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01 Aug 2022


Stadia cloud-based gaming platform will not be axed, says Google

US tech giant Google has announced that it is not pulling the plug on its Stadia cloud-based gaming platform.

01 Aug 2022

Google Maps

Bengaluru joins hands with Google to ease traffic woes

Bengaluru's Traffic Police has tied up with tech giant Google to resolve traffic woes in the city.

01 Aug 2022

Battle Royale

Garena Free Fire MAX August 1 codes: How to redeem

Garena's Free Fire MAX is a free-to-play online battle royale game that is available in India via Google Play Store.

29 Jul 2022


Google-owned DeepMind AI reveals 3D structures of 'entire protein universe'

It took Ferdinand Perutz and John Kendrew years of work to finally unlock the structure of globular proteins.

28 Jul 2022

Android 12

Google Pixel 6a, Buds Pro go on sale: Worth buying?

Google Pixel 6a made its debut in India last week. Now, the much-anticipated handset is available for purchase in the country.

27 Jul 2022

Google Chrome

Google Play celebrates its 10th birthday with new logo

Can you believe that it's been 10 years since Google rebranded Android Market to Google Play? Now, as part of its 10-year celebration, Google Play gets a new logo.

26 Jul 2022

Google Tensor

Google Pixel 6a getting unlocked even with unregistered fingerprints?

Google Pixel 6a, the company's latest smartphone, is in a bit of a pickle as some reviewers are questioning the reliability of its fingerprint sensor.

25 Jul 2022

Battle Royale

Garena Free Fire MAX: How to redeem July 25 codes?

Garena's Free Fire MAX is one of the most thrilling battle royale games, which has recently gained popularity in India.

Google fires engineer who said company's LaMDA AI is sentient

Blake Lemoine, the Google engineer who made headlines for claiming that the company's LaMDA AI chatbot is sentient, has been fired.

22 Jul 2022


Garena Free Fire MAX: How to redeem July 22 codes?

Garena's Free Fire MAX is an action-adventure battle royale game where the players enter the battlefield with the goal of dominating the leaderboard and climbing the rankings.

21 Jul 2022

Sundar Pichai

Google pauses hiring for 2 weeks; contract extensions in jeopardy

Google has put a halt on its hiring for two weeks. The new announcement comes after the company said last week that it was slowing down the recruitment process.

21 Jul 2022

Google Tensor

Pixel 6a's sale starts from July 28: Should you buy?

Google Pixel 6a is now out in India officially. The handset costs Rs. 43,999, and its pre-orders can be made on Flipkart.

21 Jul 2022


Garena Free Fire MAX's July 21 codes: How to redeem?

Garena's Free Fire MAX is a multiplayer battle royale game that has amassed a sizable fan base in India.

20 Jul 2022


Garena Free Fire MAX: How to redeem July 20 codes?

Garena's Free Fire MAX is a free-to-play online battle royale game that is available in India on Android devices.

19 Jul 2022

Android 12

Pixel 6a's India launch tipped for July 21: Check price

Ever since Google confirmed that the Pixel 6a will come to India, the anticipation surrounding the phone has been rife. Now, tipster Sahil Karoul has claimed that the phone will go official in India on July 21.

19 Jul 2022


Google celebrates grandmother of Malayalam poetry Balamani Amma's 113th birthday

Today Google is celebrating the 113th birthday of famous Indian poet Balamani Amma, who was popularly known as the grandmother of Malayalam literature, with a Google doodle.

13 Jul 2022


Nothing Phone (1) v/s Google Pixel 6a: Which is better?

Nothing has introduced its maiden smartphone, the Phone (1) with an innovative design and several new-age features.

12 Jul 2022

Google Pixel 7 Pro

Buyer accidentally receives unreleased Pixel 7 Pro. Truth or fiction?

A Twitter user's claim that his friend accidentally received an unreleased Pixel 7 Pro in place of a second-hand Pixel 6 Pro they ordered has created huge a buzz on social media.

