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12 Jan 2021

Captain Marvel

Get ready for some old sitcom vibes through 'WandaVision'

WandaVision, a much awaited series, is finally set to hit our smartphones.

09 Jan 2021


#ComicBytes: Listing the best Spider-Man comics for new fans

Spider-Man's great powers and greater responsibility have been a part of Marvel fans' lives for the last six decades.

08 Jan 2021


#ComicBytes: The villains of Marvel comics who have been forgotten

The world of comics is pretty bizarre.

06 Jan 2021

Iron Man

#ComicBytes: Meet the smartest superheroes in Marvel Universe

Since physical powers are perceived as the best traits of superheroes, intelligence often gets overlooked.

05 Jan 2021


#ComicBytes: Know about the origin story of Adam Warlock

Any conversation around Infinity Gauntlet and Gems leads to Thanos, the Mad Titan.

02 Jan 2021

Angelina Jolie

#ComicBytes: The history of the Eternals, MCU's new mythological beings

Since its announcement at 2019's San Diego Comic-Con, fans have been waiting for the Eternals movie.

01 Jan 2021


DiCaprio might be another Spidey in the 'Doctor Strange' sequel

2021 might throw at us some excellent cinematic collaborations!

#ComicBytes: Marvel characters who have served in the military

Every Marvel character has an origin story that makes them either good or evil.

31 Dec 2020

Walt Disney

Keanu Reeves in discussion for Disney+ show with Marvel CEO?

Finally, there is some good news at the end of a horrible year! We might see a splendid collaboration between two biggies of Hollywood.

29 Dec 2020

Civil War

#ComicBytes: History of the Young Avengers, and their MCU debut

The Avengers were an average team in comics but became popular due to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

#ComicBytes: The story of Kang the Conqueror, MCU's upcoming mega-villain

Recently it was confirmed that Jonathan Majors is joining the cast of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania as Kang the Conqueror.

26 Dec 2020

Civil War

#ComicBytes: The story of Kate Bishop, the first female Hawkeye

Recently, photos from the set of the upcoming Disney+ Hawkeye series were widely shared, which showed Hailee Steinfeld taking on the role of Kate Bishop.

#ComicBytes: The origin story of Kurt Wagner, X-Men's Nightcrawler

A complicated family, extraordinary powers, dramatic past, and religious faith are the making of a great story.

22 Dec 2020


Hear Chadwick Boseman in 'What If...?' for one last time

It turns out that we can hear Chadwick Boseman for one last time.

21 Dec 2020


#ComicBytes: Meet the deadliest assassins in Marvel Universe

Lethal. Dangerous. Badass. The assassins in Marvel comics are all of these and so much more.

21 Dec 2020

Reed Richards

#ComicBytes: Some important fictional countries in Marvel comics

Marvel Cinematic Universe always looks for opportunities to bombard New York with alien invasions in almost every movie.

19 Dec 2020

San Francisco

#ComicBytes: Brutal acts of Magneto, one of Marvel's strongest villains

Max Eisenhardt, better known as Erik Magnus Lehnsherr or Magneto, is one of Marvel's most powerful villains.

18 Dec 2020

Christian Bale

#ComicBytes: Who is Gorr the God Butcher?

Marvel fans around the world recently celebrated the announcement of several new projects and additions to the MCU.

16 Dec 2020

Iron Man

#ComicBytes: Meet Ironheart Riri Williams, Tony Stark's successor in MCU

Iron Man's death in Avengers: Endgame was quite shocking. But this doesn't mean that his legacy is gone.

14 Dec 2020

Walt Disney

Kang the Conqueror: Marvel's next dangerous Avenger nemesis after Thanos

Marvel has dropped many noteworthy developments during Disney's Investor Day 2020 held on December 10.

13 Dec 2020

Star Wars

Marvel to 'Enchanted', Disney's Investor Day had something for everyone

December 10 came bearing good news for every Disney fan across the world, and it looks like the company is determined to turn the upcoming years into a spectacular experience.

13 Dec 2020

Star Wars

#ComicBytes: Four interesting facts from the Darth Vader comics

When you watch the Star Wars films in chronological order, there is a significant story gap of 30 years between Episode III and Episode IV, which took away our chance to see Darth Vader's transformation into a legend.

06 Dec 2020


Marvel's Thanos is linked to 'Eternals' by bloodline, writes Thor

Thanos, the name itself reeks of something scary, and since we've felt his impact in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, we know it's for real.

02 Dec 2020


Heart-touching! MCU colleagues, co-stars celebrate Chadwick Boseman's 44th birthday

Chadwick Boseman turned 44 this November 29. The only difference? It's his first birthday in heaven.

02 Dec 2020

Barack Obama

#ComicBytes: The time when a group of pets defeated Thanos!

Here is a fascinating story for you.

24 Nov 2020

Captain America

#ComicBytes: Banner vs Walters, who is the better Hulk?

The original Hulk, Bruce Banner is quite 'incredible', and his cousin Jennifer Walters is equally 'sensational'. But who is the better green superhero, Hulk or She-Hulk?

22 Nov 2020

Walt Disney

'Deadpool 3' gets 'Bob's Burgers' writer-duo to pen the script

It seems like Ryan Reynolds is retaining his unparalleled sense of humor in his latest Deadpool outing.

18 Nov 2020

Marvel Comics

#ComicBytes: Decoding the origin and powers of Shang-Chi

Shang-Chi is finally making his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut next year (hopefully).

16 Nov 2020

Iron Man

#ComicBytes: Interesting facts about Victor von Doom (Doctor Doom)

Victor von Doom, better known as Doctor Doom, is one hell of a villain.

12 Nov 2020

Iron Man

#ComicBytes: Do you know about Marvel's cleanup crew, Damage Control?

After every fight in the Marvel Universe, the place of the event faces massive destruction.

10 Nov 2020


#ComicBytes: 5 most powerful sorcerers in the Marvel Universe

Magic in the Marvel Universe is quite complicated because it's not just about wands and spells.

09 Nov 2020


#ComicBytes: These are the top five Marvel anti-heroes

Who exactly is an anti-hero?

03 Nov 2020


Marvel's Spider-Man must come out of Tony Stark's shadows, NOW!

This is the finally-someone-said-it moment for Spider-Man fans!

03 Nov 2020


#ComicBytes: Marvel's underrated super teams who deserve their own movies

Different individuals coming together to fight for a common cause is always a good story, especially when it comes to Marvel.

01 Nov 2020


Just a matter of time: Wright on all-women Avengers film

Letitia Wright, who grabbed all of our eyeballs as the braveheart Shuri, sister of King T'Challa on Black Panther and later on Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, is positive about teaming up again with her fellow Avengers superfellows, women to be specific.

01 Nov 2020


#ComicBytes: Meet MCU's newest addition, badass vigilante, Moon Knight

Often compared to DC legend Batman, Marvel's Moon Knight (Marc Spector) is a badass vigilante who is set to make his MCU debut.

31 Oct 2020

Jean Grey

#ComicBytes: The underrated members of X-Men

Mutants are an essential part of Marvel because they are all unique, and necessary for every big event in the universe.

29 Oct 2020

Star Wars

'Star War's Oscar Isaac may play Moon Knight for Disney+

Marvel just got a hundred times more exciting!

27 Oct 2020

Angelina Jolie

#ComicBytes: The comic book origin of Quake aka Daisy Johnson

Daisy Johnson, better known as the superhero Quake, gained immense popularity after Chloe Bennet portrayed the character in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.