09 Feb 2023

Bigg Boss

#NewsBytesExclusive: Shiv Thakare is already 'Bigg Boss' winner for sister

As the weekend approaches, fans of Bigg Boss 16 are excited to see which contestant lifts the trophy. The finale episodes will get aired on Sunday and Monday.

09 Feb 2023


#NewsBytesExclusive: Sharib Hashmi on working in 'Shiv Shastri Balboa'

After the success of Mission Majnu, actor Sharib Hashmi is all set for the release of his next movie, Shiv Shastri Balboa. Helmed by Ajayan Venugopalan, it is led by a stellar cast comprising Anupam Kher, Neena Gupta, Nargis Fakhri, and Hashmi.

08 Feb 2023

Bigg Boss

#NewsBytesExclusive: Akash Choudhary on why Priyanka should win 'Bigg Boss-16'

Bigg Boss 16 is coming to an end with its finale episodes scheduled to air on Sunday and Monday. A total of five contestants including Priyanka Chahar Choudhary will be contesting against one another for the trophy.

01 Feb 2023


#NewsBytesExclusive: Anees Bazmee talks about 'No Entry 2' and more 

Known for delivering some of the best comedy films, Anees Bazmee has become the talk of the town since his 2022's blockbuster Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 was released. He recently won the Best Director trophy for the film at Stardust Awards.

20 Jan 2023


#NewsBytesExclusive: 'Ensured 'Trial By Fire's not sensationalized,' co-director Randeep Jha

Netflix's Trial By Fire is a heartwrenching watch, one that may rip your heart to shreds.

19 Jan 2023

Ashish Vidyarthi

#NewsBytesExclusive: 'Trial By Fire's made with sensitivity, says Ashish Vidyarthi

Randeep Jha-Prashant Nair's Trial By Fire has taken Netflix by storm within days of release.

16 Jan 2023

Bollywood Films

#NewsBytesExplainer: Decoding screen tests in acting—meaning, usage, prominent examples

Actors—especially the ones starting out—often talk about appearing for auditions or screen tests before a film goes on floors.

14 Jan 2023

Academy Awards

#NewsBytesExclusive: Oscars shortlist unexpected, says 'Elephant Whisperers' cinematographer Anand Bansal

Filmmaker Kartiki Gonsalves's Netflix documentary The Elephant Whisperers has been shortlisted for the Oscars 2023. It is now eyeing a spot in the final nominations, which will be announced on January 24.

13 Jan 2023

Robert De Niro

#NewsBytesExplainer: Breaking down the art of method acting—definition, prominence, examples

The lead actors in a film have a monumental responsibility on their shoulders—to breathe life into the part with utmost conviction and act in a way that viewers instantly connect with the character.

13 Jan 2023


SEVENTEEN's BSS announces comeback after five years; everything to know 

SEVENTEEN's three-member sub-unit BSS consisting of members Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi is gearing up for a splashing comeback this new year and K-pop fans cannot keep calm.

12 Jan 2023

Bollywood Films

#NewsBytesExplainer: Breaking down the concept of landmark films in cinema

Landmark film is a term that is often discussed in cinematic circles, though only selected films qualify and earn this tag.

09 Jan 2023

Bollywood Films

#NewsBytesExplainer: Breaking down the fourth wall in cinema—meaning, prominent examples

Do you enjoy all those times when characters in films and TV shows suddenly stop and speak directly to you?

06 Jan 2023

Tunisha Sharma

#NewsBytesExclusive: Sheezan Khan to seek therapy for mental trauma 

The mystery behind actor Tunisha Sharma's death has been seeing new twists almost every day. Speculations, allegations, and counter-allegations abound. As the investigation into the case continues, skeletons have kept tumbling out of the closet.

05 Jan 2023

Bollywood Films

#NewsBytesExplainer: Looking at anthology films- definition, features, Indian, international examples

An anthology film, as the name suggests, combines multiple short films together.

04 Jan 2023

The Family Man

#NewsBytesExclusive: Sharib Hashmi says OTT audience is harsher than films

OTT is a boon for not only actors and filmmakers, but also for the audience who are spoilt for content. Many top actors have turned to OTT in past years. Actor Sharib Hashmi, who recently revealed that The Family Man changed his career, talks about how OTT's audience is far more brutal than that of films.

01 Jan 2023

Satyajit Ray

#NewsBytesExplainer: Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute—history, legacy, and alumni

Legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray is credited with being one of the pioneers of Indian cinema, considering he put India on the global pedestal through Pather Panchali, Charulata, and Apur Sansar, among others.

