Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: News

26 Aug 2022


This Google AI could solve low-light photography problem forever

Taking photos in low light is a nightmare for even the best of photographers. Sure, some cameras can surprise you with moonlit eerie videos, but when it comes to still photos, digital noise continues to be a bane.

25 Aug 2022

Latest Tech News

Meet Lin Kaikai and Ye Youyou, Baidu's AI-powered emotional companions

When you are down and blue, don't you feel the need to have someone close by to soothe your nerves and say the right things? However, for many, it is hard to find that 'right' person.

18 Aug 2022


AI brings dead woman back to life at her funeral

During a funeral, Marina Smith MBE, a Holocaust campaigner, gave a brief speech about her life and responded to questions from the mourners present.

03 Aug 2022


Columbia University's AI program discovers alternative physics

Ever wondered how artificial intelligence can be used to discern the mysteries of physics?

29 Jul 2022


Google-owned DeepMind AI reveals 3D structures of 'entire protein universe'

It took Ferdinand Perutz and John Kendrew years of work to finally unlock the structure of globular proteins.

24 Jul 2022


Google fires engineer who said company's LaMDA AI is sentient

Blake Lemoine, the Google engineer who made headlines for claiming that the company's LaMDA AI chatbot is sentient, has been fired.

24 Jul 2022


Russia: Chess robot goes rogue, breaks 7-year-old child's finger mid-play

An "android's gambit" by a chess-playing robot in Russia broke the finger of a player.

15 Jul 2022


iCub, a child-sized humanoid, tricks people with its 'self-awareness'

Do you remember seeing a child-sized robot performing Tai Chi moves on Italy's Got Talent in 2016? The latest version of the robot dubbed 'iCub 3' has now managed to deceive people into thinking that it has a mind of its own.

24 Jun 2022


Instagram will use AI to confirm your age: Here's how

Instagram is exploring two new methods of age verification. When the users will attempt to change their age to be 18 or older, the platform will ask them to verify their age.

16 Jun 2022


Meet Ana, a 'hyper-realistic' virtual human by PUBG's parent company

Krafton is known for the popular game PUBG, but that might change soon. A playful and realistic Gen Z virtual woman named "Ana" may soon become the Korean company's poster child.

15 Jun 2022

5G Technology

5G in India: Understanding 5G spectrum auction and process involved

India is on the verge of getting its 5G network. The Union Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has allowed the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to conduct the auction for the 5G spectrum.

14 Jun 2022


Has Google's LaMDA become sentient? Understanding the futuristic AI

Google's AI-based language model LaMDA or 'Language Model for Dialogue Applications,' has been in the news after Blake Lemoine, a Google engineer, claimed that it had become a sentient program.

09 Nov 2021


Google can now match your pets to famous portraits

The Google Arts & Culture app was a rage in 2018 when it introduced a camera feature that compared your selfie to famous portraits and showed you the closest match.

09 Nov 2021


How this woman entrepreneur helps small retailers run online stores

Helping tie various elements of a growing e-commerce business together, Mason is a no-code Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that businesses need to ensure the customer-facing storefront always stays shipshape.

01 Nov 2021


This new Gboard feature will make you uninstall Grammarly

Google's latest upgrade to the Gboard app for the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro will make you promptly uninstall Grammarly. The new feature enables the detection and correction of grammatical errors besides spelling errors.

24 Oct 2021


TikTok star discovers the shocking things Alexa records about you

A TikTok star who goes by "" shared a video documenting her surprise when she discovered how much data Amazon has collected about her from smart speakers and smart bulbs.

13 Sep 2021


How Taranjeet Singh's AgNext Technologies is revolutionizing food value chains

India is an emerging technology hub and an established agrarian economy. At the intersection of these worlds, Taranjeet Singh Bhamra is redefining horizons for agriculturists and technocrats alike with his leading agritech start-up AgNext Technologies.

Cerebras creates world's largest AI-ready processor with 850,000 cores

An American artificial intelligence (AI) centric company called Cerebras Systems claims to have built a single processor about the size of an iPad that can achieve the computational equivalent of the human brain or the equivalent of 100 trillion synapses.

22 Aug 2021

Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics flexes its Atlas robot's parkour skills on camera

A video of three robots dancing to Do you Love Me went viral on the internet late last year. Now, the company behind those antics, Boston Dynamics, has shown off its creations' mastery over a parkour routine.

31 Jul 2021

Boston Dynamics

Bipedal robot Cassie runs five kilometers on single charge, untethered

A team of engineers from the Dynamics Robotics Laboratory at the Oregon State University (OSU) revealed that their bipedal robot, called Cassie, has successfully run five kilometers on a single charge without being tethered.

