Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: News

21 Feb 2020

Space News

An AI flagged 11 asteroids capable of smashing into Earth

Asteroids pose a major threat to Earth and all of life.

20 Feb 2020


Now, Google's AI will help you type in Docs

In a bid to take on the likes of Microsoft Word, Google has started deploying AI-powered Smart Compose and auto-correction capabilities in Docs, its own cloud-based word processor.

19 Feb 2020


#SpookyNews: Hackers can make your Tesla speed up suddenly

All 'connected' devices come with the risk of hacking. We have a number of cases to back up this claim, but the latest one is raising major alarms.

19 Feb 2020

Arvind Kejriwal

In a first, BJP leader used AI-generated videos during campaigning

Ahead of the Legislative Assembly elections in National Capital, BJP Delhi President Manoj Tiwari used AI-generated deepfake videos while campaigning.

19 Feb 2020

Elon Musk

After Pichai, Elon Musk calls for regulation of AI development

A few weeks ago, Google and Alphabet's boss Sundar Pichai spoke on the possible risks and advantages of artificial intelligence (AI) and called for 'balanced' regulation of the tech.

18 Feb 2020


Microsoft opens a new engineering center in India

In a bid to expand its footprint in the Indian market, Microsoft has launched a new engineering hub in the country.

13 Feb 2020


Brick&Bolt receives $1.5 million Pre-Series A funding

Brick&Bolt, a real estate start-up that provides an online marketplace for end-to-end construction services, has raised $1.5 million in a Pre-Series A round of funding.

12 Feb 2020


Boston Dynamics robo-dog bags a real job. What?

After making waves with some mind-boggling YouTube videos, Spot, the super-cool robo-dog built by Boston Dynamics, is going for a real job.

08 Feb 2020


#DeepFakes: Reuters develops AI capable of producing presenter-led videos

The role of artificial intelligence in journalism is hotly-debated, mainly due to the risks of involving machines in the practice of unbiased reporting.

31 Jan 2020


Healthcare start-up CureSkin raises $500k from SenseAI Ventures

Bengaluru-based cosmetic start-up CureSkin has raised $500k in a corporate round of funding led by Gurugram-based SenseAI Ventures.

30 Jan 2020


Google is using AI to save killer whales: Here's how

Google is using the power of artificial intelligence to save orcas, an endangered species of killer whales, from going extinct.

29 Jan 2020


Soon, Google will transcribe, translate lectures in real time

In a major development, Google has announced a feature that would let people use the Translate app on their phones to translate and transcribe long-form speech into any desired language. In real time!

24 Jan 2020


Not feeling safe on a date? Use Tinder's 'panic' button

Tinder has grown into one of the biggest dating platforms, with millions shelling out money to use the service.

22 Jan 2020


Now, robots can walk on walls, beat gravity: Here's how

After learning the way to open doors, move boxes, and nail backflips, robots are inching closer to another super-cool ability - walking on the walls.

21 Jan 2020


#CareerBytes: Top online courses that computer science engineers can pursue

Computer science is one of the fastest-growing fields in the world and has also become a popular career choice as it offers lucrative opportunities.

21 Jan 2020


#ScareAlert: This app can pull name, other details from images!

As Europe mulls banning public use of facial recognition systems, a new and potentially scary avatar of the technology has come to light.

21 Jan 2020


Sundar Pichai warns of AI's misuse, calls for regulation

Sundar Pichai wants Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be regulated for the betterment of humanity.

20 Jan 2020


#CareerBytes: Meet the toppers of JEE Main 2020 (January session)

The National Testing Agency (NTA) recently declared the results of the 2020 Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main for the January session on January 17.

17 Jan 2020


Microsoft's new app uses AI to help with math problems

After offering a way to digitize real-world tables, Microsoft has launched 'Maths Solver,' a smart app capable of solving complicated mathematical problems.

08 Jan 2020


CES 2020: Meet NEON, the world's first 'Artificial Human'

At the ongoing CES 2020 trade show in Las Vegas, Star Labs has unveiled NEON - the world's first "Artificial Human".