29 Dec 2022

Kannada Films

#NewsBytesExclusive: Vijay Kiragandur reveals how Hombale Films became 2022's trendsetter

The year 2022 was a bittersweet one. While many Hindi films failed to perform, South Indian cinema established its dominion.

23 Dec 2022


#NewsBytesExplainer: Breaking down round characters in films—definition, features, examples 

The films that stand the test of time are best remembered due to their memorable, distinctive, and well-etched-out characters.

#NewsBytesExplainer: National School of Drama—Looking at history, evolution, notable alumni

National School of Drama, popularly known as NSD, is India's premier acting institute and is considered the mecca of learning when it comes to exploring the nuances of the craft.

19 Dec 2022


#NewsBytesExplainer: Exploring one-shot films—evolution, prominent and recent examples

Filmmaking is an arduous, incredibly demanding, taxing task.

17 Dec 2022

Bollywood Films

#NewsBytesExplainer: Breaking down the fan-favorite genre of documentary

Documentaries have an irresistible charm, an allure about them.

10 Dec 2022

Bollywood Films

#NewsBytesExplainer: What are meta films? Here's everything to know

There are films, and then there are films about films!

06 Dec 2022

Music Industry

#NewsBytesExclusive: If you're making just remixes, they'll disappear, says Papon

From Indie music to Hindi film songs, ghazals, and more, Papon's mesmerizing voice fits most music genres and how.

01 Dec 2022


#NewsBytesExplainer: Defining the art and craft of cinematography

Filmmaking is not just an art that you see. It takes years of practice to cultivate the craft of filmmaking. It is also something that separates classic cinematography from mediocre movie-making.

30 Nov 2022


#NewBytesExplainer: All you need to know about a film critic

Film criticism has become a very important aspect these days. Moviegoers often prefer reading a film's review before watching it.

11 Oct 2021


Is Nusrat Jahan married to Yash Dasgupta?

Actor-turned-politicians Nusrat Jahan and Yash Dasgupta might be officially married.

11 Oct 2021

Death Anniversary

Actor Nedumudi Venu passes away at 73, celebrities mourn

National Award-winning Malayalam actor Kesavan Venugopal, known by his stage name Nedumudi Venu, has sadly passed away on Monday.

31 May 2021


NewsBytes Explainer: Why iPhone 13 LTPO display tech is game-changing

Apple switching to new LTPO-enhanced OLED displays for the iPhone 13 is considered the next significant advancement in smartphone hardware. It's such a big deal that industry analysts predict it will become the dominant display technology in the next two years.

05 May 2021

Mark Zuckerberg

NewsBytes Briefing: Twitter finally opens up Spaces, and more

After beta testing Spaces on minorities and marginalized netizens for a while, Twitter has finally opened up its Clubhouse clone to common folks, provided you happen to have at least 600 followers.

04 May 2021

3D Printing

Here's how we designed and 3D printed free AirTag case

The AirTag might be an engineering marvel, but Apple forcing users to spend on mandatory cases left a sour taste in our mouths. That's why we came up with a free AirTag case that you can download and 3D print for free.

25 Mar 2021


Finshots: Improving India's financial literacy, one article at a time

While pursuing MBA at IIM Ahmedabad, Bhanu Harish Gurram realized that an average Indian's financial literacy is sub-par. Moreover, financial news is loaded with technical jargon and aimed squarely at someone from the industry.

20 Mar 2021


How Binbag is changing the e-waste management landscape in India

After working for years in the financial services industry, Bengaluru-based Achitra Borgohain set out to solve India's e-waste problem.

05 Mar 2021


How is Ashutosh Kumar improving Indian ed-tech space with

Ashutosh Kumar is the CEO and co-founder of, a Mumbai-based Education Technology (ed-tech) start-up. The platform claims it has seven million monthly active users and attracts around 900,000 new users each month.

17 Feb 2021


An interview with the co-founder of Munchilicious Granola

Don't we all want to snack in between meals, without having to worry about those added calories?

04 Feb 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Jeff Bezos steps down as CEO, and more

After heading Amazon for more than two decades, Jeff Bezos has stepped down as the CEO to take over as the Executive Chairman.

29 Dec 2020


The best Android apps of 2020

A lot of things did not go well this year, but it was a great time for technology.

25 Oct 2020

Hansal Mehta

Hansal Mehta refutes 'Scam 1992' becoming number one on IMDb

Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story, a web series based on the infamous 1992 stock market scam, has been receiving rave reviews from audience and critics ever since it premiered earlier this month.

All sports are now garnering attention in India: Vishal Sivappa

Vishal Sivappa, who is a co-founder of India's first Cue Sports academy for schools, feels that sports, other than cricket, are now garnering a lot of attention in our country. The reason, as per him, is the introduction of leagues.

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