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26 Sep 2023

Emily Blunt

Hollywood real-life couples who co-starred in movies 

There have been countless instances over the years when real-life celebrity couples graced the silver screen together in a film. While for some, onscreen rapport translated to a real-life love story, for others it happened the opposite way.

07 Aug 2023


Hollywood sitcoms that live in our hearts

The joy of unwinding after a taxing day and treating yourself to some intelligent humor is unparalleled—who can resist the distinguished charm of sitcoms?

24 Dec 2022

TV News

'The Office' actor John Krasinski calls its Indian version 'mind-bending' 

American TV series The Office is one of the greatest sitcoms in the history of television shows and ran on NBC from 2005 to 2013.

13 Dec 2022

Marvel Studios

John Krasinski breaks silence on his return as Mr. Fantastic

Actor John Krasinski in a recent interview with Hindustan Times spoke about the future of his character Mr. Fantastic aka Reed Richards in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

29 Sep 2022

Amazon Prime Video

Everything we know about John Krasinski's 'Jack Ryan Season 3'

John Krasinski's high-octane spy action thriller series Jack Ryan is all set to return to Amazon Prime Video in December.

19 Jul 2022


Five top tier horror films released in the recent past

The eerie creaking of doors, the scary travails of darkness, the unidentifiable sounds erupting from different corners of decrepit buildings—horror movies can give you nightmares for days on end.

11 May 2020


'The Office' cast just reunited for an online wedding

Even after seven years of its conclusion, The Office continues to spread smiles in the lives of people.

06 Jun 2019

Kapil Sharma

Oh God No! Hotstar is remaking 'The Office' in Hindi!

Hotstar is remaking The Office in Hindi. Adapted for Indian audiences, its recently released trailer showed a glimpse of how the series would look like.