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17 Sep 2018

#SmartphonesFaceoff: JioPhone 2 v/s Micromax Bharat 1

JioPhone 2, the successor to Reliance's popular JioPhone, recently went on sale in India.

16 Sep 2018

#TechBytes: 5 best mobile apps to enhance your knowledge

We all are running against time: there is so much knowledge to be gained and such little time.

11 Sep 2018

Gaming Bytes
Mobile game of the week: Happy Glass

Happy Glass is one of the top rated games on Play Store, this week.

10 Sep 2018

Beware! These Mac apps might be stealing your data

Apple has long held a reputation of hosting only secure apps on its App Store.

23 Aug 2018

#SmartphonesFaceoff: JioPhone 2 v/s Micromax Bharat 1

JioPhone 2, the successor to Reliance's popular JioPhone, recently went on sale in India.

21 Aug 2018

#CareerBytes: Top 5 online games to help you build vocabulary

Vocabulary is defined as the body of words in any language. Improving vocabulary is important for mastery over a language, and as John Keating said in 'Dead Poets Society', words and ideas can change the world.

20 Aug 2018

Following criticism from Chinese media, Apple removes 25,000 apps

According to reports by Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal, Apple has removed as many as 25,000 illegal apps from its App Store in China.

10 Aug 2018

Facebook has now learned a "psychological trick" to lure teens

In another revelation about Facebook's growth-at-any-cost approach, an internal Facebook note has revealed that the company has learned a new "psychological trick" to lure more teens into using its platform.

10 Aug 2018

#CareerBytes: Top 5 websites to help you become a blogger

If you've always been fascinated by a career in blogging, stop thinking and make it happen.

01 Aug 2018

7 advantages Android users have over iOS users

The 'Android vs iOS' debate has been raging for over a decade now, and despite different groups putting forth different arguments, there seems to be no resolution to it.

31 Jul 2018

Google Maps
Google Maps now predicts how much you'll like a restaurant

Google now helps you find 'matches', but not in the Tinder kind of way.

27 Jul 2018

Following Apple, Google bans cryptocurrency mining apps on PlayStore

Following in the footsteps of Apple, Google has now banned all cryptocurrency mining apps on PlayStore.

21 Jul 2018

Your iPhone in India may get deactivated: Here's why

Apple and TRAI are at loggerheads again over TRAI's anti-spam app. This time, new TRAI regulations, if enforced, might result in telecom operators deactivating services on iPhones.

11 Jul 2018

8 helpful smartphone apps you should teach your parents about

Smartphones have made our lives extremely easy thanks to a number of apps that enable us to do almost everything with a few taps.

10 Jul 2018

Apple's App Store turns 10: The journey so far

Apple's App Store has turned 10. Today, the platform sees 500 million weekly visitors across 155 countries.

09 Jul 2018

If you're a music-junkie, these 5 apps are for you!

Music is an inexpensive but highly effective way of stress-busting.

01 Jul 2018

#CareerBytes: These 6 online-courses will make you an Android developer

Android is the world's most popular operating system. While it is found mostly on smartphones, Android is used on many other smart devices like intelligent speakers, televisions, watches, etc.

26 Jun 2018

Narendra Modi
Now, use this app to apply for passport using smartphone

Riding on the wave of digitization, the Indian government has launched a mobile app called the 'Passport Seva app' to make the passport application process seamless.

21 Jun 2018

Now pay monthly subscription fee to join groups on Facebook

Facebook is introducing "Subscription Groups" where group admins on the platform can start charging a small monthly fee between $2.99-4.99 for exclusive membership.

15 Jun 2018

Indian Railways
New Railways app is out with better, improved features

The new mobile application of Indian Railways is out, which will let passengers book and cancel unreserved tickets.

12 Jun 2018

Apple just banned cryptocurrency mining on all its devices

Days after tech-giant Google and Facebook banned cryptocurrency ads, Apple has also updated its App Store policy to restrict cryptocurrency mining on all its devices.

24 May 2018

Abacus to coding: 82-year-old Masako Wakamiya is world's oldest app-developer

Aging is a new stage of opportunity and strength, American writer Betty Friedan said once. And she was right.

18 May 2018

Ramzan 2018: Five apps to make your spiritual journey easier

Ramzan is here, and millions of Muslims are observing month-long fast worldwide from dawn-till-dusk.

13 May 2018

#FinancialBytes: 6 smartphone apps necessary to live a cashless life

The Modi government's 2016 demonetization drive paved the way for cashless transactions in India and ever since the digital payments ecosystem has evolved dramatically.

11 May 2018

#FinancialBytes: 6 apps/websites that pay you for recycling old electronics

The electronics sector is growing at an unprecedented rate and devices are becoming faster and more sophisticated by the day.

10 May 2018

#FinancialBytes: 6 free apps everyone should download to save money

Saving money is not easy, it's a huge task and lot of people find it challenging. However, smartphones have changed pretty much everything we do, including saving money.

08 May 2018

#FinancialBytes: 6 apps that help you send money aboard

Sending money abroad was once an extremely complicated process but the advent of technology and Internet has made the process quite simple and fast.

04 May 2018

#FinancialBytes: 6 best apps for investing in mutual funds

Today, mutual funds have emerged as one of the hottest investment choices for all investors as they are easy to invest in and also suit every budget.

03 May 2018

#FinancialBytes: 7 apps you can use to invest in gold

Indians just love gold and share a special bond with it. Apart from buying gold, it's common for Indians to invest in the yellow metal.

02 May 2018

This app connects you to blood-donors with just a click!

Demand: 10-12 million units. Supply: 9.9 million units.

02 May 2018

Apple putting lot of energy in Indian market: Tim Cook

Apple Inc is putting a lot of energy in India with an aim to launch all its initiatives, including retail, in the country where it has an "extremely low" overall market share, the technology giant's CEO Tim Cook has said during Apple's second quarter 2018 earnings call yesterday.

02 May 2018

#FinancialBytes: 6 top financial planning apps every millennial should use

Millennials are making more money than their previous generations, but when it comes to financial planning, they lag behind.

01 May 2018

6 best 'cashback' apps every smartphone user should download

Smartphones have made life easier and comfortable - from shopping online to paying bills to getting recharges done to ordering food, we can do a lot with smartphones.

28 Apr 2018

#FinancialBytes: Top 6 apps that help you track personal expenses

Earning money is difficult but spending it is easy; but it is important to manage money efficiently as it is essential to secure one's future.

11 Apr 2018

Stay in touch with friends through Garden (and not Facebook)

The recent Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal and the social network's blatant disregard for user privacy and security have led some people to look for alternative ways to connect with friends and family.

04 Apr 2018

10 must-have apps every smartphone user should download

As people spend most of their time using apps on smartphones, having the right ones is as important as having good phones.

28 Mar 2018

Mumbai iPhone users, download app, book local train tickets

iPhone owners of Mumbai, rejoice! You can now book tickets on your mobile to avail local trains of the city's suburban network.

28 Mar 2018

Apple and TRAI at loggerheads over development of DND app

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and Apple have reached an impasse over the development of a government anti-spam mobile application called 'Do Not Disturb.'

28 Mar 2018

7 smartphone apps that can earn you real money

Everyone owns a smartphone these days, and almost everything we do on them requires an app.