The Undertaker: News

22 Jun 2020


The Undertaker announces retirement: A look at his WWE career

One of the greatest professional wrestlers, The Undertaker, has retired from WWE.

27 Jan 2020


Royal Rumble 2020: These legends can make their presence felt

The 33rd edition of the Royal Rumble would be taking place tonight, as a superstar would punch his or her ticket to WrestleMania.

13 Nov 2019


WWE: Ranking the top moments of Randy Orton's career

Randy Orton is one of the most talented wrestlers in WWE.

04 Nov 2019


WWE: Five most dangerous stunts ever pulled-off by wrestlers

WWE represents the sport of professional wrestling in the best possible manner and categorically terms it as sports entertainment.

13 Oct 2019


WWE: Wrestlers who should have retired by now

WWE has produced a number of legendary wrestlers to date, while several of them have gone on to become Hall of Famers.

20 Sep 2019


WWE: Remember these instances when superstars broke character on-air?

WWE represents the sport of pro-wrestling, which involves scripted fights and feuds between WWE superstars.

18 Sep 2019


WWE: Ranking the best moments involving Kane

Kane made a surprise return to Monday Night Raw this week, only to be attacked by The Fiend (Bray Wyatt).

09 Sep 2019


WWE: These superstars were beaten by Vince McMahon

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is the ultimate king of pro-wrestling, courtesy of WWE's tremendous success, across the globe.

04 Sep 2019


WWE: Ranking the most shocking revelations of all-time

WWE is the best form of pro-wrestling and one of the purest forms of entertainment.

01 Sep 2019


WWE: Ranking The Undertaker's prominent Hell in a Cell matches

The Undertaker is undoubtedly the greatest professional wrestler to have ever stepped foot in the ring of WWE.

24 Aug 2019


WWE: Ranking the greatest entrance themes of all-time

WWE is the greatest and purest form of sports entertainment.

23 Aug 2019


WWE: Ranking the best debuts of all-time

WWE is the best form of entertainment in the pro-wrestling industry, and the superstars make it possible with their fine in-ring performances.

12 Aug 2019


WWE: Ranking the top matches of The Undertaker at SummerSlam

The Undertaker is undoubtedly one of the legends of WWE.

11 Aug 2019


WWE: Ranking the worst matches in the history of SummerSlam

WWE is set to host the biggest party of the summer, as the SummerSlam pay-per-view would be held this Sunday in Toronto, Canada.

06 Aug 2019


WWE: Five most embarrassing on-air production botches

Without a doubt, WWE is the leader in the pro-wrestling market.

01 Aug 2019


WWE: Who is the mystery attacker of Roman Reigns?

Roman Reigns is a top draw in WWE and the promotion would be pushing hard to find a suitable opponent for him at SummerSlam in the best possible manner.

31 Jul 2019


WWE: These five superstars might soon retire from in-ring action

WWE superstars put their bodies on the line every week to entertain their fans to the fullest.

14 Jul 2019


WWE: Preview and last-minute predictions for Extreme Rules 2019

The final pay-per-view stop before SummerSlam happens to the Extreme Rules.

12 Jul 2019


WWE: Ranking the most brutal matches of all time

WWE is known to entertain people through professional wrestling.

10 Jul 2019


WWE: Analyzing possible opponents for The Undertaker at SummerSlam 2019

The Undertaker is one of the GOATs of WWE.

09 Jul 2019


WWE: Five creepiest moments involving The Undertaker

The Undertaker is undoubtedly one of the greatest superstars in the history of WWE.

08 Jul 2019


WWE: Analyzing possible opponents for Roman Reigns at SummerSlam

Roman Reigns is one of the top superstars in WWE today and the promotion does its best to give him one of the best bookings, since he draws most of the ratings.

05 Jul 2019

Saudi Arabia

WWE: Here are some of the strangest facts

WWE, which was founded as Capitol Wrestling Corporation in 1952, has a rich 67-year history.