05 Jul 2022

Latest Tech News

Google Sheets: Top 5 tips and tricks you should know

Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet platform that not only allows users to crunch data but also collaborate with others free of cost.

01 Jul 2022


Google Drive: Top tips and tricks you must know

For most of us, a day without using at least one of Google's services is almost unthinkable. Today, we take a look at one of Google's most valuable services - the Drive.

29 Jun 2022

Google Maps

Assam floods: Google introduces SOS alert system on Maps, Search

As the flood situation in Assam remains grim, Google has launched an SOS threat alert feature on its Maps to help crisis-ridden communities and people.

29 Jun 2022


Google Hangouts will hang up its boots in November

Google Hangouts' days are officially numbered, as the company plans to shut it down in November. Back in February, the Hangouts app for Workspace was replaced by 'Google Chat.'

27 Jun 2022


Gmail offline introduced: How to read, send mails without internet?

US tech giant Google has rolled out an offline version of its popular mailing service Gmail.

21 Jun 2022


Apple iOS 16's new feature will let you bypass CAPTCHAs

CAPTCHAs are annoying. None of us likes distinguishing hills from mountains or picking traffic lights to prove that we're not bots.

18 Jun 2022

Google Doodle

Google honors Romanian physicist Ștefania Mărăcineanu with doodle

You heard of Marie Curie, but probably not of Ștefania Mărăcineanu.

Has Google's LaMDA become sentient? Understanding the futuristic AI

Google's AI-based language model LaMDA or 'Language Model for Dialogue Applications,' has been in the news after Blake Lemoine, a Google engineer, claimed that it had become a sentient program.

14 Jun 2022

Google Maps

Google Maps now shows toll prices in India: Details here

Have you ever seen a route with a toll booth on Google Maps and wondered what it'd be like to have the Maps show you the toll prices as well?

13 Jun 2022

Latest Tech News

Google pays $118 million to female employees; settles discrimination lawsuit

Tech giant Google has settled a class-action lawsuit over gender discrimination and equitable pay by paying $118 million to more than 15,500 female employees.

New Google Map feature shows air quality index around you

Ever wondered what the quality of the air around you is? Well, Google Maps has come to your rescue with a new air quality layer.

02 Jun 2022

Google Duo

Google Duo and Meet to be merged into one app

Google will soon merge its personal video chat service, Duo, with its business-oriented video chat system, Meet. The company has announced the upcoming changes on the Google Workspace blog.

Pixel 7, 7 Pro may retain displays of Pixel 6-series

Google is working to launch its flagship Pixel 7 series of smartphones later this year.

18 May 2022


Rivaling Amazon, Walmart-backed PhonePe to buy two wealth management firms

Walmart-owned payments platform PhonePe is set to acquire two investment technology firms WelathDesk and OpenQ for a combined value of $75 million.

13 May 2022

Android 12

Here's how much Google Pixel 6a will cost in India

Google has already confirmed that its newly introduced Pixel 6a will be made available in India.

13 May 2022

Google Maps

AR glasses to Immersive Maps: Google's upcoming hardware and software

Google I/O 2022 saw several announcements, including the all-new Pixel 6a, Pixel Buds Pro and upcoming devices like the Pixel Watch.

12 May 2022

Android 12

Everything to know about Android 13: New features and changes

The first day of Google I/O 2022 saw the company announcing several new features and products. Along with them, the company gave us a detailed look at Android 13.

12 May 2022

Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch, Buds Pro truly-wireless earphones announced: Check features

This year's Google I/O saw the company announcing the much-awaited Pixel Watch and Pixel Buds Pro, alongside the Pixel 6a mid-ranger.

11 May 2022


Hinge, Tinder's parent company sues Google over restrictive billing practices

Tinder's parent company Match Group has sued Google, alleging that its Android apps are being forced to use Google Play Store billing for payments and pay a 30% royalty on each transaction.

10 May 2022

Android 12

Google Pixel 6a enters private testing in India; launch imminent

Google is gearing up to announce a new Pixel smartphone in India and it could be the more affordable Pixel 6a.

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