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07 Jul 2022


Manipur woman started organic food brand with just Rs. 500!

Yangmila Zimik, a single mother-turned-entrepreneur from the Ukhrul district in Manipur has proven again that hard work, faith, and determination can help anyone make their dreams come true.

07 Jul 2022

Health & Wellness

Don't have a lot of time to exercise? Try HIIT

High-intensity interval training or HIIT is a type of cardio workout that combines short bursts of intense exercises with periods of rest in between.

07 Jul 2022


World Chocolate Day 2022: Have you tried these flavors?

Observed every year on July 7, World Chocolate Day celebrates the favorite dessert and the health benefits it offers.

06 July 2022


Who knew khichdi could be made in so many ways!

Nothing soothes the soul more than a warm bowl of khichdi topped with some desi ghee after a long and tiring day.

06 Jul 2022

United Kingdom

She has been living in same house for 104 years!

While most of us are attracted to new technologies and want to upgrade our homes to stay in a different place with better surroundings, some like things the way they are.

06 Jul 2022


Plants need special care during monsoon. These tips can help

Monsoon is here, and just as our skin needs extra attention during this time, our beloved plants also need equal love and pampering.

05 Jul 2022

Weight loss

5 yoga asanas for effective weight loss

If you do not like doing intense exercises in the gym but want to live a happy, fit and healthy life, then you should opt for yoga.

4 July 2022


5 must-read books by best-selling author Danielle Steel

American writer Danielle Steel is one of the most renowned authors of all time.

04 Jul 2022


A 1.5-acre island is for sale, but with a condition

Duck Ledges is a private island just off the coast of Maine in the U.S. and it is available for sale at $339,000, that's a little more than Rs. 2.5 crore.

04 Jul 2022


Scientists have deciphered the world's funniest joke. Here it is.

Jokes are an essential part of our lives, and it is this quick humor that keeps us going in tough situations.

04 Jul 2022


Singapore: Beer made with recycled toilet water wins over netizens

There are lots of bizarre things on the planet and Singapore has come up with a beer that pretty much falls in the same category.

03 Jul 2022


International Plastic Bag Free Day: Use these plastic alternatives instead

July 3 is celebrated as International Plastic Bag Free Day to encourage people to use natural and eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags and other items.

2 July 2022


5 must-read books by James Patterson

James Patterson is an American author who is well-known for his thriller and suspense novels. He has also written various non-fiction, science fiction, and romance novels.

02 Jul 2022


5 iconic accommodations in London

If you are a fan of art and architecture, then London must be on your bucket list.

30 Jun 2022


UK woman starts 'Hire my handy hubby' service

Laura Young, a mother of three, conjured up an innovative business idea recently to earn some extra cash.

29 Jun 2022


British zoo welcomes foal of rare Central Asian wild horse

A foal of a very rare horse species that went extinct in the wild nearly 40 years ago was born at a British zoo.

28 Jun 2022


Top Durjoy Datta novels for loveria patients!

Indian author and screenwriter Durjoy Datta is well-known for his best-selling romantic fiction novels that deal with a plethora of emotions and exciting journeys.

27 Jun 2022


5 must-read books by Nicholas Sparks

American novelist, screenwriter, and philanthropist Nicholas Sparks is well-known for writing epic emotional love stories that are sure to touch the reader's heart.

26 Jun 2022


What are planet retrogrades and why do they matter?

If you follow your horoscope predictions frequently, you must have come across the word "retrograde" often.

25 June 2022


5 Western dance styles for those who love dancing

Art forms like music and dance have a different language that appeals to all and communicates despite all spoken language barriers.

24 Jun 2022


A pillow worth Rs. 45L can reportedly solve sleep disorders

Want to get the best sleeping experience of your life? Well, be ready to shell out a bucketload of money.

24 Jun 2022


Brazilian woman falls in love with a doll, delivers 'baby'

In a strange turn of events, a Brazilian woman, Meirivone Rocha Moraes, 37, fell in love with someone special.

22 Jun 2022


Man searching for flat on dating app goes viral

What's the best you can get out of a dating app? You might meet your soulmate which may lead to your happily ever after.

21 Jun 2022


105-year-old granny sets new record in 100 meter race

Have you been procrastinating workouts and gym sessions for another day?

21 Jun 2022


World Music Day: 5 easy-to-learn musical instruments

Music is an art form that touches the souls of one and all, irrespective of language and nationality.

20 Jun 2022


How to throw a game party

If you are planning to host a fun weekend party for your friends and family, then why not throw an interesting game party this time to surprise your guests.

18 Jun 2022


International Day of Yoga: What is Ashtanga Yoga?

Although it's been passed down through generations of yoga gurus, actual Ashtanga yoga has branched off in many directions in the western part of the world.

13 Jun 2022


5 best books by Jhumpa Lahiri you must read

Jhumpa Lahiri is an Indian-American author who is popularly known for her short stories, essays, novels, and non-fiction works.

12 Jun 2022


What are hors d'oeuvres?

Hors d'oeuvre is a French term that means "outside the work."

10 Jun 2022

Home Decor

5 tips on how to clean your closet

Are you someone who finds it difficult to search for your favorite jeans or top in your closet every time when you are in a hurry? It is because your closet is heavily cluttered and disorganized.

08 Jun 2022

Life Sciences

Study reveals why humans are smarter than other animals

Most of us watching the film Lucy wide-eyed realized how intelligent our species is and what can happen if we utilize our brains to our full potential.

08 Jun 2022


National Best Friends Day: Why everyone needs a best friend

Best friends are always there for you, no matter what.

07 Jun 2022


5 most confident zodiac signs

Some people seem to have a charm and immense confidence no matter what situation they are in.

06 Jun 2022

Personal Finance

How to start saving once you start working

If you have just started earning money, you must have the urge to splurge and buy all the things you were deprived of all these years.

06 Jun 2022

Google Doodle

Google pays tribute to espresso machine inventor Angelo Moriondo

Do you love your espresso so much that you might want to thank the person who created the machine?

03 Jun 2022


Pride Month: All you need to know about it

June 1-30 is celebrated as Pride Month in the United States.

03 Jun 2022


Remembering 5 eternal love stories on Love Conquers All Day

It is not often that we see love stories get immortalized.

02 Jun 2022


5 restaurant menu tricks that tempt you to spend more

Do you know that restaurants have little tricks up their sleeves to make you spend more?

02 Jun 2022


Leave The Office Early Day: Here's why it matters

Observed on June 2 annually, the National Leave the Office Early Day was established in 2004 by Laura Stack, a specialist in employee productivity.

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