07 Jan 2020


CES 2020: Meet NEON, the world's first 'Artificial Human'

At the ongoing CES 2020 trade show in Las Vegas, Samsung-backed Star Labs has unveiled NEON - the world's first "Artificial Human".

03 Jan 2020


Google's AI can detect breast cancer more accurately than experts

DeepMind, Google's AI research company, is using its technology for a bigger (and much needed) task - breast cancer detection.

30 Dec 2019


#ThatWas2019: 6 mind-boggling moments witnessed in science and tech

2019 was a year of major scientific and technological advancements.

28 Dec 2019

Iron Man

#ComicBytes: The five coolest inventions by Tony Stark

Tony Stark is best known in the Marvel Universe as Iron Man. A brilliant scientist and billionaire, he usually dedicates his considerable intelligence to improving his Iron Man suits, which are packed with the latest technology.

26 Dec 2019


NEON: Samsung's AI being that can become your best friend

Samsung is set to introduce an artificial intelligence-driven digital assistant at the CES 2020 which will kick off on January 7, 2020.

14 Dec 2019


#FinancialBytes: What are neobanks? Here's all you need to know

Neobanks, the new digital-only entrants in the fintech space, have been taking the industry by storm not only in India but across the world.

09 Dec 2019


#FunUsingTech: Snapchat will let you create your cameos using Deepfake

After a bunch of Chinese apps, Snapchat is gearing up to use the controversial Deepfake technology - which has been used to mar the image of actors/politicians - for a fun effect.

06 Dec 2019


Meet Zenia, an AI that can guide your yoga sessions

The fact that hundreds of millions of people practise yoga is enough to explain how critical discipline is for leading a healthy life.

01 Dec 2019


Google Photos enables manual face tagging: How to use it

After offering a bunch of AI-powered quirks (sometimes even unnecessary ones) into its Photos app, Google is finally adding something we all have wanted for so long - manual face tagging.

28 Nov 2019


Now, Amazon's Alexa will talk with emotions. Scary times ahead!

A virtual assistant with emotions? Are we in Black Mirror-esque dystopian world?

23 Nov 2019


Facebook built a creepy facial recognition system to identify people

Even after a major data breach and Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook's name continues to appear in privacy-related debacles.

22 Nov 2019


Now, read to your kid from anywhere using Google Assistant

While Google Assistant is known for bringing interesting new capabilities for all its users, it is focusing on a specific group this time around - parents.

22 Nov 2019


Now, Google will use AI to help type in Docs

Google Docs has already taken over the likes of Microsoft Word, thanks to its easy-to-use cloud-powered features.

21 Nov 2019


This Kochi-based bank is using robot to hire employees

As public banks continue with rigorous exams to recruit fresh candidates for different positions, private-sector entities are employing new and innovative techniques.

21 Nov 2019


Using AI, this smart e-scooter can self diagnose its problems

The trend of electric scooters tackling the problem of pollution and enabling last-mile connectivity is growing in India as well as abroad.

18 Nov 2019

Stanford University

Stanford's new 'smart hospital' has robots, automated guided vehicles

As hospitals around the world continue to incorporate smart technologies and robots, Stanford University is building a tech-powered health care center from ground up.

14 Nov 2019


Now, an AI engine can tell when you will die

AI is getting better at a lot of stuff (including things like playing poker), but one particular US-based healthcare provider is using the technology for something completely different - telling when people might die.

12 Nov 2019


This US-based brothel is offering AI sex robots to clients

Alien Cathouse, a brothel in Nevada, US, has started offering AI sex robots to meet the desires of its clientele.

11 Nov 2019


Microsoft's AI engine can detect cervical cancer more efficiently

In a major development, Microsoft has come up with an AI engine that can detect cases of cervical cancer faster than doctors.

08 Nov 2019


China is selling AI-powered killer robots to the Middle East

Despite several warnings from technology moguls, the age of dangerous killer robots, AI-powered machines that require little to no oversight to kill, is here.