16 Jun 2019


Legends who have never wrestled Undertaker at WrestleMania

The Undertaker has made a name for himself, especially at WrestleMania for a historic winning streak of 24-2.

12 Jun 2019


WWE: Five most emotional matches of all time

WWE is more about entertainment rather than the sport of wrestling. And, it is due to this element, fans love the promotion.

11 Jun 2019


WWE: Ranking the best signature moves of superstars

WWE is known for showcasing the best professional wrestling by its world-class athletic superstars.

09 Jun 2019


Analyzing reasons why Goldberg and Undertaker should not wrestle anymore

The WWE Super ShowDown pay-per-view was a hit overall, but the main event involving legends Goldberg and The Undertaker didn't fly as it was marred by a number of botches.

04 Jun 2019


WWE: Do you know these amazing facts about The Undertaker?

The Undertaker is one such legend who never gives up.

03 May 2019

Saudi Arabia

WWE: Top five opponents for Goldberg for Saudi Arabia PPV

WWE is now trying to extend its televised pay-per-views globally, by hosting it outside USA.

16 Mar 2019


WrestleMania 35: Five ideal opponents for Kurt Angle's farewell

With less than a month to go for WrestleMania 35, WWE has already started planting the ideal matches.

15 Mar 2019


WrestleMania: Five possible opponents for The Undertaker if he wrestles

While The Undertaker is considered as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time in the WWE, his in-ring future has been doubtful given his age.

15 Mar 2019


Five biggest controversies of Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar has been a huge star since the early 2000s and is popular among both WWE and UFC fans in equal measures.

02 Mar 2019


Check out the greatest rivals Batista ever feud with

The pro-wrestling world was abuzz when former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Batista returned to Monday Night Raw on February 25.

24 Feb 2019


WWE WrestleMania: Five best storylines of all time

WWE always wants its storylines going up to WrestleMania to be the finest.

21 Feb 2019


Five myths about WrestleMania which many believe to be true

WrestleMania is known as the Showcase of the Immortals and it is here that icons are created, and history is scripted which lasts across generations.

20 Feb 2019


Five greatest WWE matches of The Rock

The Rock is probably the most popular star to emerge from pro-wrestling.

17 Feb 2019


Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Rattlesnake's five biggest controversies

No other wrestler has single-handedly changed the face of pro-wrestling like Stone Cold has.

16 Feb 2019


WWE Elimination Chamber: The five greatest matches of all time

The Elimination Chamber is one of the most exciting match formats WWE has ever conjured up.

15 Feb 2019


Has The Undertaker quit WWE to join All Elite Wrestling?

The Undertaker has been one of the strongest pillars of WWE. He has been with the company for almost 30 years now.

15 Feb 2019


Five WWE superstars who changed their bodies to suit gimmicks

WWE superstars usually take their gimmicks seriously. This was even more pronounced during the days of kayfabe.

08 Feb 2018


Five unbreakable records of WWE WrestleMania

WWE WrestleMania is the premier pay-per-view event of the company. It is also the world's biggest pro-wrestling show.

05 Feb 2019


Five biggest controversies of Shawn Michaels

He is The Icon, The Showstopper, Mr. WrestleMania, The Main Event himself- the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels.

01 Feb 2019


WWE should avoid making these mistakes at WrestleMania's 35th anniversary

WrestleMania is the showcase event of WWE, and it is where the company expects wrestlers to perform the best, and win hearts of audiences all over the world.

24 Jan 2019


Five shocking returns of all time in WWE's history

When WWE superstars take time off WWE, they usually do so to act in a movie or recuperate from an injury.

23 Jan 2019


WWE Royal Rumble: All important records you need to know

Royal Rumble is the event which sets the mood for WrestleMania. It is one of the most important pay-per-view events on WWE's annual calendar.

14 Jan 2019


Five facts you might not know about WrestleMania

WWE WrestleMania is the premier pay-per-view event of the company. It is also the world's biggest pro-wrestling show.