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09 Dec 2019

New Zealand

Five dead as New Zealand volcano erupts on tourists

At least five persons were killed while several others were unaccounted for after a volcano erupted at a popular tourist spot in New Zealand.

07 Dec 2019


#BugAlert: Airtel security flaw risked over 300 million subscribers' data

Leading telecom operator Airtel risked the personal data of its subscribers, more than 300 million people, due to a critical security flaw in its mobile app.

New Zealand win Spirit of Cricket award: Details here

Runners-up of ICC World Cup 2019, New Zealand, have been awarded the prestigious Martin-Jenkins Spirit of Cricket award for the best sporting conduct for the year.

04 Nov 2019


McDonald's fires CEO Steve Easterbrook over 'consensual relationship' with employee

McDonald's has fired CEO Steve Easterbrook over a consensual relationship he had with an employee, the fast-food company announced on Sunday.

22 Oct 2019

Donald Trump

Justin Trudeau wins second term in Canada polls; loses majority

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won a second term in the national elections on Monday. However, Trudeau's Liberal Party lost the Parliament majority as the opposition Conservatives closed in.

21 Oct 2019


Google could take months to fix Pixel 4 Face Unlock

When Google unveiled Pixel 4, we all were impressed to see Soli-powered Face Unlock and motion control capabilities.

21 Oct 2019


Using Samsung Galaxy S10/Note 10? Replace your fingerprint right now

Samsung has issued a major warning for people using its latest flagships - Galaxy S10, S10+ and Note 10, Note 10+.

19 Oct 2019


Shocking! Pixel 4 face unlock works even if you're asleep

When Google unveiled Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, we all were pretty excited.

11 Oct 2019


Mexico Mayor tied to truck, dragged for not fixing roads

In southern Mexico, a Mayor was recently tied to a truck and dragged along the streets by villagers angered by unfulfilled campaign promises.

25 Sep 2019


You need to update Internet Explorer right now: Here's why

If you haven't seen Microsoft's Internet Explorer in a while, now is the time to search and open the dated browser!

23 Sep 2019


Man proposes to girlfriend underwater; dies before hearing 'Yes'

In a tragic piece of news, a United States man died while proposing to his girlfriend underwater in Tanzania, East Africa.

02 Sep 2019

Uttar Pradesh

Delhi: Mob beats pregnant woman on child-kidnapping rumors, three arrested

A hearing and speech impaired pregnant woman was beaten by a mob in Delhi on August 27, after people suspected her of being a child lifter.

27 Aug 2019

Rakul Preet Singh

Want to stay as ageless as Tabu? Follow her secrets

In three years time, she will be 50, yet Tabu looks almost the same as she did a decade back.

18 Aug 2019

South Korea

Five embarrassing moments from Olympics

Olympics is the greatest sporting event and spectacle on the globe.

13 Aug 2019


Hackers can turn your speaker into cyber-weapon, produce 'deafening noises'

In a rather weird case, cybersecurity researchers have claimed that your speaker can be turned into a low-grade, albeit dangerous, cyber-weapon.

07 Aug 2019


Can artificial intelligence be named inventor? This patent demands so

In a first, a multi-disciplinary international team has filed for a patent application for two inventions on the behalf of artificial intelligence, demanding that the AI be named 'inventor'.

03 Aug 2019

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone apologizes to man for revealing his phone number

Recently, a Delhi man alleged harassment by Sunny Leone's fans, who asked him for "shameful favors."

24 Jul 2019

2020 Tokyo Olympics

Design of Tokyo 2020 Olympics medals revealed: Details here

The 2020 Olympics will be held in Tokyo, Japan and organizers have unveiled the newly designed medals which reflect the 'energy' of athletes.

19 Jul 2019


Japan's Kyoto Animation studio set ablaze over suspected stolen works

In a tragic incident, a fire broke out at an animation studio in Kyoto, Japan, on Thursday, killing at least 33 people, injuring dozens of others.

28 Jun 2019

Dalai Lama

Is Dalai Lama's 'attractive female successor' remark really sexist?

