Tesla Cybertruck: News

30 Apr 2024


Tesla Cybertruck receives off-road software update: Check what's new

Tesla's Cybertruck has received a new software update, introducing an Off-Road Mode to the electric vehicle.

19 Apr 2024

Elon Musk

Tesla recalls all Cybertrucks over faulty accelerator pedals

Tesla has initiated a recall of all 3,878 Cybertrucks delivered to date due to reports of defective accelerator pedals.

19 Apr 2024


Tesla Cybertruck shuts down unexpectedly after car wash

Tesla Cybertruck, a vehicle known for its all-terrain capabilities, has faced an unexpected issue during a routine car wash, as reported by Jalopnik.

16 Apr 2024


Deliveries of Tesla Cybertruck delayed amid accelerator pedal concerns

Tesla has postponed deliveries of its Cybertruck, without providing a public explanation for the delay.

26 Mar 2024

Autonomous vehicles

This autonomous vehicle can fix potholes and repair roads

An innovative autonomous vehicle, dubbed ARRES (Autonomous Road Repair System), is currently undergoing trials in Hertfordshire, just north of London.

16 Feb 2024


Several Tesla Cybertruck owners complain of early rusting issue

Several Tesla owners in California have noticed early signs of rust in their Cybertruck, sparking concerns about the stainless steel bodies of the hyped EV.

08 Feb 2024


Tesla Cybertruck's first software update improves handling and charging

US-based EV maker Tesla has released the first major software update for its popular electric pick-up, the Cybertruck.

25 Jan 2024


Tesla tanks 6% on disappointing Q4 results, slower future growth 

Tesla's fourth quarter revenue saw a modest 3% growth, falling short of analysts' predictions as automotive revenue only rose by 1% compared to the previous year.

29 Dec 2023


First reported accident for Tesla's Cybertruck: Here's what happened

Less than a month from launch, Tesla's Cybertruck is involved in its first reported accident.

22 Dec 2023


'Not an experiment': Tesla's chief designer defends Cybertruck's quirky design

Tesla's chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, defended the unique design of the Cybertruck, stressing that it helps promote the Tesla brand.

02 Dec 2023


Tesla Cybertruck or Rivian R1T: Which electric pickup is better

Tesla has introduced the highly anticipated Cybertruck pickup in the US market with a starting price tag of $60,990 (roughly Rs. 50.75 lakh).

01 Dec 2023


Tesla Cybertruck: Design, tech features, towing prowess of pick-up explained

With the launch of the highly anticipated Cybertruck model, EV maker Tesla has entered the popular pick-up truck segment.

01 Dec 2023


After several delays, Tesla Cybertruck goes official: Check features

After being delayed for over two years, Tesla has finally taken the wraps off the long-awaited Cybertruck in the US with a starting price tag of $60,990 (roughly Rs. 50.8 lakh).

30 Nov 2023


Tesla Cybertruck's range tipped at around 480km

Tesla is gearing up to introduce its most anticipated model, the Cybertruck, soon.

29 Nov 2023


Production challenges for Cybertruck are nightmares for Elon Musk's Tesla

Cybertruck is one of the most ambitious models for Tesla. The EV is already encountering production hurdles before it hits the market.

23 Nov 2023


What to expect from Tesla Cybertruck arriving on November 30

Tesla is set to kick off Cybertruck deliveries on November 30, hosting a special event at its Gigafactory in Austin, Texas.

15 Oct 2023


Tesla now stocks something beyond electric cars: It's brewed excitement!

Tesla has launched a limited edition CyberBeer set, available exclusively on its online store.

03 Oct 2023


Tesla Cybertruck's interior revealed in a leaked video

Tesla's Cybertruck has emerged in a new video, giving us the most in-depth look at its interior so far.

14 Sep 2023


Elon Musk offers a pricey solution to Cybertruck's scratching problem

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has hinted at the possibility of offering an optional tungsten carbide coating for the upcoming Cybertruck.

