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17 Apr 2021


Here's another look at features in Android 12's Developer Preview

The hype surrounding Android 12 has been growing since Google began to release Developer Preview builds. With the third Developer Preview right around the corner, XDA-Developers got some hands-on time with a yet unreleased build of the smartphone operating system.

17 Apr 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Chip shortages will continue until 2023, and more

Want a new graphics card, gaming rig, or a next-generation console? Well, you might as well pay the atrocious scalper prices because the world's largest chipmaker TSMC has painted a rather grim picture.

16 Apr 2021

Google Earth

Google Earth's Timelapse feature lets you watch Earth's 40-year evolution

So far, Google Earth has served as an indispensable resource for anyone wanting to view any nook and cranny on Earth via satellite imagery.

15 Apr 2021


Telegram offers direct download to bypass Google's censorship overreach

While most Android users prefer to download WhatsApp's alternative Telegram off the Play Store, there is now a compelling reason to seek an unusual method provided by the app makers.

14 Apr 2021


This feature nudges Android users to look up while walking

Google has begun rolling out the latest addition to its Digital Wellbeing app. First spotted by XDA-Developers' Mishaal Rahman in November last year, the Heads Up feature is designed to prevent people from using their phones while walking.

12 Apr 2021


Google is shutting down its Shopping app

Google is shutting down its Shopping app for Android and iOS, a company spokesperson confirmed to 9to5Google.

12 Apr 2021

Google Duo

Google makes its Lyra audio codec open source

Google has announced that the Lyra audio codec which was released for Duo in February 2021 is now open source.

11 Apr 2021

Pixel Buds

Google's Dysonics acquisition could bring 3D audio to Pixel Buds

Google recently acquired 3D audio start-up Dysonics. The acquisition took place quietly in December last year and came to light in a recent filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Protocol reported.

10 Apr 2021


Xiaomi and OPPO might soon launch in-house processors

Xiaomi and OPPO are developing in-house processors for smartphones which the companies will introduce between late 2021 and early 2022, reports DigiTimes.

10 Apr 2021

Google Pixel Watch

This is how Google Pixel Watch will look like

Google is likely to introduce its Pixel Watch in October this year, alongside the flagship Pixel 6 smartphone.

Google Pixel 5a 5G not canceled, will see limited release

Just hours after tipster Jon Prosser had claimed that Google's Pixel 5a 5G has been canceled due to chip shortage, the tech giant has quashed the rumors, stating that the handset "will be available later this year in the US and Japan."

09 Apr 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Facebook refuses to inform leak victims, and more

By now everyone knows how a Facebook security breach leaked personal data belonging to its 533 million users. That means one in five active Facebook users has been compromised.

08 Apr 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: PUBG Mobile bans millions for cheating, and more

When your game is predicated upon competitive multiplayer gameplay, it's a terrible prospect to have cheaters run amok. PUBG Mobile's Ban Pan initiative has been banning in excess of a million players every week.

07 Apr 2021


Google may have inadvertently leaked the upcoming Pixel Buds A

On Tuesday, Google sent out an email to people in the Google Nest mailing list. It was accompanied by an image showing various devices from the brand.

06 Apr 2021

Google Pixel 5

Google's April 2021 update significantly boosts Pixel 5's performance

Google has started releasing the latest April 2021 update for all the eligible Pixel smartphones, including the Pixel 5.

04 Apr 2021


Google to limit apps from seeing what else is installed

Google will soon moderate which applications on the Play Store can access the list of all the other apps that you have installed on your device, reports XDA-Developers.

03 Apr 2021


Come October, Pixel 6 could pack Google's own chipset

Rumors are rife that Google will rely on its own chipsets to power its upcoming flagship Pixel 6 smartphones. Early last year, Axios reported that Google could power its Chromebooks and Pixel smartphones with its own processors.

02 Apr 2021

Google Maps

Google Maps' new AR feature will help you navigate indoors

Google Maps' brand new augmented reality-powered feature will help users navigate indoor areas like airports and malls in a pinch.

02 Apr 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: US Army bets big on HoloLens, and more

If you thought augmented reality tech was just a passing fad, the US Department of Defense begs to differ. The agency made a massive $21.88 billion deal with Microsoft to supply the US Army with 120,000 ruggedized HoloLens AR units.

01 Apr 2021


Google cancels April Fools' Day pranks for second consecutive year

Search giant Google will refrain from wisecracks for the second consecutive year. The Verge and Business Insider received confirmation from the company that owing to the coronavirus pandemic, jokes for this year's April Fools' Day have been paused.

