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29 Apr 2024


Guests coming over? Cook this delicious Polish pierogi at home

Pierogi are a staple in Polish cuisine, known for their delicious fillings and versatile nature.

26 Apr 2024


Make this tempting vegetarian Polish pierogi at home 

Pierogi are a cornerstone of Polish cuisine, cherished for their savory fillings and flexibility.

27 Mar 2024


Polish watchdog fines Amazon $8 million for allegedly misleading customers

E-commerce giant, Amazon, has been handed a hefty fine of nearly $8 million by Poland's consumer protection agency, the UOKiK.

24 Mar 2024


Russia launches air attack on Ukraine, missile violates Polish airspace

Ukrainian officials reported a "massive" air assault by Russian forces on the country's capital, Kyiv, and the western region of Lviv on Sunday.

21 Mar 2024


Poland's Heart of the Garden is 'Tree of the Year'

The Polish tree Common Beech, affectionately known as the Heart of the Garden, has been bestowed with the prestigious title of European Tree of the Year 2024.

05 Mar 2024


Recipe: Guests coming over? Serve this vegetarian Polish pierogies dish

Pierogies are a staple of Polish cuisine with a history that stretches back centuries.

03 Feb 2024

World War 2

5 dark tourism sites across the globe

Dark tourism refers to the phenomenon of visiting places that are associated with tragedy, or historical atrocities.

Ukraine war boosts US weapons exports to record high

Overseas sales of the United States (US)'s weapons saw a significant increase in 2023, reaching a record total of $238 billion (approximately Rs. 19 lakh crore), BBC reported.

30 Dec 2023

Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Ukraine: 31 killed in Russia's 'biggest' air attack, says Kyiv

At least 31 civilians were killed and over 160 injured after Russia launched the "biggest" air strike on Ukraine on Friday (local time), said Kyiv officials.

07 Oct 2023


Vegetarian dishes in Poland that you should try

For vegetarian food lovers, Poland isn't likely to be a country that offers a wealth of dishes. However, in no way does it mean that vegetarian folks can't enjoy Polish cuisine.

06 Oct 2023

Travel And Tourism

Traveling to Poland? Check out some offbeat attractions

It's a good decision to travel to Poland, for the country offers so many attractions that introduce travelers to its vibrant culture and rich history.

24 Jun 2023

Vladimir Putin

'Russia will have new president soon,' says mercenary Wagner Group

Russia's powerful mercenary group Wagner on Saturday reportedly said that Russian President Vladimir Putin "made the wrong choice" during his latest speech, claiming the country will soon have a new premier.

24 Jun 2023

Vladimir Putin

'Russia's future at stake': Putin vows action against rebel mercenaries 

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that "Russia's future was at stake" after the country's powerful mercenary group Wagner rebelled against the Defence Ministry over an alleged Russian strike against its forces.

19 Mar 2023

Travel And Tourism

Souvenirs to bring back from your Poland trip

A visit to a foreign country is incomplete without taking home some of the best souvenirs to remember your time there.

18 Mar 2023

Travel And Tourism

5 common tourist mistakes to avoid in Poland

Poland is a beautiful and fascinating country that offers a wealth of experiences for tourists.

21 Feb 2023

Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden to meet NATO allies in Poland

United States President Joe Biden is all set to meet the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies in Poland to reinforce American and NATO support for Ukraine in the war against Russia.

21 Feb 2023

Joe Biden

How did US keep Biden's surprise Ukraine visit a secret

United States President Joe Biden's visit to Ukraine on Monday amid the war surprised everyone, including the political establishment in Washington.

17 Feb 2023


National Cabbage Day: 5 cabbage recipes from around the world

Observed on February 17 every year, National Cabbage Day celebrates the healthy and delightful vegetable that comes packed with vitamin C, protein, fiber, and potassium.

15 Dec 2022

Christmas Day

5 traditional Christmas dishes from around the world

December is not only the month to indulge in good food, go for exciting vacations, and sip on delicious hot chocolate but it is also the time for Christmas celebrations where you get to spend time with your loved ones at the dinner table over endless chitchats.

16 Nov 2022


Missile hitting Poland fired by Ukraine toward Russian artillery: US

After US President Joe Biden intervened and rejected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenkyy's brouhaha over a Russian-made missile landing in Poland, US officials said that the missile was fired by Ukrainian forces at an incoming Russian missile.

16 Nov 2022


Russian-made missile hits NATO-member Poland killing 2; Biden holds meeting

Two persons died after a suspected Russian missile hit a village in Poland on Tuesday, about 24 kilometers from the country's border with Ukraine.

08 Nov 2022


Poland: Ruling party leader blames women's drinking for low birthrate

Poland's ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party leader Jarosław Kaczyński has triggered outrage by blaming excessive drinking by young women for the country's low birthrate, The Guardian reported.

02 Sep 2022

Travel And Tourism

5 unique hotels in Poland you must visit

Home to many medieval castles, awe-inspiring architecture, stunning museums, and the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau Camp, Poland is an underrated gem that is waiting to be explored by tourists.

28 Apr 2022


Russia cuts gas to 2 NATO countries; Europe criticizes 'blackmail'

Russia on Wednesday cut off the natural gas supply to two North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries, Bulgaria and Poland.

26 Feb 2022


Over 50,000 flee Ukraine after Russian invasion, UN says

The United Nations has said that more than 50,000 people have fled Ukraine since Russia began an invasion of its neighbor earlier this week.

21 Jul 2019


Top five budget countries to visit in Europe

Just because you are low on budget doesn't necessarily mean you have to give rest to your travel plans to Europe.

16 Dec 2018


Nations agree on milestone common rulebook for Paris climate treaty

Nations today struck a deal to breathe life into the landmark 2015 Paris climate treaty after marathon UN talks that failed to match the ambition the world's most vulnerable countries need to avert dangerous global warming.

03 Dec 2018

Climate Change

World Bank promises $200 billion in 2021-25 climate action investment

The World Bank today unveiled $200 billion in climate action investment for 2021-25; adding this amounts to a doubling of its current five-year funding.

31 Jul 2018


Beyond money, 'Sanju' adds another feather to its cap

Rajkumar Hirani-directed 'Sanju' has become the first Bollywood production to be presented during the New Horizons Festivals, Poland.

25 Jan 2018


21 attacks on Indian-students abroad in 2017, most in Poland

Government data has revealed that the most attacks on Indian students abroad happened in Poland last year, with nine of 21 incidents reported from there.

19 Jan 2018


Kempegowda International Airport to get in-house Waste Management plant soon

Bengaluru's Kempegowda International Airport(KIA) that generates over 20 tonnes of waste every day, will soon set up its own in-house integrated Solid Waste Management plant(SWM).

Poland: Thousands protest controversial judicial reform

Thousands of protesters participated in rallies held in Warsaw and other cities of Poland against a controversial bill, which allows judges to be appointed by the MPs and the Justice Minister and not in consultation with the judiciary.