China: News

'2023 will feel like recession,' warns IMF amid economic downturn

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned on Tuesday that global growth may see a further drop in 2023 as economies worldwide struggle to deal with the Russia-Ukraine crisis fallout, AFP reported.

07 Oct 2022

Space News

Everything to know about China's first dedicated solar observatory

China is preparing for the launch of the Advanced Space-based Solar Observatory (ASO-S) on October 9 from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.

07 Oct 2022


UN: India abstains from voting on China's 'Uyghur Muslims' oppression

India abstained from voting on a draft resolution led by the West at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on Thursday for a debate on the alleged human rights violations in China's Xinjiang region against Uyghur Muslims.

04 Oct 2022


At 600km/h, this is the fastest train in the world

Is the future already here? China's maglev train with a speed of up to 600 km per hour is the fastest in the world.

03 Oct 2022

Indian Air Force

Bomb scare on China-bound Iranian flight; refuses landing in India

A Mahan Air passenger airplane headed to Guangzhou in China from Tehran, Iran, received a bomb threat while transiting through Indian airspace on Monday morning.

US sanctions Indian company for energy dealings with Iran

The United States has sanctioned an Indian company for acquiring Iranian petroleum and petrochemicals.

Amid coup rumors, Xi Jinping among 'elected' CPC Congress delegates

Rumors of a military coup in China deposing President Xi Jinping and putting him under house arrest led social media to delirium over the weekend.

25 Sep 2022

S Jaishankar

India slams Pakistan, China over terrorism at UN General Assembly

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Saturday took a strong swipe at Pakistan and China for allegedly defending terrorism.

19 Sep 2022


5 excellent benefits of peaches you should know about

"Big things come in small packages" is an adage that perfectly describes peach.

19 Sep 2022


Chinese health official's 'discriminatory' warning over monkeypox sparks outrage

A top Chinese health official sparked controversy by issuing a bizarre warning following the detection of the first monkeypox case in mainland China on Saturday.

17 Sep 2022

United Arab Emirates

China, UAE to join hands on moon rover missions

China and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have agreed to join hands to help further the latter's space ambitions.

16 Sep 2022


Chinese delegation banned from seeing Queen Elizabeth's coffin in parliament

The United Kingdom has refused permission for a Chinese government delegation to attend Queen Elizabeth's lying-in-state, causing a new diplomatic rift with Beijing.

SCO begins today: Modi to meet Putin, uncertainty regarding China

The 22nd Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit is set to commence on Friday in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

15 Sep 2022


SCO Summit: Modi to meet Putin; talks with China unclear

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to arrive at Samarkand, Uzbekistan on Thursday evening for the 22nd Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit, which is the first in-person summit since the pandemic.

09 Sep 2022


India, China to finish disengagement in Ladakh by Monday: MEA

India and China will finish the disengagement process in the Gogra-Hotsprings in eastern Ladakh by Monday, according to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

06 Sep 2022


US hacked aeronautics and space research university, says China

China has accused the US's National Security Agency of hacking a state-funded university with programs in the field of aeronautics and space research.

04 Sep 2022

Narendra Modi

Bangladesh PM Hasina optimistic of averting Sri Lanka-type economic catastrophe

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that her country's economy remained strong despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the situation in Ukraine.

01 Sep 2022


In a first, Taiwan shoots down Chinese drone: Report

In a first such incident, the military forces of Taiwan shot down an unidentified drone that had entered its airspace near the Chinese coast on Thursday.

01 Sep 2022


Potential 'crimes against humanity' on Uyghur Muslims in China: UN

In a revelatory report released on Wednesday, the United Nations (UN) has accused China of severe human rights violations in Xinjiang province.

31 Aug 2022


Super typhoon Hinnamnor, this year's strongest, threatens east China, Japan

Super typhoon Hinnamnor, termed as the strongest global storm of 2022, is gaining strength and heading towards the East China Sea, threatening Japan's southern islands.

26 Aug 2022


#ViralVideo: Here's a zoo that locks humans instead of animals

Here's the ultimate role reversal.