25 Jul 2021


Can AI safely recreate interactions with your deceased loved ones?

Recently, Joshua Barbeau, a resident of Bradford, Canada, successfully used a website called Project December to create a hyper-realistic AI-enabled (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot that recreated the experience of communicating with his deceased fiancée Jessica Pereira.

11 Jul 2021


Huawei engineer develops open-source autonomous self-balancing bicycle after an accident

When we think of the uses for Artificial Intelligence in the mobility sector, we usually think of autonomous cars, right? But the implementations today are still in development and outside the financial reach of commoners.

04 Jun 2021


Google reaffirms ethical AI commitment, in-house researchers differ

Barely months after Google fired two leaders of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) ethics research wing, it has promised to double its research staff studying responsible AI. Additionally, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has pledged support and funding for more ethical AI projects.

30 May 2021


Microsoft's GPT-3 technology could soon write code using ordinary language

A year after funneling $1 billion in OpenAI and gaining exclusive licensing rights to GPT-3, on May 25, Microsoft shared its plans to bring the GPT-3 natural language processing (NLP) technology to programming applications.

10 May 2021

BMW Motorrad

BMW Motorrad uses artificial intelligence to design new art cars

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the BMW Group Cultural Engagement, the company has revealed its latest art car project. It uses artificial intelligence to paint three 8 Series Gran Coupes.

27 Mar 2021


This AI-powered backpack could replace guide dogs for the blind

Most visually impaired people depend on walking canes and guide dogs to navigate public places. While tools do exist to assist with haptic feedback, they aren't comprehensive solutions.

14 Mar 2021


Facebook's latest AI project learns from videos and improves products

Social media giant Facebook announced a project called Learning from Videos recently. The project has multiple objectives, including improving Facebook's Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine, content recommendation, and policy enforcement.

10 Mar 2021


Sarthak Agarwal's iview leverages AI to streamline recruitment

Sarthak Agarwal, an NITK graduate, laid the foundation for iview while he was still in college. What started out as a paperless selection platform for a student club at NITK, is now an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled pre-hiring assessment platform trusted by both—start-ups and enterprises.

25 Feb 2021


Chayan Bhattacharyay revolutionizes business operations with artificial intelligence

Chayan Bhattacharyay is the Founder and CEO of HyperCAP.Ai, a software engineering company based out of Delaware, USA.

24 Feb 2021


Chayan Bhattacharyay revolutionizes business operations with artificial intelligence

Chayan Bhattacharyay is the Founder and CEO of HyperCAP.Ai, a software engineering company based out of Delaware, USA.

21 Jan 2021

Yogi Adityanath

Lucknow: AI-cameras will read 'distressed' women's facial expressions, alert police

The capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, will get artificial intelligence-enabled cameras in public places that will conclude if a woman is in distress by reading the change in her facial expressions. The smart cameras will then alert the nearest police station.

12 Jan 2021


#CES2021: These Samsung robots should be on everyone's wishlist

With an aim to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our lives, Samsung took another step forward when it unveiled three new robots at the ongoing CES 2021.

07 Jan 2021


Anthony Mackie's prototype commando rules in 'Outside The Wire' trailer

Since Chris Evans aged like fine wine in the end of Endgame, we have been waiting for Falcon to take up the Vibranium shield and make good of it.

04 Jan 2021

Indian Railways

IRCTC revamps site and app with various new features

The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), the Indian Railways' e-ticketing arm, has upgraded and revamped its website and app to offer a seamless ticket booking experience to passengers.

01 Dec 2020


BMC to use AI-based voice analysis to detect COVID-19 risk

Mumbai's civic body, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), will start a pilot project of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based voice analysis test to determine the risk of COVID-19.

27 Nov 2020


YouTube begins testing AI-generated automatic video chapters: Details here

YouTube is testing a new feature that will automatically generate chapters for videos on its platform with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms.

24 Sep 2020


Scott Disick, Brody Jenner promoted racist AI app, slammed

Celebrities Scott Disick, Brody Jenner, and Danielle Cohn are being slammed on the internet for promoting Gradient, an application that packs an outright racist feature.

16 Sep 2020


Snapdeal starts testing robots for order deliveries: Details here

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed nearly a million around the world, has made contact-less technology the need of the hour - across several sectors and roles.

Sushant was reportedly developing an app to help the needy

Late actor Sushant Singh Rajput had been working on an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based mobile app, singer-entrepreneur Arian Romal has claimed.