Google Photos: News

22 May 2024


Magic Editor now available to all Google Photos users

Google Photos announced last month that it would make its AI-powered tool, Magic Editor, free to all Android and iOS users.

18 May 2024


Google Photos introduces new feature to check storage saver eligibility

Google Photos is rolling out a new feature that enables users to identify if an image is unsuitable for the Storage saver.

14 May 2024


Google Photos gets an AI-powered feature called 'Ask Photos'

Google Photos is set to enhance its user experience with a new feature called 'Ask Photos.'

14 May 2024


How to disable motion photos on your smartphone

Android smartphones offer a unique feature known as motion photo, which transforms static images into short video clips.

13 May 2024


How to permanently delete images from Google Photos

Google Photos, a widely used cloud storage solution compatible with almost all Android phones, PCs, iPhones, and Chromebooks, allows users to easily manage their photos.

07 May 2024


Easy steps to backup your Android phone to the cloud

Backing up your Android phone's data to the cloud is a crucial step in securing your valuable information.

15 Apr 2024


Google Photos to introduce 'Recover Storage' feature for Android users

Google Photos is developing a new feature called 'Recover Storage' aimed at addressing the common issue of storage space for Android users.

11 Apr 2024


Google Photos gives free access to advanced AI-powered editing tools

Google has announced that it is providing all users with complimentary access to its advanced editing features on Google Photos.

07 Apr 2024


Google unveils new JPEG encoder for enhanced image quality

Google has launched a new JPEG image encoder named JPEGli.

20 Mar 2024


Google Photos: Tips to use it effectively

Google Photos, a cloud-based platform, offers seamless storage and sharing for your digital photos and videos.

16 Mar 2024


Google Photos enhances document sorting for users with new labels

Google Photos has rolled out an update that introduces labels for screenshots, notes, and other documents.

25 Feb 2024


Google Photos Android 14 share sheet expands to more Pixels

Google Photos is bringing its native Android 14 share sheet to more Pixel phones, offering a smoother sharing experience with app-specific actions.

17 Dec 2023


How to use Video Boost on Google Pixel 8 Pro

The Google Pixel 8 Pro now boasts a new video processing feature called Video Boost.

16 Nov 2023


How to use Google Photos's AI features to organize library

Google Photos is stepping up its organization game with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

13 Nov 2023


Google Photos rolls out 'Photo Stack' feature: How it works

Google is introducing a new feature known as Photo Stack on its Photos app, which is designed to group similar images captured at the same time.

21 Oct 2023


Google Photos enables RAW backups; exercise caution with usage

Google Photos has started encouraging some Pixel users to back up RAW images.

14 Oct 2023


Google Photos introduces native Android 14 share sheet

Google Photos is introducing a native share sheet for Android 14, ditching its custom version, per 9to5Google.

29 Sep 2023


Google Photos rolls out with revamped design, updated Memories feed

Google is releasing its redesigned Photos app in the US, boasting an updated Memories feed, a reorganized bottom bar, and more.

03 Mar 2023


See what Google knows about you; you won't like it

Most of us have used at least one of Google's products and services. And most of us have wondered how much the tech giant knows about us.

25 Feb 2023


Google's Magic Eraser feature now available for all One subscribers

Google has made the Pixel-exclusive Magic Eraser feature available on the latest iteration of Photos on iOS and Android phones. But it isn't available for free.

14 Feb 2023


Latest iOS update causes Google Photos to crash for some

If you have been experiencing issues with the Google Photos app after installing the latest iOS 16.3.1 update, then you are not alone.

03 Aug 2022


Google Photos: Top tips and tricks you must know

We are not short of cloud storage options for photos. There's OneDrive, Dropbox, and iCloud, among others, but Google Photos continues to be one of the best in the mix.

01 Jun 2021


Google Photos free storage ends today; Is Google One worthwhile?

After an announcement last year, Google will finally end unlimited free storage for Google Photos users today. The company had said that from June 1, Google Photos will share 15GB of cloud storage with other services such as Gmail and Google Drive.

17 May 2021


Free Photos storage ending; should you pay for Google One?

Google has been paywalling a number of services as of last year. Now, it appears to be Google Photos' turn. Google users will lose access to the app's free cloud backup service on June 1, unless they subscribe to a Google One membership.

25 Apr 2021


Google Photos gets new 'Sharpen' and 'Denoise' photo editing effects

Google Photos has been one of the most popular gallery apps on Android, pre-loaded on many Android phones.

12 Nov 2020


No free unlimited Google Photos storage from 2021: Details here

Google has announced that it will be ending the free unlimited storage feature on Google Photos from next year.

30 Jun 2020


#TechBytes: Best alternatives to popular Chinese apps banned in India

Amid heightened tensions along the LAC, the Government of India has taken the decision to ban as many as 59 'unsafe' Chinese applications.

26 Jun 2020


New logo to interface, here's how Google Photos is changing

With over a billion active users, Google Photos serves as an ideal cloud storage solution to preserve precious photos and videos and revisit them whenever, wherever needed.

07 Jun 2020


#TechBytes: How to transfer Facebook photos, videos to Google Photos

A few months ago, Facebook announced a tool to let select users port their photos/videos to Google Photos.

05 Feb 2020


Shocking! Private videos in Google Photos sent to strangers

In a major shocker, Google has admitted to inadvertently sending some people's private videos uploaded on Google Photos to complete strangers.

16 Jan 2020


Now, you will get alerts about third-party logins with Facebook

As politicians continue to raise concerns over the trove of data Facebook has access to, the social network is doing everything possible to make users feel that their information is in safe hands.