25 Aug 2022


Breaking abstinence, India votes against Russia in UNSC procedural matter

In a first since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, India went against Russia in a procedural matter to vote for allowing Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky to address the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) via a video conference.

Meet Lin Kaikai and Ye Youyou, Baidu's AI-powered emotional companions

When you are down and blue, don't you feel the need to have someone close by to soothe your nerves and say the right things? However, for many, it is hard to find that 'right' person.

23 Aug 2022


Engineer pleads guilty of stealing trade secrets of Apple Car

Xiaolang Zhang, a former Apple employee who was accused of stealing trade secrets about the company's self-driving car project, has pleaded guilty.

21 Aug 2022

Delhi Police

Delhi Police busts 'china-linked' online extortion gang, arrests 22

At least 22 people have been arrested throughout the country for their role in Rs. 500-crore fast loan-cum-extortion racket run by Chinese nationals, NDTV reported.

20 Aug 2022


21 Chinese warplanes, 5 naval ships tracked around Taiwan: Report

Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense has said that it tracked 21 warplanes and five naval ships of the Chinese military around the country on Friday.

18 Aug 2022


Indian, Chinese soldiers coming together for military drill in Russia

Army soldiers from India and China are scheduled to participate in a week-long multi-country drill in Russia starting later this month, HT reported.

16 Aug 2022

Sri Lanka

Chinese 'spy ship' docks in Sri Lanka amid India's concerns

A Chinese research vessel, purportedly a spy ship, docked in Sri Lanka's Hambantota Port on Tuesday amid concerns in India.

13 Aug 2022

Health & Wellness

5 health benefits of kiwi that you must know

Brown on the outside and green on the inside, kiwi or kiwifruit scores high on both appeal and flavor.

12 Aug 2022


Groom exposes bride at wedding by playing her affair video

Weddings are incomplete without some chaos, excitement, grand celebrations, sleepless nights, and a little disagreement between the bride and the groom's parties among other things.

10 Aug 2022

Nipah Virus

All about the new Langya virus that has hit China

As the world slowly starts to recover from the brutal COVID-19 waves and attempts to understand monkeypox, a new virus has now hit China.

09 Aug 2022


Taiwan accuses China of using drills to 'prepare for invasion'

Following days of massive Chinese war games, Taiwan's military held an artillery drill on Tuesday simulating defense against an attack, as Taipei alleged Beijing was preparing to invade the island.

06 Aug 2022


Taiwan's top defense official found dead amid growing China-Taiwan tensions

The deputy head of the Taiwan Defense Ministry's research and development unit, Ou Yang Li-hsing, was found dead on Saturday morning in a hotel room, Central News Agency reported.

05 Aug 2022


Will sanction Pelosi over Taiwan visit: China's warning to US

China will be sanctioning United States (US) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her visit to Taiwan this week, the Foreign Ministry announced on Friday.

China: President Xi faces growing dissent over enforced COVID-19 lockdowns

Despite the Communist Party of China's iron-clad authoritarian leadership, led by President Xi Jinping, fissures between Beijing and the public are considered to be widening.

05 Aug 2022


China using my Taiwan visit as excuse for drills: Pelosi

Speaking in Japan during the last leg of her Asia tour, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that China is using her visit to Taiwan as an "excuse" to conduct military drills near the island.

03 Aug 2022


US Speaker Nancy Pelosi visit: China imposes sanctions on Taiwan

China imposed severe sanctions on the import of fruits and seafood from Taiwan and halted sand supplies to the island on Wednesday following a visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

03 Aug 2022


US Speaker Nancy Pelosi addresses Taiwan Parliament; China enraged

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi addressed Taiwan's parliament on Wednesday, and met with its President Tsai Ing-wen and human rights activists.

31 Jul 2022


Chinese rocket debris bedazzles sky before falling into Indian Ocean

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it Superman? No, it's a Chinese rocket lighting up the night sky!

30 Jul 2022


Chinese rocket's uncontrolled return to Earth raising concerns

Debris from China's most powerful rocket is anticipated to crash land on Earth this weekend in an uncontrolled re-entry, BBC reported