The 14th Dalai Lama is one of the most revered spiritual leaders in the world, perceived as a figure of humanity and compassion.

03 Jun 2019


BBC runs out of data before first-ever broadcast on 5G

The fifth generation of mobile connectivity, aka 5G, promises super-fast internet with no wires and very low latency.

15 May 2019


Netflix just dropped a star-studded 'Black Mirror' Season 5 trailer

The popular sci-fi anthology series that changed the way people perceive technology is here with its fifth season.

12 May 2019


Silver King dies in-ring, fans thought it part of show

Lucha wrestler Silver King suffered an unfortunate demise in the ring.

26 Apr 2019

Tata Steel

Three blasts reported at Tata Steel-plant in UK, two injured

At least three blasts were reported at the UK's largest Tata Steelworks plant in Port Talbot, injuring two persons, according to a media report.

05 Apr 2019

Narendra Modi

VK Singh says Army isn't Modi's sena, then takes U-turn

In what seemed like a clear denunciation of Yogi Adityanath's "Modiji ki sena" comment, Union Minister General VK Singh said on Thursday the Indian Army belonged to the entire country.

26 Mar 2019


Raheem Sterling calls for 'real punishment' on racist abuse

England romped to another outstanding victory in their Euro 2020 Qualifiers Group A match.

15 Mar 2019

New Zealand

New Zealand: Gunman opens fire at mosques, several feared dead

In a gruesome incident, at least two mosques in New Zealand's Christchurch area were attacked by unidentified gunmen on Friday afternoon (local time).

14 Mar 2019


Soon, this robot will start interviewing people for actual jobs

While many fear that robots will take away our jobs, only a few realize that they might actually end the problems that have marred our society for decades.

12 Mar 2019

Formula One

Formula 1: Point for driver who sets fastest lap

The excitement has intensified with the Formula 1 2019 season starting this weekend.

08 Mar 2019


Authorities seize family's dog over unpaid taxes, sell it online

Heard of "legal" dog tax? If not, this is news for you.

02 Mar 2019

Pakistan News

Pakistan's foreign minister hints government is in touch with Jaish-e-Mohammed

A day after he said Jaish-e-Mohammed's Chief Masood Azhar was in Pakistan and "unwell", Shah Mehmood Qureshi has now said the country's government was in touch with the terrorist outfit.

22 Feb 2019


Japan lands probe on asteroid 300 million km from Earth

On Friday, the Japan Space Exploration Agency (JAXA) announced that a probe, Hayabusa2, had successfully landed on an asteroid 300 million km from Earth.

13 Feb 2019

Donald Trump

BBC cameraman attacked at Trump rally, company wants security review

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has asked the White House for a review of security arrangements after its cameraman was assaulted at a Donald Trump rally.

13 Feb 2019

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's family's complaint over his documentary gets rejected

Michael Jackson, considered the King of Pop, has returned to the spotlight in an unpleasant way.

World Cup 2019: Tickets being resold for Rs. 11 lakh

The ICC World Cup 2019 is all set to start from May 30 onwards in England and Wales.

14 Jan 2019

Russia News

Russia loses control of radio telescope in space: Details here

Russia has lost control of its only radio telescope orbiting in space.

10 Jan 2019


28 professional tennis players arrested in match-fixing investigation

Match-fixing has rocked Spain with law enforcement officials having arrested 28 professional tennis players after an investigation.

28 Dec 2018


Angelina Jolie could start political career and run for President?

Angelina Jolie is one of the most renowned names of Hollywood and for the longest time was considered the world's most beautiful woman by various media outlets.

04 Dec 2018

UEFA Champions League

Female Ballon d'Or winner asked to twerk by event's host

Ballon d'Or was historically awarded to men by France Football, and this year was the first time they decided to award the best female footballer of the year.

22 Nov 2018

Donald Trump

Khashoggi-probe: Crown Prince a red line, says Saudi Foreign Minister

Calls for Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, to be held accountable for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi are a "red line", Saudi Foreign Minister, Adel al-Jubeir, has said.