26 Dec 2019


Soon, Google Photos will let you zoom in on videos

After Lens-powered search functions, Google is gearing up to add another handy capability into Photos - Video Zooming.

04 Dec 2019


Now, Google is adding instant chat into Photos. But, why?

From Google Talk and Voice to Google+ Hangouts and Allo, Google has created way too many messaging and communication apps over the years.

03 Dec 2019


Now, you can transfer your Facebook photos/videos to Google Photos

In another effort to give users a sense of control over their data, Facebook is launching a tool to enable instant media transfer.

01 Dec 2019


Google Photos enables manual face tagging: How to use it

After offering a bunch of AI-powered quirks (sometimes even unnecessary ones) into its Photos app, Google is finally adding something we all have wanted for so long - manual face tagging.

19 Oct 2019


iPhone users can save unlimited original-quality images in Google Photos

Google Photos makes an ideal cloud backup service to keep years-old memories, be it photos or videos, perfectly safe.

25 Sep 2019


Instagram is also getting a dark mode: Details here

After Slack, Gmail, and Google Photos, Instagram has joined the long list of services that are getting a dedicated dark mode.

18 Sep 2019


You can now share WhatsApp Status updates as Facebook Stories

After months of beta testing, WhatsApp has released the ability to let users share their statuses to Facebook.

24 Aug 2019


Now, you can search for text in Google Photos' images

Google Photos is getting better than ever, thanks to some amazing features by the search giant.

19 Aug 2019


Now, you can use simple gestures to switch Google accounts

In a bid to make its services more convenient to use, Google is adding a handy new capability into its Android/iOS apps - the ability to switch accounts with gestures.

19 Jul 2019


Your privately-shared Google Photos are not fully secure: Here's why

Google Photos makes an ideal platform to back up images and videos.

27 Jun 2019


Soon, WhatsApp will share Statuses to your Facebook account

WhatsApp appears to be testing a new feature, an option that would let you share your Statuses to Facebook.

19 May 2019


Google's security tools can shield you from cyber-attacks: Details here

Google has long been asking users to enable its security tools for shielding all its services - from Gmail to Google Photos - from hacking attempts.

22 Mar 2019


How to save photos online without using too much data

With cloud storage services, we all got a way to save our phones' precious storage without deleting the memories of our loved ones.

22 Mar 2019


Google Photos' bug exposed location histories: Here's how

Google's cloud-based Photos service was marred by a bug, a vulnerability that opened gates for attackers to approximate location of images stored in an account.

05 Mar 2019


Shocking! Android TV exposes strangers' private Google Photos as screensavers

Today, even if you keep your accounts fully-secured, there's no way to dodge privacy-compromising bugs.

21 Feb 2019


Here's how you can save space on your low-end cellphones

The sheer amount of apps, games, and content we consume destroys the space on our phones.

31 Jan 2019


Google+ losing key features next week, shuttering on April 2

After back-to-back data leaks, Google's failed social media platform, Google+, is on the verge of being buried.

29 Jan 2019


By typing Captcha, you are actually helping Google. Read how

Have you ever come across the word 'Captcha' on the Internet while entering a password or filling a form, and Google says it is to prove that you are human?

28 Jan 2019


Moments, Facebook's rarely-used, photo-sharing app to shut down next month

Facebook has announced that it is shutting down its standalone photo-sharing app, Moments, next month.

12 Dec 2018


Google Photos ends unlimited storage for certain videos: Details here

Most of us use Google Photos, thanks to its ability to sync photos and videos seamlessly with our Google accounts.

06 Dec 2018


Want to improve battery life of your smartphone? Try this

Modern-day smartphones are not just phones for calling or texting, they are 'feature-packed' computing devices aimed at simplifying our lives, making things 'smarter'.

24 Nov 2018


#TechBytes: 5 useful Google Assistant tricks you didn't know about

Among all digital helpers, Google Assistant takes the top spot with its quirky replies and a host of productivity-focused features.

02 Nov 2018


Selling your Android phone? Don't forget to follow these steps

As the festive season sets in, many of you would be thinking of selling or trading in your Android smartphone for a new one.

19 Sep 2018


5 best cloud storage apps for every smartphone user

Our smartphones are packed with limited storage and thus, storing high-quality pictures and videos, documents along with countless apps and games is obviously quite difficult.

09 Aug 2018


How Google helped this Mumbai woman find her stolen smartphone

With quick thinking and some help from Google, a Mumbai woman managed to nab the man who had stolen her phone.

12 May 2018

Google Maps

6 key takeaways from Google I/O 2018

Google I/O 2018, the company's annual developer conference, has just concluded in California.

10 May 2018


Google Lens being integrated directly into the camera app

Google Lens, the company's camera-powered visual search engine, is getting native support for the camera app. Earlier, it was only supported by Google Assistant and the Google Photos app.

08 May 2018


Google I/O: Where to watch, expected announcements, and everything else

Google I/O 2018, the tech giant's annual developer conference, will start on May 8 (10:30 pm IST) and end on May 10.

07 Mar 2018


Visual search engine Lens comes to all Google Photos users

Google is officially rolling out Lens, the company's visual search engine, to its Google Photos app on all Android devices.

24 Feb 2018


Google launches its Augmented Reality system on 100 million devices

Google has launched its Augmented Reality system ARCore on 13 smartphones, including all Pixel phones, recent Samsung flagship phones, and OnePlus 5.

24 Dec 2016

Google Maps

Google discontinues eight products as 2016 comes to an end

While Google released some critically acclaimed products like the Pixel smartphone and the Daydream virtual reality platform this year, it also pulled the plug on several of its ongoing products/projects.