01 Apr 2021


Stack: Google's experimental AI-powered app for scanning and categorizing documents

Google's in-house idea incubator, dubbed Area 120, has released a new app called Stack. The document analysis and segregation tool is available only as an Android app in the US for the time being.

01 Apr 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: India continues to punish TikTok, and more

The best way to deal with bullies is to inflict a significant cost for their belligerence. And India has been doing a fine job hurting the economic interests of China for its border transgressions.

29 Mar 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Google bats for the terrorists, and more

Google faced some internal turmoil over the contentious issue of foiling a nine-month-long counterterrorism operation run by an unnamed US ally.

29 Mar 2021


Google shut down Western counterterrorism operation disguised as cyberattack

Google's crack security team Project Zero has highlighted 11 zero-day exploits compromising iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. All of these have been linked to state-sponsored Western hacking groups.

27 Mar 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: The curious case of disappearing NFTs, and more

Even as everyone gets ready to jump on the NFT bandwagon, here's something you might want to know before putting your life savings into them.

23 Mar 2021


Why were Google Chrome, Gmail apps crashing for some users

Early this morning, Android users around the world reported notifications alerting them that multiple apps had stopped running. The affected apps include Gmail, multiple banking apps, and Google Pay.

19 Mar 2021


Google will inject $7 billion in data centers and offices

As vaccines begin rolling out, Google is already preparing for the resumption of normal office operations. The company has earmarked more than $7 billion to real estate across the US for the year 2021 alone.

18 Mar 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Facebook develops concern for human rights, and more

Last time Apple feigned privacy concerns, that was revealed to be a ploy to ruin Facebook by going after its ad revenues. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had responded by famously asking employees "to inflict pain" on Apple.

Google halves Play Store billing fee for developers globally

Yesterday, Google announced that it is slashing its Play Store billing fee globally from 30 percent to 15 percent.

16 Mar 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Google faces a $5 billion lawsuit, and more

Google's last-ditch effort to have the class action lawsuit thrown out has failed. Now the technology conglomerate faces $5 billion in potential fines for tracking user activity through Chrome browser's incognito mode.

Google Pixel 5a bags BIS certification, India launch confirmed

Google is expected to announce its Pixel 5a model on June 11. In the latest development, the handset has received BIS certification in India, confirming that it will be launched here as well. However, the official launch timeline is yet to be announced.

15 Mar 2021

Google Analytics

Judge rules Google must face $5 billion incognito mode lawsuit

In June 2020, Google was slapped with a $5 billion lawsuit for allegedly tracking users activity in the Chrome browser's incognito mode.

13 Mar 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Google demands its pound of flesh, and more

Google has amply demonstrated there is no such thing as free lunch with its payments app. After getting people accustomed to its convenience, Google Pay will soon monetize users' transaction data.

Increased Pixel 5a inventory for India, local production also possible

Google is rethinking its smartphone business strategy with more focus on India than ever before. According to ET Telecom, the tech giant will increase the inventory of Pixel smartphones in India with the launch of Pixel 5a, which is tipped for June 11.

12 Mar 2021

Google Pay (Gpay)

Google Pay plans to monetize users' transaction data in India

Payments app Google Pay could monetize the transaction data of users on the app. Google said an app update coming to Play Store next week will ask users if they wish to share data with the company.

Google Pixel 5a tipped to be launched on June 11

Pixel 5a could be the first smartphone from Google's stable this year and it is likely to go official as early as June. According to tipster Jon Prosser, the budget-friendly handset will be announced on June 11.

09 Mar 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Chinese hackers spook the White House, and more

A Chinese hacking group called Hafnium has exploited a security flaw in Microsoft's popular Exchange Server email software to infect hundreds of thousands of entities across the globe.

05 Mar 2021

Alphabet Inc

Alphabet's Moonshot Factory developing Wolverine, a wearable hearing enhancer

Google's parent company Alphabet Inc. has a subsidiary called X, also referred to as the Moonshot Factory, which chases seemingly wild ideas. The latest one is a wearable that enhances hearing capabilities.

27 Feb 2021

Google Chrome

Chrome Incognito case: Judge disturbed by Google's data collection practices

In June 2020, we reported that a class-action lawsuit had been filed against Google. It was caught tracking Chrome users' browsing history and web activity even in the Incognito mode.

27 Feb 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Twitter will soon have paywalls, and more

Even as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey bloviates about making Twitter free, the microblogging site announced plans to introduce monetization and paywalled content. Dubbed as Super Follow, the upcoming feature allows Twitter to make money off paywalled content.