06 Sep 2023


Tesla China launches Cybertruck-inspired spoon; Musk thinks it is fake

Tesla China has partnered with McDonald's Chinese division to launch a unique promotional initiative, featuring 50,000 Tesla Cybertruck-inspired McFlurry spoons.

27 Aug 2023


Tesla Cybertruck's cabin revealed with new ambient lighting strips

Ahead of its official launch, the interiors of Tesla's Cybertruck have been revealed. Recent spy shots showcase the ambient lighting in the spacious cabin.

23 Jul 2023


Tesla Cybertruck will have a five-year waiting period: Here's why

Tesla is gearing up to introduce the Cybertruck soon. In the latest development, a crowd-sourced data tracker has shown that the EV has received over 1.9 million pre-orders to date.

15 Jul 2023


First Tesla Cybertruck rolls off production line at Giga Texas

After getting delayed multiple times over the past four years, the first unit of Tesla's Cybertruck has finally rolled off the production line at the automaker's Giga Texas facility.

29 May 2023


Here's how much Tesla Cybertruck may cost at launch

Tesla is gearing up to soon reveal its first-ever electric pickup truck, the Cybertruck, for the global markets.

25 May 2023


Tesla Cybertruck's interiors revealed: New yoke-style steering wheel, 17-inch touchscreen

Ahead of its official launch, the interiors of the Tesla Cybertruck have been revealed. A prototype version of the upcoming electric pickup truck was spotted at the recently-concluded annual shareholder meeting.

31 Mar 2023

Elon Musk

After tequila, Tesla launches GigaBier: How you can get some

Elon Musk has had some strange ideas over the years. Some of them may have sounded like jokes, but eventually, they became a reality.

27 Jan 2022

Electric Vehicles

Tesla delays production of its all-electric Cybertruck to 2023

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has announced that the production of the much-awaited Cybertruck has been delayed to 2023.

08 Apr 2021

Elon Musk

Following outcry, Tesla refunded customers who were double-charged for cars

Late last month, we reported that several Tesla customers were charged twice for their new electric cars. One of the affected customers, Christopher T. Lee, who goes by the name Everyday Chris on YouTube even made a video detailing his experience.

24 Jan 2021


From Tesla Cybertruck to Ford F-150: Meanest electric pickup trucks

Several automakers, including start-ups as well as prominent players, have decided to tap into the EV craze by manufacturing all-electric pickup trucks.

09 Feb 2020


A look at Tesla Cybertruck-inspired e-bike

Casey Neistat's latest video, titled world's first Tesla Cyberbike, has made a big splash on the internet with over 1.9 million views already. The popular YouTuber can be seen riding a 'Tesla Cyberbike'.

06 Feb 2020


Tesla Cybertruck-inspired iPhone 11 Pro starts at Rs. 4.26 lakh

Luxury smartphone maker Caviar, known for its GoT edition Galaxy Fold and Rs. 24 lakh-worth Vostok 1-based iPhone 11 Pro, is back, this time with a new Cyberphone.

29 Nov 2019


Tesla Cybertruck to serve as patrol car for Dubai police

Dubai's exotic fleet of police cars is set to get its first-ever Tesla car next year. According to a tweet by Dubai Police, Tesla's recently-launched electric pickup, Cybertruck, will join the official fleet in 2020.

27 Nov 2019

Elon Musk

In Ford F-150 and Tesla Cybertruck's tug-of-war, Lego wins

It so happened that Tesla Chief Executive Troll Officer Elon Musk shared a video of the recently-unveiled Cybertruck towing a Ford F-150.

24 Nov 2019

Elon Musk

Elon Musk lost $768 million after Cybertruck's launch failed

Tesla just unveiled a futuristic 'Cybertruck' to barge into the category of electric pick-up trucks.

22 Nov 2019

Elon Musk

Tesla's futuristic Cybertruck is bulletproof, but not shatter-proof

After launching some fancy cars, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is expanding the family with a completely new vehicle - the Cybertruck.