's alleged 'battery explosion'

Two years after the iPhone 6's battery exploded in Robert Franklin's face, the Texan man is seeking a class-action suit against Apple for allegedly selling defective batteries and violating the warranty pledge.

07 May 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: SpaceX's Starship finally sticks the landing, and more

After numerous flight tests ending up in fiery balls of fire, Elon Musk's SpaceX has finally managed to land a Starship prototype without an incident.

06 May 2021


Emails reveal Apple's desperation to prevent Netflix ditching in-app purchases

It is well known that Apple charges a 30 percent commission on in-app purchases (IAP) per its App Store policy.

05 May 2021


Apple Music might get high-fidelity streaming upgrade in coming weeks

Apple Music might get high-fidelity Audio support in the vein of quality-focused music streaming services such as TIDAL.

05 May 2021

Latest Tech News

This is how iPhone 13 Pro Max will look like

YouTuber Lewis Hilsenteger (Unbox Therapy) has shared details of a realistic-looking dummy model of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, giving us a good idea of what to expect from the upcoming Apple flagship.

05 May 2021

Mark Zuckerberg

NewsBytes Briefing: Twitter finally opens up Spaces, and more

After beta testing Spaces on minorities and marginalized netizens for a while, Twitter has finally opened up its Clubhouse clone to common folks, provided you happen to have at least 600 followers.

04 May 2021

3D Printing

Here's how we designed and 3D printed free AirTag case

The AirTag might be an engineering marvel, but Apple forcing users to spend on mandatory cases left a sour taste in our mouths. That's why we came up with a free AirTag case that you can download and 3D print for free.

03 May 2021

Apple Watch

Could an upcoming Apple Watch make blood sugar monitoring painless?

A recent SEC filing by British electronics start-up Rockley Photonics reportedly revealed that Cupertino-based smartphone manufacturer Apple has been its largest customer for the last two years.

03 May 2021


Facebook, Instagram iOS apps include notices extolling virtues of app-tracking

After fielding frontpage newspaper advertisements to influence public opinion against the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) measures introduced in iOS 14.5, Mark Zuckerberg is relaying the same message through the Facebook and Instagram iOS apps.

30 Apr 2021

Apple M1

Apple's upcoming M1 chip's successor has reportedly entered production

Apple made headlines when it announced a transition from Intel CPUs to its custom-designed processors in 2020. Since then, the M1 chip has featured in devices including the recently launched iPad Pro, 13-inch MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro.