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14 Nov 2023

United Kingdom

'Time to go': UK's Rishi Sunak gets first no-confidence letter

United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has received his first no-confidence letter after dismissing Suella Braverman as the home secretary during a cabinet reshuffle on Monday.

13 Nov 2023

United Kingdom

Suella Braverman sacked for second time. But who is she?

In a notable cabinet shake-up, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak named James Cleverly as the home secretary of the United Kingdom (UK), replacing Suella Braverman on Monday.

13 Nov 2023

David Cameron

UK: David Cameron is new foreign secretary

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, has been appointed as the new Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs in the UK.

13 Nov 2023

United Kingdom

Sunak sacks Suella Braverman for saying police favored pro-Palestinian protesters

United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Monday sacked Suella Braverman as home secretary after she was blamed for inciting tensions, prompting far-right groups to clash with the police on Saturday.

01 Nov 2023

United Kingdom

UK's AI Safety Summit begins today: What to expect

The United Kingdom's Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is set to host the world's first global 'AI Safety Summit' today.

UK to host world's first AI safety institute: Rishi Sunak

The world's inaugural AI safety institute will be established in the UK, as revealed by PM Rishi Sunak during an address in London.

Rishi Sunak urges progress on Gaza aid during Israel visit

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak touched down in Tel Aviv on Thursday to show support for Israel.

10 Sep 2023

Narendra Modi

G20 Summit ends, PM Modi hands over presidency to Brazil

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday handed over the G20 Presidency to Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, which marked the end of the G20 Summit in New Delhi.

10 Sep 2023

G20 Summit

Rishi Sunak visits Akshardham Temple ahead of G20 Summit's day-2

United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murty on Sunday morning visited the Akshardham Temple in New Delhi ahead of the G20 Summit's second-day sessions.

10 Sep 2023

G20 Summit

G20 Summit: Key events scheduled for world leaders on day-2

Day one of the much-anticipated G20 Summit in India was highly eventful, with major announcements like the adoption of the New Delhi Leadership Declaration and the African Union (AU) becoming a permanent member of the G20 bloc.

09 Sep 2023

Narendra Modi

G20 Summit: PM Modi speaks with 'Bharat' placard in front

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday welcomed G20 leaders upon their arrival at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi.

07 Sep 2023

G20 Summit

Biden to Trudeau: Where G20 leaders are staying during summit

Final preparations are underway in Delhi as the national capital decks up to welcome top global leaders for the highly anticipated G20 Summit.

26 Jul 2023

Social Media

Why Sudha Murthy is trending on X

Author and philanthropist Sudha Murthy is one of the most well-known and respected figures in the country.

29 Jun 2023

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

All about Sonam Kapoor Ahuja's outfit for Rishi Sunak's reception

After being invited to King Charles's coronation ceremony last month, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja made India proud at another global event being held in the United Kingdom (UK). She represented India at UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's reception at 10 Downing Street on Wednesday.

28 Apr 2023

Narayana Murthy

Rishi Sunak's mother-in-law claims her daughter made him prime minister

United Kingdom (UK) PM Rishi Sunak's mother-in-law and Padma Shri awardee Sudha Murty has claimed that her daughter, Akshata Murty, made her husband a prime minister.

21 Apr 2023

Dominic Raab

UK: Deputy PM Dominic Raab resigns after bullying investigation

United Kingdom (UK) Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Minister Dominic Raab resigned on Friday following the conclusion of an investigation into bullying allegations.

03 Apr 2023

Narendra Modi

Modi retains 'world's most popular leader' title; beats Biden, Sunak

PM Narendra Modi has once again grabbed the top spot as the world's "most popular leader" for the second consecutive time, outperforming several foreign leaders, including his United Kingdom counterpart Rishi Sunak and United States President Joe Biden.

15 Mar 2023

United Kingdom

Rishi Sunak's family breaks law by letting dog off leash

After facing criticism for violating lockdown and traffic laws, United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has found himself in legal trouble again. This time, because of his dog.

08 Mar 2023

United Kingdom

UK announces 'illegal migration bill'; PM Rishi Sunak warns migrants  

United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Wednesday announced bringing a strict and controversial law the "Illegal Migration Bill" against illegal migrants coming from different countries. It will likely block them from seeking asylum or citizenship.

27 Feb 2023

United Kingdom

UK: Sunak to 'give everything' to reach new Brexit deal

United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Sunday vowed to "give everything" he has to fix the remaining Brexit problems and also reach a new agreement to resolve the troublesome Northern Ireland Protocol with the European Union (EU).

21 Jan 2023

United Kingdom

UK: PM Rishi Sunak fined for not wearing seatbelt; apologizes

The United Kingdom police on Friday fined Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for riding in a car without a seatbelt, BBC reported.

29 Nov 2022


'Golden era' of UK-China ties over, says PM Rishi Sunak

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Monday said that China posed a "systemic challenge to the values and interests" of the United Kingdom (UK).

16 Nov 2022

United Kingdom

Rishi Sunak gives nod to 3,000 UK visas for Indians

Newly elected British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has approved nearly 3,000 visas for young professionals from India to live and work in the United Kingdom (UK) every year.

28 Oct 2022

United Kingdom

PM Modi congratulates UK counterpart Rishi Sunak, discusses trade deal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Rishi Sunak, the newly-appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK), in first phone call on Thursday evening.

26 Oct 2022

United Kingdom

UK PM Sunak reshuffles cabinet with Dominic Raab as deputy

Starting work immediately after his formal appointment, the new UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has reportedly asked for the resignation of several ministers from the cabinet of his predecessor, Liz Truss.

25 Oct 2022

Winston Churchill

Why is Winston Churchill trending after Sunak became UK PM?

As Rishi Sunak emerged victorious in the race to become the United Kingdom's prime minister—the third in two months—on Monday, over 7,000 kilometers away, Indians were celebrating that he has proved "Winston Churchill" wrong.

25 Oct 2022

United Kingdom

'Elected to fix mistakes': UK PM Sunak in first address

Addressing the public on the first day of formally taking over as the United Kingdom's prime minister, Rishi Sunak said that he has been elected to "fix mistakes."

25 Oct 2022

Narayan Murthy

Akshata Murty: From humble Bengaluru girl to UK's first lady

Rishi Sunak scripted history on Monday after winning the race to lead the Conservative Party and became the prime minister of the United Kingdom.

25 Oct 2022

United Kingdom

King Charles to appoint Rishi Sunak as UK PM today

Rishi Sunak is set to be appointed as the first prime minister of color of the United Kingdom on Tuesday after meeting King Charles III.

24 Oct 2022

United Kingdom

Rishi Sunak wins UK PM race as Penny Mordaunt withdraws

After receiving support from the majority of the Conservative Party Members of Parliament (MPs), Rishi Sunak has won the race to become the party's new leader and the United Kingdom's next prime minister.

24 Oct 2022

United Kingdom

Runner-up to frontrunner: Sunak likely to become UK PM today

Rishi Sunak—the runner-up in the United Kingdom's last prime ministerial race—is almost set to assume the top post on Monday, said reports.

24 Oct 2022

Liz Truss

Everything about Indian-origin Rishi Sunak, frontrunner in UK PM race

Rishi Sunak is vying to become the first Indian-origin prime minister of the United Kingdom.

21 Oct 2022

Liz Truss

Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordaunt emerge frontrunners for UK PM post

After Liz Truss announced her decision to resign as the Prime Minister of the UK amid the country facing economic and political turbulence, the spotlight is back on her probable successors.

20 Oct 2022

Liz Truss

UK PM Liz Truss resigns after 45 days in office

In an embarrassing yet expected development, UK Prime Minister Liz Truss has resigned from her post 45 days after coming to power. This is the shortest term for a British PM.

19 Oct 2022

Boris Johnson

UK: Over 50% Tory members want PM Truss to quit

The United Kingdom appears to be in the midst of yet another political crisis, with Conservative Party MPs publicly demanding Prime Minister Liz Truss's resignation.

05 Sep 2022

United Kingdom

Liz Truss defeats Rishi Sunak to win UK PM race

After a neck-to-neck political battle with former Chancellor Rishi Sunak, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has won the race to become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom.

02 Sep 2022

United Kingdom

UK PM: Liz Truss enjoys overwhelming support over Rishi Sunak

After three televised debates, a dozen hustings, and a fiery nationwide tour, the United Kingdom (UK) is all set to get its next prime minister on Monday.

15 Aug 2022

United Kingdom

Rishi Sunak's Rs. 3.8 crore-pool comes under criticism amid drought

With the United Kingdom (UK) Prime Ministerial election less than a month away, Indian-origin candidate Rishi Sunak has come under scrutiny yet again for his lifestyle.

05 Aug 2022

United Kingdom

UK: Rishi Sunak surprises with debate win over rival Truss

Rishi Sunak on Thursday looked to pull off a surprise victory in front of a studio audience in a crucial debate with front-runner Liz Truss in the campaign to become the next prime minister of Britain.

15 Jul 2022

United Kingdom

Race for UK PM: Rishi Sunak tops second round voting

By securing 101 votes in Thursday's second round of voting, former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak cemented his lead in the contest to succeed Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader and UK prime minister.

09 Jul 2022


UK: Rishi Sunak launches bid to replace PM Boris Johnson

Britain's ex-finance minister, Rishi Sunak, declared on Friday that he would run to replace Boris Johnson, who resigned as the United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister.

07 Jul 2022


Who is Rishi Sunak, top contender for UK PM

Rishi Sunak, one of the several Members of Parliament (MPs) from the Tory Party, left Borish Johnson's administration, putting the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK) on the verge of stepping down.

07 Jul 2022

Theresa May

Boris Johnson steps down as UK PM: Details here

United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister (PM) Boris Johnson on Thursday resigned from the post, saying that "he's sad to give up the best job in the world."

09 Apr 2022


UK: Rishi Sunak's PM prospects fade amid wife's tax controversy

Until recently, Rishi Sunak, the UK's Indian-origin finance minister, was widely regarded as a top contender to succeed Prime Minister Boris Johnson.